Lord Kandhoba of Shirdi and Palani Murugan in dream

Sairam friends,

I have just 15 minutes to write now. I was too depressed yesterday as my parents wish I say them that I like this girl. Last Morning, There was a argument that am already old enough and still not ready to accept any girl. I hurt my parents but later felt too painful. I really don’t like all these misunderstanding and arguments and felt better not to live anymore. My situation, What I am as a person and my parents expectation doesn’t match all well, these days.

They feel, I am simply thinking Sai himself will bring a girl which won’t happen and I have to accept life practically.I understand their feelings but what can i do Sai?

I told Sai, either say me whom should I marry or better let me go. I hate this arguments stuff. Since I love Murugan a lot, I told him too to show me the right way. I went to Nagasai mandhir, stood in Dwarakamai and was speaking to Sai in Mind.  I got a call from the air hostess friend of mine ( Don’t wanna say name). She’s just my good friend these days. I told her she must continue her studies as she got Job as Cabin crew as soon as she completed schooling.

I am really worried about Men and Women, who quit their education early because when they suffer in later stage of life, its hard for them to take up studies.

She told me, don’t be too caring to any girl you like…You show some “attitude”. Only then you will get your girl. ..he he…

I felt was laughing when she said this because I can’t imaging myself behaving like that. At night, I slept off hugging Shirdi Saibaba’s book and prayed Sai to guide me.

While I was standing outside in the temple, A devotee friend of mine came with prasad of Palani Murugan Panchamrutham and gave it to me. I came home and

Lord Kandoba and Palani Murugan in Dream:

I had a dream as if I am standing in a bus stop in Pollachi and waiting to take bus when the devotee friend comes and gives me Palani Murugan’s panchamrutham. I then see two police men and north Indian guys. They said, they went to Shirdi, Madhya pradesh to various temples and had darshan of Lord Kandoba also.

That’s it …Its a small dream but I felt blessed.

Kandoba temple shirdi
Kandhoba Temple in Shirdi – A folk deity into a composite god possessing the attributes of Shiva, Bhairava, Surya and Karttikeya (Skanda)- Photo used by courtesy

Lord Kandhoba in Shirdi:

Kandhoba is the Village God of Shirdi even before Sai Baba came to shirdi in 18th century. Sai first came to shirdi as a 16 year old boy and was seen meditating under a Neem tree. He had to face lots of difficulties and suddenly disappeared.  When Sai came as a ordinary Fakir with a marriage party in a bullock cart second time to Shirdi, the priest of Kandhoba temple Mahalsapathi welcomed him saying “Aao Sai” – Welcome Sai.

Sai meaning a Saintly person. Since then the poor fakir was came to be known as Sai Baba. Sai never left Shirdi since then. First Sai was living in Kandhoba temple but some villagers objected that a Muslim fakir should not stay in Hindu temple.

sai baba padhuka
Sai baba padhuka temple in Kandhoba mandhir – photo courtesy of a devotee. Thank you

About Lord Kandhoba:

Kandhoba is a regional Hindu deity, worshipped as Mārtanda Bhairava, a form of Shiva, mainly in the Deccan plateau of India, especially in the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. He is the most popular family deity in Maharashtra.He is also the patron deity of warrior, farming, herding as well as some Brahmin (priest) castes, the hunters and gatherers of the hills and forests. Jejuri is a famous temple for Lord Kandhoba.

The worship of Khandoba developed during the 9th and 10th centuries from a folk deity into a composite god possessing the attributes of Shiva, Bhairava, Surya and Karttikeya (Skanda). He is depicted either in the form of a Lingam, or as an image riding on a bull or a horse. The foremost centre of Khandoba worship is Jejuri in Maharashtra.

Am getting late now to work….gotta write fast……I just felt blessed for this dream friends. Also for the Palani Murugan prasad I got which I gave parents. I hope Sai really shows me a way. One really can’t write everything in StarSai but these days I write as it helps me take everything as Sai’s will.  I never wrote about Kandhoba all these years. So felt Sai made me do it today…

Its all become commercial in Shirdi now. Where ever you go, You see Star Hotels, Lodges, People selling stuff but I imagine just two things.

One is the Sand of Shirdi – Even after 1000 years Its sacred for Sai’s holy feet touched shirdi and secondly I just love the Dhuni and Dwarakamai in Shirdi. Even the air in Shirdi is gifted as it enters the holy place.

I really wanted to do something worthy in Life Sai.

At the same time, Have to make parents happy

Before I go, i was searching what People are looking for in StarSai.com

Google Suggestion shows StarSai.com 2010 . I wondered what’s it and saw below article I wrote……Hmmmmm…

Its 2010 and sai devotees need a Baby Boy when they are expecting a baby

Haven’t you seen how many thousands suffer without child birth. So accept any child that God blesses you as Gift, Be it Girl or Boy. Its a Gift.

Saiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….Do your leela soon



I keep this post in Travel section as Kandhoba temple is good to see when you travel to shirdi.

4 thoughts on “Lord Kandhoba of Shirdi and Palani Murugan in dream”

  1. Hello,
    I am from chandigarh and i like your site very much.I am sllways looking forward to your posts.
    Peace and allah malik

  2. sai baba told upasni maharaj to live in khandoba temple for four years. sai left his spiritual legacy to him.this is not a known fact.while living in the said temple,he met meher baba to whom upasni maharaj wanted to bestow his spiritual position. meher baba used to call sai his grandfather. the position of upasani ultimately fell to godavri mata

  3. I usually prefer mails and wont reply in starsai directly but since I wish everyone learns about it, I add here some information about Upasini Baba who was a ardent devotee of sai…

    True friend, Sai wanted to Make Upasini baba his successor but truly Upasini baba could not have enough tolerance, patience and nature to take Sai’s position. Its a example as these days so many fake gurus try to act as if they are Sai’s sevak or they have big powers. Sai proved no body on earth can be as pure and powerful as him even during his life time.

    The good part is Bal Gangadar Tilak – Freedom fighter had visited Saibaba in 1917 and got blessings of Sai for India’s freedom. Similarly Mahatma Gandhi has got blessings from Upasini Baba as for as what I read is true. Upasini is nice but his nature made him loose all his glory in last few years of his life. Sai tried to mould him as a true saint but he ran to Sakori and had his own ashram.

    In 2008, I went to Sakori with one of my Australian friend who came Shirdi.I loved the Ek Mukhi Dattatreya in Sakori which is just 7 miles from shirdi. I gave Sai photos to many very very old women in sakori ashram. You know what? These women have been given as Kanya Dhaan to Upasini Maharaj. They had led a saintly life all their life. All these women are so sweet. I bowed to every old women’s feet and got ashirwad.How much they had in their eyes for me when they blessed me? . I just loved them.

    Upasini Maharaj gained all popularity for the years he has spent serving Sai in shirdi but ultimately he had decided to move out of shirdi. Sai showed us the truth. No one can take his place.
    As i always say – There is only one SUN, There is Only on Sai – Sai baba of Shirdi.


  4. dear venkata,
    thank you for replying. I think upasani maharaj left shirdi for the same reason shri sai left dwarkamaie,people were bent on exploiting him for their selfish narrow material ends.
    this is also taking place now.this is what you said was”commercializing”of shirdi.
    allah mallik

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