Limit your desires even if you have means to fulfil them

Sairam friends,

My new job is OK but I don’t know why I keep thinking about past? I am influenced by Sai dreams and hence I think and act based on Sai’s words.

I have a Small Car – Wagon R which we bought in 2016. On several occasions Sai has saved the car from getting hit. One beautiful dream I could remember is this.

I saw a dream as if the front light in Car is broken due to some minor accident. Whenever I see such dreams, I avoid taking my Car. But that day, I had to take my parents somewhere.

Just 2 Kms from my home, I saw a lady driving her Car from a small street suddenly getting into the road. Thankfully, I applied break and slightly moved my Car away from her.

She knew that she did a mistake and immidiately rode fast ahead of me. I went behind her Car, over took and told her “Don’t do this. If you are getting into a road, either honk or atleast come slow”.

She said, she’s been driving in same road 4 times a day. This is like Sai devotees claiming they worship Saibaba for 20 years.

Remember. Counts doesn’t matter in life. Atleast not in all cases

Anyway, I know Saibaba has saved my Car from a minor accident and he has done that several times.

Yesturday, I saw a new version of Wagon R on road while going from work to Nagasai mandir. I felt its beautiful especially since I like Wagon R as I got used to it.

This morning Sai showed a dream as if I go into a house. There I see a women inspecting her car which has recently met with an accident. Its a new Car and I felt sorry for her.

I woke up and tried to analyze the dream.

Later, I realized that I had a desire to get a new version of the model even when I have a Car that’s good enough.

Saibaba seems to help me understand with how as a human we develop desire looking at others.

1000 new cars will come up.

1000 new style of clothing will come up

1000 beautiful homes will be there

Are you going to desire anything that you come across?

So its better to limit our desire.

I am getting late. I cross my old office to reach new one and when I see some known faces, I am not sure if I am sad or happy. Some people spot me and also call me to ask where I am?

What should I say?


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