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How Sai Baba helped a devotee who went to Chandigarh to pursue her passion?

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I have started working in the new company. To be honest, they are good. Have made a good Software product and they trust me. I will also work hard for them. But something deeply hurts me because I wonder why none gave me this opportunity in previous Company?

I have always been loyal to them but they never realized what I would have done to them?

In the new company, they have achieved very good ranking on Google and my work should help them get more traffic and generate better revenue.

My heart is still in the old Company though and I don’t know the reason behind it. Its not Google…Lol…Its just another ordinary Company. What matters to me is the fact that they should realize how to do branding for themselves atleast now.

I am also influenced by Sai dream. My Sai friend Preeti told me to forget past and focus on the new job. Now, read devotees experience from Prita.

Shirdi Saibaba temple in Chandigarh
Shirdi Saibaba temple in Chandigarh

SaiRam Venkat,

I wish to share a very unique and rewarding experience I had recently.
I was in Chandigarh for a month or so and it was for a training program. It was really very difficult for me to go on leave without pay but as it was my passion, i decided to pursue it.

I didn’t have my joining order and to go through a lot of ordeal. I did not give up and found this sai temple where i found tremendous peace (pics attached). I thought once i am able to join and start my training i will host a Langar.

I got only one slot and in strange miraculous ways my paper work moved faster than expected.

I was able to join and the Langar was a very good and happy one where lots of people ate and showered their blessings. The day my training got completed I thought i will offer some sweets to Sai and distribute the same as a token of thanks.

As I had observed that many people don’t take sweets very willingly outside temples i was thinking what should i do if i have too many left over.

I was unwell that day, but managed to get to the sweet shop and bought a small box of sweets and went back to the temple. It coincidentally happened to be a Thursday and there a big crowd. As i noticed everyone had gotten something to offer.

I sincerely thanked Baba for helping me learn many new things at work and make many new friends and i prayed for him to accept my sweets and have them.

No sooner had i finished praying and offering sweets to Baba, within the premises itself i was surrounded by dozens of children from various directions who demanded i give them sweets.

I was so happy and in minutes or rather seconds the box went empty. It was as if Baba himself came and finished all the sweets. Baba took care of all my needs throughout the tenure-my accommodation, food and health.

Inspite of being all alone in a new city, I found so many of my old friends and made many new friends. It was a truly enriching experience.

I can’t thank Baba enough for helping me meet the right people at the right time.

Thank you


Never to anything just for the desire of Money in life. At times, when you have passion towards a field of choice, go for it and surely Saibaba will bless you in your journey.


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  • Am from chandigarh too.this temple used to be a very simple one way back its a/c.

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