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Knowledge and devotion will wash away your sins

Sairam friends,

Using the word “Karma” has become so common today. Thanks to the westerner’s. They promoted Karma theory more than anyone else. Now a days, when people write to me, they frame a sentence which begings like this – “I know its Karma but …..”

But will be followed by ‘I am suffering too long”, “Why Can’t Sai help me?” etc.

People who worry that they have never been able to lead a peaceful life  They assume that its due to past karmic deeds that they are suffering with bad health, Children’s health and education problem, Problems in their relationship, Set backs in their career etc.

Irrespective of what sufferings you face, remember, you  can certainly come out of it by Knowledge and Devotion.


When I say “Knowledge” – It’s knowledge of oneself – Knowledge which will wash away your ignorance. All that causes you to suffer today is because of your ignorance.

Example – You might think that Sai did not help you get a purticular job you like. Don’t fix your mind on it. There might be a better career for you if only you start to open up to other opportunities.

You might like a girl or guy and may not be able to marry them. Think beyond them because there are so many good people around. May be, Sai will bless you with a better guy or a girl.

It’s your ignorance that you will be happy if Sai fulfills your desire that’s making you suffer. You must pray for this Knowledge and wisdom to understand what’s really good for you.

Apart from this philosophical and spiritual knowledge, there’s also this Knowledge you acquire to earn your living. So keep learning a lot. There should not be a day in your life when you don’t learn anything new in your area of interest. This will secure you a better means to survive.


The second and most important way to wash away your sins is by showing devotion. Listen – There’s a difference between truly being devoted to God and Sai and simply going to temple and doing a ritual. Devotion is a personal feeling. It must come from your heart.

Devotion is the faith you have on Sai and you have this faith even if sky comes down on you.

I have requested Sai devotees to adopt their own way of showing devotion on Sai.

  1. You might simply listen to Shirdi Saibaba Aarti
  2. Do you like to offer holy bath to Sai? Do it with heart and soul at your home.
  3. Meditate if you have patience and love for meditation
  4. Chant Sai’s holy name of any mantra in mind.
  5. Read life of Shirdi Saibaba – Sai Satcharita

Pick your own way to show devotion on Sai. This poor fakir of Shirdi doesn’t have any rules. It’s all about the way you express your faith and love on him that matters.

Even when you have such devotion, you may not get desired result. This is where you must apply knowledge on devotion.

Your duty is to work and not to expect result.

So keep working. Knowledge along with devotion will give you what you really deserve.

Om Sai Ram



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