Sai baba will bless you to get what’s good for your life

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Sai seems to take too long to bless you with what you desire. His ways are unique. In some situations, Saibaba will make you hate what you desired most and move on with your life. This actually means Sai has helped you realize that what you desire is only going to make your life disastrous in future.

Sai has his own way of calculating what’s right for you and your future. So believe in Sai and keep calm. Good days are ahead!

The past few articles, I wrote about Two tooth Bunny a lot. Polambi thalradhu – Mumbling as if writing about her will make Sai listen to my prayers. I am still confused. I believe Sai will show me the right path.

So I woke up and wanna send a positive message to Sai children.

My Sai friend Sangeeta sent me photos of Sai from the temple she visited. I forgot if this temple is in Jaipur or in the place where She does MBBS.

Dwarakamai painting

Love these Red lights around Dwarakamai painting of Shirdi Saibaba


Shirdi Saibaba in Red

Shirdi Saibaba in Red

A Lamp in the Saibaba temple

Sai will only do good to you and your family.

Keep chanting Sai’s holy name in mind.

Om Sai Ram


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