A Journey with Beauty and Shirdi Sai Baba – Raksha Bandhan, Learning to see a Sister in Girls and Women

Sairam friends,

I wanted to use the New Mobile my Father got for me to present Beautiful Articles for Sai Children. I downloaded word press for Android while my friends were helping me get Whatsup so that I can chat. The past two days, I did some Photography of Flowers in the garden of my house and my aunts house with the Mobile which I have presented in this article. Since I am writing about Beauty, I hope the Beautiful flowers here will tell you thousand words than what I could write about how Beautiful Nature is…

I make sure my friends at work doesn’t find StarSai and have to keep clearing history because StarSai is my treasure and I want only Sai’s chosen devotees to come here.

I was traveling in bus thinking if i should really used Whatsup as its gonna waste my time. One of my Sai friend Sarveksha from Delhi messaged me with attachment of a Lord Ganesha Photo. She told me her friend Puneet gave it to her and she tied Rakhi to Lord Ganesha. I requested if i can post it in StarSai. This small incident made me think the entire day on how to present a Beautiful article for Raksha Bandhan. Now first have a look at her Ganesha

lord ganesha rakhi
Ganesha with Rakhi tied to him – I believe Ganesha is a caring brother for all our women and protects them.

For a Long time, I was planning to write a Article on Beauty, getting attracted to something or someone beautiful and the lessons Shirdi Sai Baba made me learn through the experiences over these years. As they say a Statue can’t be made without the hitting the stone with chisel, the difficulties I faced in the past made me see a sister in girls and women I come across.

Since Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on August 21st 2013 this year, I wanted to combine these two concepts I had in mind and present an article. First I shall write few words about Raksha Bandhan from Wikipedia.

arali poo pink flowers
Arali Poo – My father loves this pink flowers which we offer to Goddess.

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan, (the bond of protection) or Rakhi is a Hindu festival primarily observed in India, Mauritius and Nepal, which celebrates the relationship between brothers (shaurya), cousins and sisters (shreya). It is also called Rakhi Purnima in most of India. The festival is observed by Hindus, Jains, and most Sikhs.

Historically, the Rajput queens practised the custom of sending rakhi threads to neighboring rulers as token of brotherhood. The central ceremony involves the tying of a rakhi (sacred thread) by a sister on her brother’s wrist.

Rakhi symbolizes the sister’s love and prayers for her brother’s well-being, and the brother’s lifelong vow to protect her

bettle leaves
Beetle leaves plant is in corner of our House to offer God every Friday

Krishna and Draupadi

A incident from the epic Mahabharat concerns Krishna and Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas. She had once torn a strip of silk off her sari and tied it around Krishna’s wrist to stanch the bleeding from a battlefield wound. Krishna was touched by her action and declared her to be his sister, even though they were unrelated. He promised to repay the debt and once when Draupadi was facing a insult, Krishna Came to her rescue which I wrote in article below.

Respect Women – A Shirdi Saibaba dream that inspired me to show devotion on Shri Krishna and Draupadi

Over the past one year, I tried to write various article on how important it is to be good to girls and women in your life.  Years back, I read a Book called Do they hear you when you cry which inspired me to work for Women’s rights though all I do is simply write articles, It satisfies me.

Honestly, I don’t do any impact on anyone unless I experiment with my own desires and who I am and what I have been all these years. If I am a real Sai Servant, I have to tell the truth.

So come join me in my Journey with Beauty and Sai…

Beautiful Pink flowers
Beautiful Pink flowers in my Aunts home

A Journey with Beauty and Shirdi Sai Baba

Everyone of us have our own perception about Beauty from our childhood. If you ask me what I found beautiful when I was a kid, I will say few things like a stone which was around the house, which used to glitter like diamond. I used to collect these peculiar stones and play around with them.

Another most memorable way I got attracted to something beautiful was a insect which my grand ma used to call in Tamil as “Pattu Poochi”. Its tiny, Dark Red in color and has a velvet kind of skin. My Grandma used to catch these Velvet Bug in a match box for me to play with them in the evenings. May be I had killed these tiny creatures while playing which was accounted in my Sin list. I really don’t find this Velvet bug beautiful now.

Pink Flowers with Sky
Pink Flowers with Green background and Sky

My Mom has told me that once I cried for getting me a real Green Parrot to play with. I had tried to get it take Bath with mug of water and killed it. I regret for killing this Sweet Parrot. Forgive me Baba. I didn’t know that am going to suffer years later. Sai has always helped me to redeem my sins. In 2005, A little Myna was hurt by big crowd of crows.

The crows were trying to grab the Myna while the Myna’s Parents and friends ( I assume) were sitting on the Coconut Tree and kept making sound to save their little child. Myself and our neighbor Padma Aunty tried to help the little Myna. We made a small feeding bottle and gave milk. I took video of it also friends.

myna bird
Saibaba blessed me to help the Myna. Padma aunty using feeding bottle to give Milk to the little bird. Image not good as I captured from the Video Footage.

I had some strange stupidity when I was a Child. We kids used to roam here and there during holidays. Once I saw a White Horse. We all liked it and I found its coming with me if i grab its belt. I was too exited and took the horse inside our compound and locked the gate. As if I have achieved something really big, I ran a Kilometer to call my Amma who was in Grand mother’s home.

“Amma Veetuku Oru Kudhura Vandhuruku…Naan Kootitu vandhuten”

“Mom, A Horse has come to our house. I took him with me”

My Mom was shocked and scared me saying the owner of the Horse will come and catch hold of me. Finally when we reached home, our neighbors along with the kids were trying to feed him Carrot etc. …he he…..The Horse was too reluctant to have any thing we gave and my Mom was scolding me like anything. May be I found the Horse Beautiful that I took him home.

Years later when I read Sai Satcharitra, I was happy to know Shirdi Sai Baba also used to have a Horse called Shyam Karna which he loved  a lot.

white flowers offer god
We offer this White flowers for Sai and God everyday

I often used to demand for Dolls and Toys and my Mom once asked me why you keep demanding for these stuff.

I remember telling her “I like everything which is Beautiful” 

May be this obsession for cute, beautiful stuff is still running sub consciously in me. The other day, I liked the Soft toys in online sites.

My Love for Photography and Cinematography

During my College days, I always wanted to be a Cinematographer. I admired the work of P.C.Sreeram and was totally into my own world.

To Pursue my interest I was helping a Film Editor after Graduation and used to stay around in the Editing Studio always. Photography was always running into my heart though I didn’t really contributed much to the Art. I wanted to join a Photography School but it was too expensive for my parents to afford.

When I was spending my days in Film Editing, I remember the day when the Editor took me for a Screening of a Foreign film.

It was such a Memorable day as it the Screening was in Prasad Labs and only 5 of us was in the Theatre. The Editor whom I respect a lot, My friend and the Director of the  film and the guest Mr.Maniratnam.

When I was in films, people used to call me Raman as I wanted my screen name to be C.V.Raman. So next day one of my friend asked me “Rama, Mani Sir kooda Padam Paathiya”

“Rama, Did you watch the Movie with Mani Sir?”

I was exited and said, Yes but he was sitting a bit far from me. He carried a Communicator like a pencil box with him. Those days Nokia Communicator was famous and people used to carry them…he he…Today while taking pictures with my Mobile, I remembered how technology has improved – Sleek and Slim.

white flower
I found this flower in Ganesha temple

Beauty is an Experience – Beauty is as old as the world and as New as the Moment

Why did I tell this to you in this article. Beauty is not about a Thing or someone.At times it could be an Experience. Watching a Movie with a ace director could have been a Beautiful experience for me those days. May be not now.

I used to do all the funny stuff and behaved like stupid even those days. I used to wear the Foot ware of Heroins who rarely come to editing room and do a Walk in the hall to make my friends laugh and quickly remove them as soon as anyone comes in.

One of the Cinematographer promised to take me as his assistant but never kept his word.You see life is like this. I kept waiting and meanwhile felt like Giving up.

My Father didn’t liked my suffering to be someone in the Film Industry and I myself felt its enough and wanted to move on.  Internet is my biggest wealth. I never had a formal education in what ever I do online but learned from Tutorials and trying to earn a living. I will never forget the days StarSai was born in the year 2004 and How crazy I was with Saibaba in the year 2005.

Later when I went again to Chennai in 2008, back to the Editing place, Few close people asked me why have you changed so much? Always reading a Shirdi Saibaba’s Book. Always going to Temples.

I can’t tell them what Life taught me with failures. I could have stayed back but I wanted to earn a living and felt better to Teach in a Film School and moved to Mumbai.

tamarind plant
A tiny Tamarind plant

Teaching is Beautiful

Many Sai devotees used to tell me that I am lucky that I often get dreams of Shirdi Sai Baba. I really don’t often see Sai in dreams. Sai uses various ways to guide me. When I got job in film school, I saw Kamal Hassan in dream asking me “Shall we start Post Production?”. Trust me. There really is a relationship. Years back, I had been to Kamal’s office ( as they call it) to see demo of a Editing software “Final Cut Pro” and now I am going to teach the same software and Avid in Film school.

I have immense respect on Kamal Hassan because even if a person is not religious, I see God exists in every creator. If you do something Creative – Writing, Dancing, Singing, Photography,Film making, Art, Fashion, Architecture or any thing Creative – It comes from the God in you.

Believe it or not. I enjoyed teaching Video editing software’s to my Students in Mumbai. I am sure many of them will still remember me for what I am though am not in touch with them. Teaching really is Beautiful. Be it science, Math or Art. What ever you know , try teaching to people who are interested.

You will agree. Teaching really is Beauty.

I really loved Mumbai and my experience in Mumbai is quiet different as it was full of devotion. I was moved by the small Dattatreya Temple and it had a big influence in my life. I liked the fact that where ever I go, I was seen as a Sai Devotee and people helped me. For Example, I have a habit of sending Saibaba photos by courier to friends. The man working in Professional courier used to charge me very small rate as he felt he is helping someone who serves Saibaba.

Yellow flowers
Yellow flowers are auspicious

Mother is Beautiful

There is this Photo of my Mother which she took when she was 16. Mom looks so beautiful in the photo and when we stare at it, I wonder how years has made her look old.

I still find Amma beautiful. Mothers are always beautiful because we naturally see our Mother for their love, affection and the Care they shower on us and not how they actually look.

When I was in Mumbai, Once my Mom was really not well and went through a minor surgery.I felt its better to do a Job in Coimbatore. Came here, Did my MBA and now I see myself in a IT concern.

Many people who see me after years ask me “How come you are in IT?”

Well, Have you not seen programmers and designers telling ‘Code is Poetry?” . May be its creative too or I have to accept it is because I do it for livelihood and I am a content writer, web researcher and its OK with me. I love reading and learning new things and this job helps me that way and its worth living with my parents in Coimbatore.

You can do anything Good to earn a living as long as your environment is peaceful.

I was once surfing through a forum for developers and one of them wrote below his name “Will Code for Food”.

May be I am also in IT for “Food”.

Food is Beautiful

The Food you might have in restaurants are delicious. No doubt. When your Amma or your wife makes food for you with love and Care, the Food really has beauty in it because it carries her Love on you.

Every Dosa my Mom brings me from Kitchen to my plate is Beautiful. Next time, Your Mom cooks for you, If you remember this, you will realize, Its delicious and also Beautiful.

Food really is Beauty when served with Love.

OK now to the real Beauty. Girls !

I honestly was attracted to girls who were beautiful but life taught me hard lessons. You can’t like someone based on Looks and you really can’t trust someone based on how beautiful they are. May be beauty was not the only thing I was looking for in a women and also liked other nature.

To me , A Girl must be known for her Kindness and the inner beauty of serenity in her.

Women basically have to be Kind but some really are not and for reasons unknown, I had always come across girls who were unkind. I took it as a Payback. May be I had done some sins to women in my previous birth and am supposed to face it back in this birth.

When ever I see a girl as a Sister or a friend, I always had good relationship with them. The moment, I start to like a girl and wish to marry her, It only ends up in some kind of pain. I always wonder why this happens to me and now a days I feel its better to see every girl as a Sister or a friend and move on. Why should I get attracted and then suffer later?

I know for sure there Sai really has some plans for me and can only rest my life in his holy feet.

I wish you read this Sai Leela from Sai Satcharitra

Shirdi Sai Baba about Beauty to Nana – A Beautiful Sai leela

Nanasaheb Chandorkar

Hemadpant concludes this chapter with a story of Nanasaheb Chandorkar. When Nanasaheb was once sitting in the Masjid with Mhalasapati and others, a Mahomedan gentlemen from Bijapur came with his family to see Baba. Seeing gosha (veiled) ladies with him, Nanasaheb wanted to go away, but Baba prevented him from doing so. The ladies came and took the darshan of Baba.

When one of the ladies removed her veil in saluting Baba’s feet and then resumed it again, Nanasaheb, who saw her face, was so much smitten with her rare beauty that he wished to see her face again.

Knowing Nana’s restlessness of mind, Baba spoke to him after the lady had left the place as follows –

“Nana, why are you getting agitated in vain? Let the senses do their allotted work, or duty, we should not meddle with their work. God has created this beautiful world and it is our duty to appreciate its beauty.

The mind will get steady and calm slowly and gradually.

When the front door was open, why go by the back one? When the heart is pure, there is no difficulty, whatsoever. Why should one be afraid of any one if there be no evil thought in us? The eyes may do their work, why should you feel shy and tottering?”

Shama was there and he could not follow the meaning of what Baba said. So he asked Nana about this on their way home. Nana told him about his restlessness at the sight of the beautiful lady, how Baba knew it and advised him about it. Nana explained Baba’s meaning as follows – “That our mind is fickle by nature, it should not be allowed to get wild. The senses may get restless, the body, however, should be held in check and not allowed to be impatient. Senses run after objects, but we should not follow them and crave for their objects. By slow and gradual practice retlessness can be conquered.

We should not be swayed by the senses, but they cannot be completely controlled. We should curb them rightly and properly according to the need of the occasion. Beauty is the subject of sight; we should fearlessly look at the beauty of objects. There is no room for shyness or fear. Only we should never entertain evil thoughts.

Making the mind desire less, observe God’s works of beauty.

In this way the senses will be easily and naturally controlled and even in enjoying objects you will be reminded of God. If the outer senses are not held in check and if the mind be allowed to run after objects and be attached to them, our cycle of births and deaths will not come to an end. Objects of sense are things harmful.

With Viveka (discrimination) as our charioteer, we will control the mind and will not allow the senses to go astray. With such a charioteer we reach the Vishnu-pada, the final abode, our real Home from which there is no return.”

Hope you like the above incident during Saibaba’s life time in shirdi friends. The reason I liked this leela is that Many times, I have been in Nana’s place…he he… Sai really has helped me come across it. As I grow up, Sai wanted me to be Pure.

palani murugan
Murugan is Beautiful – palani murugan in Raja Alankaram

Yesterday, I hugged Sai Satcharitra and had tears in my eyes asking Saibaba why are you not helping me though I had always tried to go good Sai? This morning I had a dream like this..

Saibaba like a Nurse doing surgery for me

Sai blessed me with a dream as if am going to some school or college kind of place. I am waiting for my Mom to come home and mean while cleaning a silver vessel with sacred ash..viboothi so that it shines. Someone asks me who’s your inspiration. I said Albert Einstein and name of some other scientist whom i forgot now.When I was in school, I used to read life of  Albert Einstein in a book and admired him a lot.

Then I see myself taking my Amma to someones home for a Bhajan or pooja.

Then i see myself treated by a Doctor who actually looks like a Nurse.I show her where to stitch in my chest and she does a stitch and says “Where ever you showed needs a stitch, I did it”

I have experience of Stitching on my face when I got hurt and I clearly saw similar stitch in the dream too friends. She gives me a powder to get it healed and says you must come back to remove stitch in 7days.

I woke up and told Saibaba “You know how much am hurt all these years that you wanted to do surgery for my heart but why are you still waiting to bring happiness to me and my parents?”

A Month back,I Saw baba doing surgery to my nerves in finger and this time for my Heart. I know Sai really is working on my life and trying to help me. Just that my parents are worried about me and I can’t keep convincing them that Sai will do good.

Sai blessed me with really Good friends and Sai Sisters

I told you about my obsession for Beauty in this article and some ideas about what I understand is “Beauty” all about. Its simply a journey.  Life taught me the good things with lots of sufferings. Sai Baba has gifted me with a very good Sister and also many thousands of Sai Sisters. Today, Many girls who know me through StarSai and other ways, calls me Bhaiya and some very affectionately as Anna and some simply call me Venkat as a friend.

There were times when I deliberately told not to perceive me as  Brother and in the end I only suffered to core.

I noticed some girls call me  “Anna..Anna in every mail or message or when they speak”

Excuse me…I am not going to fall in love with you. I had enough already. So Be Happy. SMILE

Just to make sure I must not like a her in other sense, if they call me Anna/Bhaiya, it hurts me a lot. No matter how much our culture has westernized, I wonder why such silly habits exits. You can be rest assured that I only perceive you as a friend or a Sister.

Raksha Bandhan, Learning to see a Sister in Girls and Women

The very reason I write this article is because I believe its important to have Motherly or Sisterly affection with girls and women we come across in life. I have seen so many girls these days and honestly I really don’t get attracted to them by their Looks. May be my past experience could be the reason.

I never talk much to these girls as I don’t have opportunity to speak but I see them with a Motherly affection. I have tears in my eyes when I write this and don’t have reasons for it.

May be Sai really wanted me to be like this –

“To be pure at heart”

because Sai always tests a devotee with two things. One is Money and another is Women. If you are not attracted to both, Sai will show you his treasure of wisdom.

Many times, I had said a silent prayer for girls I never knew or even spoken to. I have realized how divine it is to perceive a women simply as a friend.

A Journey with Beauty and Shirdi Sai Baba – Raksha Bandhan, Learning to see a Sister in Girls and Women

I wrote this article especially to spread the message that one must be good to women in their life and try to perceive them as Sister and be a Good friend. This really makes you a better human being and life will be more beautiful.

Have you seen the Painting of Mahalakshmi with Two white elephants pouring water?

The water is actually the Good deeds you do and your good character. As long as we do good deeds and have a good character, Mahalakshmi will reside in us and bless us with all happiness and prosperity.

I took the below painting of Mahalakshmi in a Small Ganesha temple

mahalakshmi painting
Mahalakshmi blesses the devotee who has good character and keeps doing good deeds

and Yes. When I see this painting, I realized “Mahalakshmi is Beautiful”

Happy Raksha Bandhan

I dedicate this Article to my Sister Indra and to many hundreds of my Sai friends who come to Star Sai and girls at work ( whom I may not have known personally) and girls whom I come across in Temple, in Road, restaurant and every where on Earth !

Hope you liked all the pictures and the my big long journey with beauty and Shirdi Saibaba

I honestly believe in being a good brother and a true friend.

Life will be Beautiful !

Sisters are Beautiful



Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba

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  1. From childhood I tie Rakhi to lord Ganesha(last year i tied yellow thread as rakhi)…..i have been facing some problems from long time and felt my brother Ganesha is not helping me …I got angry on him and (long back)told him I will not tie rakhi this year …but 2weeks back my husband told he wanted to clean Ganesha statue and removed that thread and kept aside …I couldn’t see it being un tied and tied that to Ganesha (after cleaning was done)….today I was thinking I did not keep my word and thinking when is Rakshbandhan .at the same time felt not to look in calendar because I am not planning to tie Rakhi to Ganesha this year….

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