How to control Anger by grace of Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends,

I get angry and i love Saint Shirdi Saibaba. I have been believing in saints, their teachings of love and peace. Me  along with my sai friends used to do some odd works in the saibaba temple in our home town for hours. One thing i have noticed is no matter how much we love saibaba or serve humanity in the name of shirdi saibaba,our own charecters remains the same.

Shirdi Saibabas grace to Control Anger
Shirdi Saibabas grace to Control Anger

The reason why sai devotees cannot change their bad habits :

We are smart. Yes we are. When we cannot give up having Non vegetarian foods, we happily have a reason to say “Saibaba used to cook Non veg food for his devotees who has them”

When we cannot control our anger, we simply say the facts from saibabas life time “Saibaba himself gets angry to his devotees at times”

Both are not true :

I shall explain  how Both these facts are untrue. See . Saibaba does cook non veg food in a pot and Veg food in a pot seperately for his devotees. At times saibaba even purposely asked his orthodox devotees to have non veg foods. This is just to test their Guru Bhakti. If the concerned devotee follows the words of the Guru even if he is not willing to do whats instructed to him.

Saibaba also has said “I live in every ant, insect, animal and human being, so respect everyone” . So if you see in this perspective, the animal being killed for food also has a sai soul in it. The antaryami Saibaba is indirectly harmed when we kill animals. So only for saibaba devotees who reason its ok to do what ever sai does, Please think hard and decide for yourself.

Grace of saibaba to reduce anger :

We are not speaking about controlling anger . Saibaba shows his anger outside to his devotees with red eyes only to pass on a certain message of love. Take the example of Megha. Megha is a orthodox Brahmin. He was told by his master to go to shirdi to take darshan of a Saint Saibaba who looks like a Muslim. Now Megha has a feeling if he should really bow to a muslim saint.

The moment Megha entered dwarakamai, Saibaba got enraged and asked Megha not to come to him as he considers himself as a high class brahmin where us Sai a low muslim. Thus saibaba through his anger has taught us to leave the indifferences we have in Caste, creed and religion and respect everyone with equal affection.

Why do we get anger :

Lets say am writing a article about shirdi saibaba in starsai and its over 3 in afternoon, If my mother calls me “Venkatramaaaaaaaa have lunch …have lunch” i get irritated and today i asked her” why you torchure me “. After the words came out i regretted for getting angry like this. Thats why i  wanted to write this article about How to reduce anger by grace of shirdi saibaba.

Now lets do the following :


When ever you get angry, Try hard to smile to yourself..Some kind of internal smile. This way we will be able to take positive side of what ever happens in the world which might other wise make us get angry.

For saibaba devotees :

Be silent :

Just one second try to think Nothing and be calm. Its not necessary to chant sai sai sai, if you wish you can do. All i request is Never react to whats happening that moment and be calm.

A moment of silence will help you understand the situation if the anger is necessary or not.

Anger is a crocodile in the river of happy Relationships :

You can live happily amoung your friends, family and office people. All you need to know is when ever Anger comes in you, you are eating away the past affection and care you showed on them.

Anger at times is expression of affection :

Once when i was a kid we went to a Hanuman temple . The temple is situated on a rock and we had to cross a small stream of river to reach there. My aunt was carrying her small baby and walked in the river. Suddenly she got slipped over the rocks and was about to drop the baby. By Hanumans grace nothing happened and we all were safe including the baby.

My uncle came near aunt and slapped her immediately asking if she doesnt know to carry the child properly. This hurted my aunt but otherwise its just an expression of the love my uncle had on his daughter.

Many times when our dear ones do something that harms themselves , we get angry on them. Though this anger has a positive side to it , as we can easily say “I only cared for you” , we must try to be soft in every situation possible.

When it comes to me , Pure devotion on Saint Shirdi Saibaba alone can help us control our anger. We dont have to do anything. The more you experience the Sai in you, the better human being you become.

Ok friends. .. Just because i write this dont think i can control my Anger. I am also like you trying to discover what our great Guru has left behind for us like gems scattered in ocean. Please read the Life of Shirdi Saibaba sai satcharitra and see incidents where sai got angry to his devotees. In every situation you can only see Love.

In love. Every thing is OK

Some tips to control you anger by Saibaba’s Grace :

Try to chant Sai sai sai but am sure its not easy to remember saibaba when you are emotionally hurted or harmed…so do as below…

1. Keep silence and never take the situation into your head and heart.

2.Don’t expect much . What ever happens , happens for good. At times you have express your opinion and rights to people. Try to do it with a Clear tone of voice . Theres a difference between anger and being bold

3. You will be surprised at times

I generally get angry for few things which happens against me and society . Couple of days back when i was in Saibaba temple in our home town , i was standing in middle of temple looking at a big saibaba statue over dhuni. Someone took his car very fastly in reverse and was about to Hit me. My friend called me for attention and i moved. I thanked saibaba for saving me on time. But i still wonder why i never got angry with the devotee who was so inhuman that he din’t even reacted as if he did a mistake. I myself went to him asked him to be careful.

There are many websites, doctors and experts advicing with great tips to reduce and control anger. Any non devotee of saibaba might name me crazy if they come across this article . They will ask how can devotion on Guru saibaba can help you reduce anger.

Ofcourse i am surprised too. I still get angry friends. What matters is when my heart is always remembering sai sai sai, sai is making me remain calm when he feels my anger is only going to spoil the situation.

So hope you understand.

We are whom we are. This is not a article to control your anger but to help you realize how deeply one can be devoted to his guru that he forgets to get angry.

Infact my friends asked me why i went and spoke to that devotee who was about to hit me with his car so politely and am supposed to shout at him so that he wont do this mistake of speeding in car in temple campus anymore. I wonder why. Its Sai who made me forget my basic nature. This is what saints can do. They let us be whom we are but they keeps our emotions in their control when ever necessary.

Sai, I am always greatful to you for making me a better human being. Atleast for few seconds. …

Om sainathaya namaha


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  1. I have asked baba about my Shridi trip which i have planned to go with my family (6 Nos ) on July 2015. In fact, I was worrying about my trip due to first time planning to go shiridi (particularly first time North side for us). Baba answered like ”You will travel with help of your friend”. Do not get dobut it, your joruney will be done sucessfully without any problem and you were forgotten to give my things requested before” – This answere is very very surprised for me. Om Sai Ram !!

  2. Hi. I found ur article on anger. I am very emotional and short tempered. But I never thought of controlling my anger. I felt as to control the anger is to suppress ones emotion. But now because of that I’m facing lot of problems. I’m getting devoted to said for the past few months. And now I felt ur advice has some thing entered into my logical brain which has never happened before because the same advice has found to be intolerable to me in the past. I have to wait n watch how I react to temperable situations in the name of sai.

  3. I always get irritated and anger for my mother in law act. I everyday pray for Saibaba that I am not be harsh to her as she is old but still I can’t control my anger because of her bad nature. I don’t know what to do. Saibaba please help me.

  4. Saibaba, really I was worried and getting anger without realising the background. After reading this article , really I felt relief from my anger. I want to remain calm and patience when such situation arise. Please baba bless me I should be happy with my relationship and to control unnecessary anger.

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