How Saibaba protects his devotees by making us do good karma in dream?

Sairam friends,

I am writing this based on my years of experience in Sai devotion. Its really hard to understand Shirdi Saibaba. Sai doesn’t bother you when you cry to him but he cares for you when you least expected. I am one of those people whom the whole world advices not to believe in Sai dreams and relate my life to it. True. Several of Saibaba’s assurances to me in dream and in real had not come true. I used to get really upset about Saibaba not keeping his words given to me alone but he is blessing all his other devotees.

Is Sai taking too much rights on me?

May be Sai Baba thinks its OK for me to get disappointed because of him than any one else.

I have the following experience to share.

On Saturday night, I had a dream as if I am walking in a road. A Girl rides her vehicles in one side of the road. Another Man purposely hits her with his Bike, there by pushing her down. I see the girl falling down with her Vehicle. I go to the Man and shout at him saying “I saw you purposely pushing the girl and I am going to slap you”. Then, Another Man joined me and shouts at him.

I see the girl was too shocked and could utter a word. She was bleeding in her fore head. So I help her and give her Sai photo.

That’s the dream.

I woke up and asked Saibaba why I got this dream because I could clearly visualize all the events in dream.

My Mom’s younger brother and aunt had come to our house as he recently went through a heart surgery. So In the evening, I took them to Shirdi Saibaba temple. While crossing the signal, a Man with a scooter was hit by an Auto and he was about to fall over my aunt and hurt her leg. I could not do anything and simply stood watching as all this happened with in few seconds. When the Man was about drop his vehicle over my aunts leg, he balanced himself and went past her. We then went to Saibaba temple, prayed and reached home.

At night, I realized Saints predict future difficulties and analyze if we have done enough good karma to ward off the danger. If we have not, they give us an opportunity to help people in need. I have helped a Man who fell down due to fits in the road years back but seems this good karma isn’t enough. So Saibaba made me do good karma in dream by making me help a girl.

In most cases, Spirituality and people who are devoted are categorized in a strange segment in society.

The point is we relate one thing to another based on our belief. This might seem to be odd but I personally believe in Law of Nature.

Its simple

“If you do good, good will come to you”

I also had my own set of argument with Sai asking why he was not able to avoid my Mom getting hit few years back. Even now, she has pain she when sits. May be, Sai saved her from worst and I am thankful to Sai for his grace.

I came home and told my parents that aunt would have got hurt in her legs but thankfully she escaped. No one understands that Sai has saved her and I can’t explain it to anyone. I just do my own experimentation with Sai to understand how he works.

Sai’s ways are unique. You can’t always expect him to help you but when you never expected he is there without your knowledge.

Is it possible to accumulate good karma in dream?

It is. This is the power of devotion.

Every night, when you go to sleep, leave off all bad thoughts and simply remember Gods you love and also Shirdi Saibaba if you like him. You can imagine as if you are with Sai in Dwarakamai or chant any simple mantra of Saibaba. This way, You are helping Saibaba to work on your subconscious mind.

Saints has power to protect their devotees by giving them opportunity to do good karma. You have to do good karma in real. You can’t always imagine that you are feeding 1000 people and sleep lazy…ha ha…..Practically do little you can. At least keep your mind pure and do your duty. Sai Baba will do all he can to protect you and your family.

Aum Sri Sai Ram


Saibaba blessed me with a New SONY LED Monitor. It had some issues but I am not returning it. My Father helped me fix the issues and I am going to happily use it. My room got lots of changes due to my Father’s work with carpenter. The Bookshelf is already made. Exiting ! There’s some work remaining to complete the Bookshelf. Once its done, I shall write an article about how to make a¬†Bookshelf if you have a little room.¬† I was a bit upset since what ever I buy have some issues. This is why I think too much and read lots of reviews before making a purchase. Anyway, Everything happens for good.

Sai blessed me with the following words in dream this morning

“How to Write Happiness?”

I don’t know what Sai means by this – Venkat

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