Lord Murugan statue taken from Delhi by devotees to a hill temple in Tamilnadu

Sairam friends,

Last evening, My friend and Myself had been to Rathina Vinayakar temple just before it was closed. I love the little Ganesha behind the temple below the tree. I lit lamp and came home. I slept off and was blessed with following dream.

I found myself in a Hill temple. It was very sacred temple and situated in a cave in dense forest of the Hill. I saw few devotees there worshiping a small statue of Lord Murugan also called Karthikeya in North India.

I hear someone telling that hundreds of years back, few devotees took this beautiful Murugan statue from Delhi, walked all the way to Tamilnadu (Paadha Yatra) and did prana prathista in this cave temple. I hear few other stories too about this Murugan.

I see so many other divine things happening in the Cave temple of Murugan. One devotee says

” You must realize how difficult it would have been for devotees to carry this statue from Delhi to this cave temple. It generates lots of heat which gets into the stomach.”

They mean to say, the Murugan Statue is very divine and holding it is like holding fire in the palm.

After this, I had other divine dreams too.

Sai blessings


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  1. I randomly read star Sai but it is my favorite site , the dream indicates I feel some problem in malai mandir it is not worshiped as before Lord him self wants change.

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