Guru Purnima, Offer your love in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba

Aum Ganeshaya Namaha

Guru Purnima makes me feel really blissful and divine but this year I will be at office and can’t participate in Annadhan seva in Saibaba temple. May be I would have taken off but sometimes you feel not to ask for leave keeping Sai as reason. I can’t get that name for Sai for he is a Soul of my life. Sai fills my heart with inspiration to write and am satisfied that Sai blessed me to reach Sai devotees through StarSai.

Sairam friends,

Now a days I find Sai devotees very much aware of the arrival of Guru Purnima. Ofcourse that’s how I felt this year because when I was in Shirdi Sai Baba temple in my hometown, few used to start like this “Since Guru purnima is coming….” and I will ask “When is Guru purnima coming? ”

With a Surprise, They will say its on July 22 (2013). When ever I heared about Guru Purnima, I was thinking what am I going to Write for Sai children? After all nothing much happened in my life to express but may be something really did happened. May be Sai loves me more than before or may be Shirdi Sai Baba has given a new meaning to my life. So what’s this new relationship between Guru and his devotee. Its this……

My disappointments with Shirdi Sai Baba:

Now a days, I keep telling Sai Baba, that you don’t seem to care for me and no matter what good I do, you simply never wanted to bring happiness to me.  This doesn’t mean I will not serve him or I will stop going to temple. One side, I love to write praising Saibaba and other side, when I look into a Saibaba photo or Statue I used to think “You are taking me for a ride and don’t want to help me. Even if I had done some sins in previous birth, This is too much Baba”

After few minutes, I again feel that Sai really is taking care of me and I could feel his presence emerging from my heart. I can clearly feel his holy rays of blessing emerging from his palm.

Look into Sai’s eyes and You will know how much he cares for you:

During Saibaba’s stay in Shirdi, some devotees has looked into his eyes and expressed how powerful it is.  It seems Saibaba’s eyes glitters like diamond and no one can look deep into eyes for long. Its so immensely powerful and one could feel eyes are radiating. There’s immense Motherly love in the eyes friends.

When Sai looks at you, You really are blessed.

Yesterday, My Mom was not well and I was softly pressing her legs and also applied udi to heal her from nervous pain. I was upset with Saibaba but suddenly turned to the  Portrait of Shirdi Sai Baba which I bought in 2005 and told him to take care of my Amma. I remembered the past and realized, Sai really has taken care of my Parents all these years and I have to be thankful to Saibaba for this Sweet Kindness of him towards my parents.

This Guru Purnima, I wish to present the Beautiful Photo of Shirdi Sai Baba as a Gift of Darshan… Look into Sai’s eyes friends..

shirdi saibaba guru purnima
Look into Shirdi Saibaba’s eyes and you can feel the presence of Sai in your soul and Life.

Did you see Sai’s eyes?

How long did you see him?

I know You din’t see enough because you simply want to finish reading this article or close StarSai and get busy with your other works. No Sai is not leaving you. Sai wants you to look into his eyes.

Once Again !

You can’t ignore Sai’s call.

Can a child ignore Call of her Mother?

Scroll up and look into Sai’s eyes again.

Did you feel something more expressive this time? You must have because its all in your mind. You know Sai cares for you no matter what failures or disappointments you face in life. You just don’t accept Saibaba’s love when things din’t work for you. We all are like this. If something good happens in life. All praises for Sai….Sai did this, Sai did that…If nothing happens as we desire, then all complaints …Sai has millions of devotees, why should he care for me? Is it not?

You see, I am here to inspire devotees who are in pain and who are really fed up with life and that’s why I write articles. People who suffer needs more devotion because Saibaba want’s to make sure they don’t go off track. Sai want’s me to tell you that he really loves you and cares for you and just that you didn’t realize it yet.

I have tears in my eyes when I write this because that’s the kind of intimacy I share with this Saint of Shirdi.

I am in loss of words to express how blissful it is to realize, I have a Guru who loves me dearly even when I am upset with him. Who does all he can to make me Happy at least by little happenings in day to day life. There must be hundreds of moments Sai must have helped me silently which I might have never recognized. How Sweet are you Sai?

My love for Purnima- Mother lives in Full Moon:

When ever there is a full moon day, I used to go to Nagasai Mandhir and take at least 10 seconds to look at the holy Moon, join my palm and bow to the Moon as I believe Goddess Abirami lives in the holy Moon.

Guru Purnima message 2013 :

Already two – three devotees mailed me writing “Happy Guru Poornima” and I kept thinking I must write something good during this year’s Guru Purnima.   Guru Purnima makes me respect women in my life be it my Mom, Sister, friends or in future the girl I marry. I believe all this year, Sai gave me experiences to write about respecting Women in life and being kind to them. I wrote many articles related to it.

Respect Women – A Shirdi Saibaba dream that inspired me to show devotion on Shri Krishna and Draupadi

I wrote the above article during Navratri and from then on I had to face lots of happiness and also worries. I believed in Sai’s dream and even today I wonder why Sai blessed me with such a dream followed by a incident which only resulted in tears. I am happy that my words will live for life time and someday Sai devotees will realize the value of a women’s blessing. At least Saibaba is getting his work done through this little servant.

My favorite article this year is trying to make Sai Devotees realize that there’s a Mother in every women. Read the article in link below where you can see how Mother’s around the world care’s for their children.

Bow to Universal Mother on Full Moon day – The Mother in every Women

When a Mother loves her child so much, imagine how much Shirdi Sai Baba will love you and wishes to take care of you like his own child?

The first Avatar of Dattatreya  saint Sri Pada Sri Vallabha has assured

“If you take one step towards me, I will take 100 steps towards you”

I think we all don’t actually take that first step. The first step is not actually going to Temples or doing Pooja. The first step is actually accept our Guru no matter what happens in Life. Accepting Saibaba for all his Love and Care even if we face disappointments and failures in life.

Believe that this is a Saint who acts based on the Law of Karma and he keeps his best child very protectively. May be Sai didn’t gave you what you asked for because he knows what’s good for you. May be you are his best child and Sai want’s to keep you safe. If Sai gives you everything, May be you will get busy with life.

Sai wants to make you feel his presence both during your happy and Sad times.

Guru Purnima gift from Star Sai

Few years back, I wanted to do Photography on a Full Moon day. I took Shirdi Sai Baba statue to terrace of my house and did the below Photography. I truly love this Photo so much that I give it only to people who are very dear to me. To me, its truly a darshan Saibaba gives during holy day of Guru Purnima. The Moon, she very mild light shining on his holy feet and the glow lighting Sai’s glorious face , All this makes you feel the presence of Saibaba.

guru purnima shirdi saibaba
Guru Purnima is holy day to offer your love in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba – Love Sai beyond your desires.

Love Sai beyond your desires:

There is another message I wish to say on this beautiful Guru Purnima. This year, I had learned to Love Saibaba beyond my desire. I accepted my disappointments and failures are mine and kept Sai as someone who is taking care of me even during my worst times. I think this is a way of understanding a Guru’s soul.

I feel that I did a journey deep into Sai’s soul and came back to our materialistic world.

The memories of Sai’s soul keeps me alive and I am sure Sai will make my life better someday !

You are most welcome to pray Saibaba to fulfill all your desires but make sure you don’t loose the most sacred Guru you got in your search for materialistic pleasures. May be Sai is working on it. May be Sai want’s you to think laterally and make your life better by keeping a open mind.

Accept any good opportunity that comes to you and lead a contented life friends.

I wish I could have done more for my Sweet Sai children but this is all I could do friends. I am trying to bring Sai devotees who are fedup in life to believe that Sai truly is taking care of them and good times are ahead.

Please read the previous years article and get inspired on what you can do on holy Guru Purnima.

Eight things you can do on Guru Purnima Festival for Sri Shirdi Sai Baba

This year Guru Purnima, I offer myself to Sai, I offer my Love in Sai’s Holy feet.

I hope devotees who read this join me in offering their Love for Sai.

Celebrating Guru Purnima in temple like doing Naam Saptha ( Chanting Sai’s holy name), Lighting Lamps and doing Holy bath Abishekam for Sai is all divine and sacred. At the same time, let us also accept Saibaba for the love he continues to show on us no matter our desires are fulfilled or not.

Sai’s love is ever flowing on you like the love of Crore’s of Mother put together.

This Saibaba of Shirdi, rules your life.

Sai can make you someone and lead a simple happy life.

Close your eyes as you listen to the below Shirdi Sai Baba Bhajan and meditate on his form and feel his presence in your life.

Sai Mantra [Full Song] By Hemant Chauhan

Now I am starting to Temple friends,

Share your Love for Shirdi Sai baba by writing to me at

or simply writing your comments.

This morning, I woke up and wanted to do something good as its Guru purnima. Please have a look at Dattatreya Sahasranama in

Dattatreya Sahasranamam

Happy Guru Purnima friends



Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba

Note – Some Sai devotees call Guru Purnima with the spelling Guru Poornima.

3 thoughts on “Guru Purnima, Offer your love in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba”

  1. Sai Ram , Thanks Very much for sharing pictures of baba’s As a regular visitor of this site, I always click on Shirdi Sai Answers whenever in deep pain. My distress evaporates and peace settles in to know that almighty baba is watching over us and protects us from falling. With Baba’s help one can tide over obstacles, your website offers great solace to many troubled souls,Salute your efforts , certain that Baba will shower you with infinite blessings. Jai Sai Ram.

  2. Sairam friends! I have the same experience with Sai. He helps me with clarity whenever i am troubled by doubts or have a problem that i am not finding a solution to. Sai speaks about ‘saburi’ and advises patience in times of turmoil when the mind is agitated. This is my gift from Sai today for Guru poornima. I have been worrying about a problem all of last week and this morning Sai told me that I am not wrong by saying from Dwarkamai ‘A dispute is ahead or you are already facing a pain but do not compromise. Even if it causes pain in the end you will win’.
    Sai has convinced me that ‘dharmam rakshathi rakshitah’ and he who protects Dharma will be protected by Dharma in return.
    Sai, we as your children get angry with you over small desires or disappointments. Help us work for the greater good of all your children in whatever small way we can. Forgive us when we do not understand your plan for us and grumble. Teach us the true meaning of ‘shraddha and saburi’.

    A blessed Guru Poornima to all the Sai devotees!

  3. omsairam
    a light in sai’s eyes teaches us lot

    my experience about sai before gurupoornima’s day:)

    every year am not missed to go baba’s temple and like to do 116 pradachanas after reading gurucharithra
    book bt this year i heard in temple whole day grand function is going on after i heard this i thot myself like this
    baba nowadays u r neglecting me becoz in crowd am not able to sit infront of baba and also no way to do pradachanas….after some time i login face book first update from i read this msg and felt very happy how baba taking care of me in that update am never neglect you but always protect you:)in gurupoornima day sai blessed me lot i went temple and did 116 pradachanas until no crowed after tht no place to sit also after pradachanas i sat infront of baba and seen the sathyanarana pooja till 2.30 after that i went home and start to read gurucharithra its completed 9.45pm…………..c how sai’s blessings one who believe he never leave us like our heart beat thank you sai…ur’s vennela:):)


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