“Close your eyes and remember Sai” Meditation for 10 minutes

Sairam friends,

I wonder why the world has complicated “Meditation”?

I do not believe in a precise rule to meditate though its good to have some one tell you what to do. I wanted to simplify the concept of meditation as much as possible.

Here’s it

1. Wake up early. I am not asking for much. At least 6 0 clock in the morning would be fine.

2. Have some water or coffee.

3. Simply sit in front of Shirdi Saibaba

4. For those who like to light lamps, light a lamp in a safe place.

5. Close your eyes and remember Sai for 10 minutes.

6. Other thoughts might come but go back to Sai. You can do this by playing a Sai Aarti or chanting in a device ( without disturbing others)or the best way is to chant yourself. Any mantra of any Gods will be fine. If you love sai, example is “Aum Sri Sai Ram” or simply “Sai…Sai..Sai.”

7. Chant with devotion and love on Saibaba.

8. If you like to sit calm for more than 10 minutes, great !

9. Slowly open your eyes and thank Shirdi Saibaba for making you feel his presence.

10. You have simplified the Art of Meditation.

I am not one of those modern Guru’s to teach meditation.

I have no spiritual qualification. I am not a Monk.

I did not spend 10 years in Meditation or built an Ashram.

Why on Earth I need all these qualities to tell my dear Sai friends to Meditate?

I just want everyone to lead a peaceful life. I know many of you have problems and difficulties. Meditating will bless you with peace and inner strength to be a better human being. You will be blessed.

Did someone tell you that you need a Guru to initiate your Chakra or Kundalini. I have gone through all this process and trust me, I only ended up achieving nothing in life.

My intention is to bring peace to your life and harmony in your family. Our needs are simple and we don’t want to reach the sky. We don’t even want Sai to show us any vision or darshan or even dreams. We just remember Sai for we know, remembering Sai can bring all peace in our life.

Hope you try our

“Close your eyes and remember Sai” Meditation for 10 minutes

Sai Blessings,


Little Servant of Shirdi Saibaba

7 thoughts on ““Close your eyes and remember Sai” Meditation for 10 minutes”

  1. Thank you.. simple procedure to get peace. Hope you will teach more about sai… Om sai sri sai jaya jaya sai.

  2. Just now i was watching a song Sai divya namam in one tv channel i saw your photograph of Sai.Really amazing.Simply thinking of Baba itself does wonders.Baba’s blessings.Shri Sainathayanamaha.

  3. How wonderful and simple it seems. I am unable to do it in the morning, I wish I could. This is a wonderful reminder for us to cultivate this habit daily. I chant Sai Ram whenever I am doing other things and spend 10 mins each in front of Baba each evening. Doing it in the morning sounds wonderful as it energizes and starts your day right. Jai Sairam!

  4. Thank u baba …thanks for everything…i hope u r leading me….u give me what i deserve becoz u knw all..one day u wipe all my tears

  5. sai baba in tomorrows exam please sit beside me and help me you know how imp these exams are not only 2morrows but all the exams please i request you baba help me.

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