Getting closer to the Goddess

Pateeswaram Durga

Sairam friends, I couldn’t write the past couple of days since I was too tired visiting temples and driving. I had pain in my ankle after I reached Coimbatore. I usally doubt if I am the only one get such pain after long drive. One of my friend said he also gets such pain and … Read more

Beautiful Goddess Sivakami of Chidambaram

Sairam friends . I am writing this using apologies for alignment issues. I started from Coimbatore last morning and enjoyed the drive. My parents had contributed for vadalur vallalar temple for yearly food contribution back in 2003. I just wanted to see how vadalur looks like. It was dry. The huge hall leading to … Read more

Remembering Kalaram Mandir of Nashik

Kalaram Mandir

Sairam friends, Just few month back in June 2017, I was worried that there wasn’t enough rain in Tamilnadu this year. I felt bad about it and prayed Sai. Sai blessed me with few dreams as if there’s lots of water every where. I was happy that it rained but we don’t have good infrastructure … Read more