Getting closer to the Goddess

Pateeswaram Durga
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I couldn’t write the past couple of days since I was too tired visiting temples and driving. I had pain in my ankle after I reached Coimbatore. I usally doubt if I am the only one get such pain after long drive. One of my friend said he also gets such pain and its normal.

I have a lot write about the Pilgrimage I had.

Something I liked to say is that I got closer to the Goddess and this made me feel blissful.

I shall write about each of these experiences later on. Some of the Goddess I loved are

  1. Koothanur MahaSaraswathi Amman
  2. Lalithambigai of Thirumeeyachur
  3. Durga of Pateeswaram
  4. Ranga Nayagi in SriRamgam
  5. Garbarakshambigai.

Of all these Goddess, I love Koothanur Saraswathi especially since I remember her once in a while. The temple environment has completely changed compared to my 2005 visit. I offered White Lotus and worshipped Saraswathi. I also prayed for all my Sai friends.

Once in a while, I used to recite Lalitha Sarasranamam and hence I felt happy for Goddess Lalithambigai darshan in Thirumeeyachur. We waited too long for the temple to get opened during the evening. Few Dogs outside the temple seems to go behind devotees to get something to eat. I liked a Dog which kept on having what ever I gave.

I had read 700 Sloka of Durga Saptashati more than twice. I will start in the morning and continue to read until late in the evening offering Kumkum archana to Goddess Mahalakshmi and Saraswathi statue in my pooja place. So obviously I love Durga of Pateeswaram.

Since its hard for my Mom to travel once again all the way to these places, I also decided to have darshan in Sri Rangam. My Mom got Lotus from Ranga Nayagi sannidhi. We also spent few minutes roaming in the temple.

My relationship with Garbarakshambigai is unique as I started worshipping her during my Sister’s pregnancy. Those days, this temple wasn’t famous. I even got a dream in which Goddess guided me to reach this temple in 2007. Later, I had been there thrice to thank this Goddess. This time, my Mom got a dream as if Garbaraksha is asking for golden Mangalya to be offered to her.

So my Mom is happy that we did what Goddess asked for. I felt blissful in the temple.

Irrespective of being devoted to all these Goddess, when ever I feel like, I say “Mahalakshmi”….I don’t know why I say this. I like Mahalakshmi of Kolhapur in Maharastra and the Laskmi in any temple. Once, while we had darshan of a Goddess, I simply said loudly “Mahalakshmi..”. My Mom said its not Lakshmi. Its some other Goddess.

My Mom din’t understand, I simply utter the name of Lakshmi because She’s a part of myself. I remember her often.

The featured photo was taken in Pateeswaram Durga temple.

My friend asked me if I took my DSLR camera. I replied “No. I can either take care of my parents or my Camera.”

A Camera is like a baby. You can take it only if you can pay attention to it where ever you go.

I managed to use Google Maps in my broken mobile all the 800+ KMS I travelled. My parents kept telling me to change my mobile as soon as I reach Coimbatore. Today, I am again going to ask for leave to take my parents to the U.S. Please pray Sai that I will get it by Sai grace.

Sai blessings


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