Garbha gṛha

Sairam friends, In Tamil, we pronounce this as Garbha Graha but when I see other articles related to it, they have spelt it as Garbhagriha. I believe in Sanskrit, its pronounced as Garbha Grha. Its the most scared section of any Hindu Temple where the Idol of the chief deity is kept. All other sannidhi … Read more

Krishna comes to wipe your tears and bring happiness – Oothukkadu Kalinganarthana Perumal Temple

Sairam friends, Oothukkadu Kalinganarthana Perumal Temple is one of the small but truly most sacred Temples of Sri Krishna. When I went there, with my parents, we saw the Krishna Statue as if Krishna is standing over head of Snake Kalinga, his one hand holding its tail and the divine dance he performed while winning … Read more

Lord Venkateswara Darshan for a humble devotee

Sairam friends, I always believed that Lord Venkateswara gives darshan to his humble devotees no matter how crowded is Tirumala. All that matters is pure love on the God and whole hearted devotion. I got below mail which i admired a lot.It may not happen to all of us but its simply a Venkateswara leela … Read more