Chepparai Natarajar Temple – Arudhra Darisanam – Festival of Cosmic Dance of Lord Shiva

Sairam friends, I feel happy to write about Chepparai Natarajar Temple in Rajavallipuram Village, Tirunelvelli. The Lord shiva here is also called “Alagiya Koothar” The one who’s dance is beautiful or one who is beautiful and dancing . Rajavallipuram – My mom’s village . My first home : This is the village situated in Tirunelvelli … Read more

Shirdi Sai Baba Photos – Saibaba temple between Kumbakonam and Mayiladuthurai

Sairam friends, By grace of Shirdi Sai baba and Goddess Durga we went on a pilgrimage to temples in Kumbakoram and Mayiladuthurai in Tamilnadu,India.  Five of us who serve in Nagasai mandhir in coimbatore like cleaning, sweeping, distributing annadhan, Digging dhuni and filtering Udi were exited to see this beautiful simple and truly wonderful Shirdi … Read more

Lakshmi narasimhar Jayanthi pooja and mantra

sairam friends, I woke up with a beautiuful dream of shirdi saibaba as which guided me to create websites for helping students learn various arts including cinematography. I never wanted to involve myself with film-making again so avoided it but then it was this dream as if i am shooting a movie made me realize … Read more

Thanks giving day for Sun God Surya Deva – Pongal Festival of Tamilians

“தமிழ் பொங்கல் ” Gone are the beautiful days in Tamilnadu, India. In my mother’s Village in Rajavallipuram in Tirunelveli, they keep Pongal in mud pots in a mud stove and the fire will be created using dry woods. Years later even now my mother follows the same “Tamil Pongal ” Tradition in front of our … Read more

Shirdi Saibaba temple in Dehradun

Sairam friends, I came across this beautiful photo of Shirdi Saibaba and requested my sai friend Shweta to know where it was taken. She said its from a  Saibaba temple in Dehradun I wish to show this beautiful Sai Baba to all sai children.. am not sure where the temple is located… ( Photo of … Read more

Palani Murugan temple Lord Murugan as Guru

Sairam friends, My grandfather and father love Palani Murugan. I also used to worship Lord Murugan a lot as Murugan is our Family deity. Kula dhaivam. Lord Murugan who is the brother of Ganesha is also called skandha, Kumara, and mostly in north India as Karthikeya. Many times from 2005 I had offered my hair … Read more