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Sairam friends,

The past few days, Sai kept me thinking about creating a website to have collection of Beautiful Temples around the world. India is a sacred Land where we have many Ancient Temples dedicated to Hindu Gods and Goddess. Over the days, we people have become so fast that we became too practical and need everything instantly.

The Ancient Temples are built by our ancestors with pure devotion on Gods and hence we must learn about the sacredness of these temples. Learning about the Stories behind each temple and the true experiences of Devotees helps us grow our Faith and Devotion on Gods.

Have Darshan of Temples and write about Temples you love at – Temples Lamp

Keep Temples Clean and Your heart Pure:

Temples are crowded these days. I agree but that doesn’t mean we also must only focus on having Darshan of Gods and simply do what others do. Try to be more responsible when ever you visit Hindu Temples. Kindly do little you can if you ever get time to clean temples. Give some money secretly to people who clean temples. ( I say this because if many people who do seva in temple, knows you are giving money, everyone will expect it and you may not be able to afford to give everyone)

In 2005, When I visited Koothanur Saraswathi temple, I reached there too early and found some women sweeping the Temple. I gave 20 Rs to a lady and she said, She’s a Teacher in near by Government School and doing this only as service. I said, Its OK, I wish to give you as a gift of Goddess and she happily accepted. I know she accepted just to make me feel satisfied.

Now a days, I see many Shiva Temples in Tamilnadu are kept clean as devotees have some organization and are doing it every sunday. One of the Priest in Perur Pateeswaran Temple told me about this.

There are few issues while serving in Temple and I agree not all can cope up with it. So do such seva if you are comfortable with it or simply make sure you do little you can to keep Temples clean.

Now lets speak about our own thought process when we visit Temples:

I have seen so many devotees in Shirdi Saibaba temple in my hometown, simply sitting and chatting stories. You are most welcome to speak about wordly life. At the same time, Let your mind remember you are in a sacred place and try to keep your mind in peace and be calm.

When Temple is crowded, we are not able to control our intense desire to have Darshan quickly. So we join with other devotees in speaking, shouting, arguing etc. All this is fine. But don’t you think, we actually forget that we have come to a sacred place and its always great to live in harmony and remain in peace.

Learning to see God in every life and every Place:

I have a friend Ramanujam who used to come to Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple standing in que for hours. Then when he goes inside the Garbagraha, if women devotees push to have better darshan of the Lord, He used to move away, turn back and get satisfied by looking at the Mirror kept opposite to the Lord Lakshmi Narasimhar.

I learnt something beautiful from Ramanujam. God lives every where and we only push and pull, argue and do all craziness to have darshan in main statue alone. Its great if you get good Darshan in sacred Temples. At the same time, learn to see Gods presence in every life and every place. Your life will be Good.

One of my friend in Temple used to tell me, The moment you learn to see God internally, you don’t really have to visit any temples. This is very true. Temples are built with sacred Vedas and Mantras being recited. This is the reason every Temple has its own power to solve the problems we face in life. So once in a while going to Temples will make your life better.

Make sure you never take loan to go to Temples. This is something Sai himself don’t like. Sai never allows his devotees to borrow money from others or leave their studies/work and come to Shirdi. Sai wants you to come to Shirdi only when you have time and can afford Shirdi Trip.

One a Devotee came to Shirdi to have darshan of Baba during his life time in Shirdi. The devotee has come without getting permission from his Manager at office. As soon as Sai looks at him in Lendi garden, Sai touches his shoulder and said

” Did you not come here leaving your work?  Do not behave like this again”

This rule applies to Pilgrimage you plan to all Temples. There are many stories where I have read Sai has directly said,

” I am where you are. You don’t come to Shirdi any more”

Only since the devotee really loves Baba, they used to go on a Annual pilgrimage to have darshan.

I pray Lord Ganesha to bless all humble, pure, good hearted devotees to have peaceful Pilgrimage and Darshan of Gods and Goddess in Temples around the world.

You can contribute article about Temples you love:

1. Hindu Temples in your locality, even if its small Temples.

2. Shirdi Saibaba temple in your town or Village. Send along with photos please

( Kindly avoid temples which are based on home or what they call Sai centers. I wish to list real Temples where people have their own privacy)

3. Information about Temple festivals

4.  Any Stories you know about Ancient Temples along with Photos

My humble apologies, if I am not posting the Temple articles you send. Honestly, I try by best but at times, don’t have time to work on all the websites I create. So its better if you write about Temples you love as Comment to this article and mail me the pictures.

Welcome to Temple website from StarSai Family

TemplesLamp.com – Keep Temples Clean and Pure

These days am really working on making StarSai Spiritual Network to reach millions of devotees and inspire them to be blessed with a devoted peaceful life. I pray Saibaba to help me earn better so that I can maintain all the sites I create.

I really don’t have time to work on the Support Sites and Sai alone has to show me a way. I have a plan to make a Motivation site where people can send Motivation ecards to their friends.


I am what I write Baba:

Sairam friends,

After writing this article, I went to get some medicines for my Mom and then to  Sai Temple in my hometown. As soon as I entered the Dwarakamai, I was shocked to see someone kept lots of branches, leaves etc do be dropped inside Dhuni. It was so dirty and covering the most part of Dwarakamai infront of the huge Saibaba’s Portrait.

I got irritated and asked the priest

“Baba, what happened, Who dropped all this here?”.

He said, Don’t bother it, they had asked permission from office. I said, I can’t let this dirt be here. Dwarakamai is supposed to me clean. Maximum few hours, I can be dirty during crowd time, but its supposed to be clean.

Then I started scolding – polambal in my mind loudly saying “Don’t they have any sense, is this a place to store?” . I was also blabbering to few devotees saying “See, what they have done. All these years, no body was allowed to do so”

Some people told me, Leave it because they asked permission from Office. I said, will you leave a poor devotee to do all this. How much rules you people speak on thursdays when its crowded. I will get the scoldings from anyone but am going to clean this now.

First, I broke the sticks into smaller pieces, took off the leaves and few stuff. I had to walk four times to the dust bin outside the Temple. I was so angry and showing faces to everyone because I have always seen Dwarakamai Clean friends.

I was sweating a lot, Swept the Dwarakamai clean, cleaned lamps tray and washed my face. I also want to give respect to the devotee who has dropped all this sticks and leaves to offer into the holy dhuni. So I retained few sticks and offered them inside the Dhuni.

My back was paining as I had to clear all the dirt but felt happy to see it clean. I felt really Happy.

I told Baba in my mind,

Are you testing me that I only what I write and preach to people through StarSai?

Sai, I am what I write. I try my best to do what I say and write. May be there are times when I can only feel sorry and move on. Not just this issue of keeping Temple clean, What ever I had wrote in the past 9 years is what I am Baba.

I went inside the main hall, Prayed Sai to inspire everyone to keep our Temples clean and Heart Pure.

I requested the watchman to make sure what ever sticks or branches taken to offer in Dhuni -Sacred fire of Saibaba must be offered immediately and Dwarakamai is not the place to store it. They agreed and then I came home.

While having lunch, I told my mom, something pains in my food pipe, like am not able to swallow. I have this pain for 2 days but didn’t told them as they worry so much. Amma asked me not to work late night as money is not important and I must take care of health.

Anyway friends, I can still remember how beautiful was Dwarakamai after i cleaned it. Sai lives in Dwarakamai of our heart. So lets keep thinking, speaking and doing good deeds all our life

Sai ki Jai



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3 thoughts on “Temples around the world – Write about Sacred Temples You love in Temples Lamp”

  1. dear sai venkatji

    if u have the fear that u cannot go to Shirdi atleast once in ur whole life, what harm does it bring even if u take a loan or visit shirdi by way of charity.

    If ur goal is shirdi, u should achieve it – by all good means – even if u have to travel by corporation lorry!!!! – this is according to my belief. Please pardon me if I am wrong.

    I actually went to Shirdi for the first time in my life due to mercy of a wealthy person who took me and my family along with him. I simply cried.


  2. Sairam Rajkumar,

    True. Visiting Shirdi with intense love on Saibaba is fine but I write for Sai devotees who worry saying “Baba is not calling me”. I know few sai devotees who spend a lot during their pilgrimage. The money can be saved for their children’s future and education etc.

    Further, Its not just Shirdi, To go on a Pilgrimage to any Temple,one must make sure they are responsible for their family.

    I agree about you saying one can go shirdi by any means. I know a guy in Sai temple who travels Shirdi in unreserved compartment from coimbatore to Pune by train and then take Bus to Shirdi. Not all can do it. Nothing can stop intense devotion and sai himself won’t.

    My writings are too general in nature. It doesn’t make sense at times.

  3. Kabir ji was against pilgrimages.So is Sai.Change yourself and you change the world.
    He who thinks im only in shirdi,has failed to see me at all.I m in the flies,the sickly dog and in the cow.So spake shri sai.

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