Temples are not built for chit chatting. Do something to feel the presence of God and Saints

Sairam friends,

My Dad wasn’t well yesturday. So took him to Doctor and slept in parents room in the corner. I hugged Sai’s book and slept off. I had a very vivid dream. When ever I say Vivid dream, it means, I can remember the visuals even days after the dream came.

A circular temple in a scenic place

I see myself going in a van. The van is going in a squared road covered with greenish plants. It was a cloudy day and I feel blissful.

I suddenly see a myself going into a circular builing. It has many floors and seems to be a temple having Hindu gods in an order or worship.

I mean, first I see Lord Ganesha along with a Mantra I could clearly hear.

Then, I see Lord Surya statue.

So like this, most of the prominent Hindu Gods are in the circular building in an order as we go up stairs.

Then, I go in a huge balcony kind of varanda.

There are few elderly men and women as a group sitting and chit chatting.

I also see another group of youngters speaking to each other.

As soon as they saw me, they immdiately fold their hands and stop talking.

They remain silent for a while realizing that in such a divine, temple environment, they are chit-chatting about wordily issues and not remembering Gods or Saints.

That’s it.

The dream gets over.

As soon as I woke up, I realized its a message for me too because I also simply roam in Shirdi Saibaba temple in my home town. I simply walk here and there, speak to my friends or stay calm. I also speak to my Sai friends over phone. These days, Baba has always asked me to sing or recite Aarti when its going on.

So the past few days, when ever there’s Sai Aarti, I immidiately, search for Sai Aarti with meaning and start to recite.

Here are the links

Shirdi saibaba Morning Arathi – Kaakad Aarti 

Shirdi saibaba Noon Arathi – Madhyan Aarti 

Shirdi saibaba evening Arathi – Dhoop Aarti 

Shirdi Saibaba Night Aarathi – Shej Aarti

Remember! India has several ancient temples and also temples built newly every other day. All we have to do is use these beautiful temples to remember Gods and ancient saints. Do something to feel the presence of Gods and saints. You can simply close your eyes and meditate. You can get a small holy book and read it. You can also think about Gods and Saints by chanting their holy name repeatedly.

Sai will always be with you.


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