Compassion, Responsibility and Patience will make you someone

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Sai inspired with a dream to go to Palani hills last week. So on Saturday morning, I started to Palani hills to worship Lord Murugan. I was really happy to have wonderful Darshan of the lord.

While I was climbing on the steps to see Lord Murugan, I got the following message from Shirdi Saibaba…

If you have


Responsibility towards what you do and

Immense patience to accept what ever happens in life

these qualities will naturally make you someone.

I firmly believe we can easily have Compassion as we are naturally inclined to care for others and we can also work hard and take responsibility but the most important quality of having patience isn’t easy to follow. Sai must show us ways to have such immense patience.

Once again, I am going through some issues which is really hurting me. I can’t believe people make use of my casual talks to speak ill of me. I am focussing on doing something productive and wish to be on my own.

I asked Sai to make me do what he wants me to do.

Hey…Last afternoon, I went to meet my friends Mom in the hospital and was near Sai mandir. One of my friend showed me a street Dog. It was very pityful and I thought in my mind “Am I suffering in life because I used to beat our pet Dog Ruby as he don’t like to take bath”.

Ruby passed away¬†almost 12 years back. This morning, Sai blessed me with a dream as if my Father is taking Ruby from our back door. He just had took bath in our neighbours home behind our house. He was entering the hall and making sound he used to make when he’s angry that we made him bath.

When Ruby was sick, I cried keeping him lap saying “Sairam Sairam” and hearing those words he passed away. So Sai means to say Ruby has reached him and still protecting us invisibly.

Once again, let me clarify this. Saibaba is antaryami. He lives in my heart. Sai has proved through this dream that I have not done sin by beating our Dog while making him bath and Ruby still is around us and loves us too.

One more reason to believe Sai’s dreams answers me. You may not get dream but Sai certainly will answer you when you deeply ask him. Is there a Saint who asks me to go to a Temple and give me a message. He made me go to Palani hills to See Lord Murugan.

So be Compassionate. You will be a leader someday!

I am getting late to work

So tata


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