Remembering Kalaram Mandir of Nashik

Kalaram Mandir
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Just few month back in June 2017, I was worried that there wasn’t enough rain in Tamilnadu this year. I felt bad about it and prayed Sai. Sai blessed me with few dreams as if there’s lots of water every where. I was happy that it rained but we don’t have good infrastructure in our country to keep people safe during heavy rain or even to save water.

These days, I am remembering my Sister a lot as its been over 7 years since she came to India. I always pray for her and love her so much. I keep saying Sai, if there’s a calamity ahead of her, let that not happen to her but let it happen to me. Anyway, I know Saibaba is protecting my sister and her family.

Last night, I went to a Saibaba temple near office and felt good. It won’t be that crowded and hence I like the peaceful place. Secondly, I like being lonely and speak to Saibaba. I came home, had dinner and lit a lamp near Sai in my room and looked at him for a while.

Kalaram temple

Kalaram temple – Photo used with courtesy

I slept of hugging Sai book. I had a very beautiful dream but I completely forgot what it is about when I woke up. I just remember the second dream.

It was as if my Sister has come to India. She has visited some places and then to Nashik. She sends a video footage in which Nashik is completely flooded with water and they are walking holding each others palm. I am telling my parents that Indra is in India and I am going to meet her.

I wonder why such dreams? May be its gonna rain heavily through out India this year. Baba, please take care of your children because too much rain too isn’t good for farmers and people.

When ever I think of Nashik, I remember the beautiful, ancient Kalaram Mandir. It’s so divine that when I went to this temple from Shirdi in 2007, I felt so happy. I had read about this temple in Sai Satcharita that Saint Narsingh maharaj used to be here.

I saw lots of bees in Kalaram mandir and felt happy.

Kalaram is actually Lord Rama in Black and just few feet from this temple is Gora Ram mandir where Lord Rama is in white marble.

Wish to chant the holy name – Sai Ram, Sai Ram, Sai Ram all through this day!

Om Sai Ram


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