Sai, take care of everyone at work!

Sairam friends,

I left work early last evening, as I wanted to take my Father to Doctor. He always feels impatient to be at Doctor’s place and argues that he’s healthy. Thankfully, we completed the process early and had time to visit a Panchamuga Hanuman temple and Buvaneswari temple near by. I also visited the Saraswathi temple near by as I love Saraswathi a lot.

We came back and I slept off early at 11.

I had the following dream.

It was as if some guys were looking at photographs of women in bad light. I did not like it and move away from them. Even the photography I do for girls – I try to keep it safe as I don’t want anyone to misuse it. Then, I see one of my friend pulling me out of that gang and speaking to me. Later, I see the office building has become old. Many people are either leaving office early or moving to a better company. I did not understand why this was happening? Later, I see someone smiling to me thinking about how foolish the management is.

A small Lord Ganesha statue has fell down in the loft. I kept it nicely and offer tiny white flowers to Lord Ganesha!

That’s it.

A week back, I had a meeting with someone and did not like his perception. He used the word “We will send them out” casually as if employees life is a game! I myself felt insecured because of such attitude but I just smiled to him and walked out.

The moral of the dream could be this – In the next few month, there might be lots of changes and one has to accept it. Sai asks me to worship Lord Ganesha to take care of everyone at work. Though I don’t know many of them personally, I wish everyone learns to survive if at all there’s a calamity.

Having said that Sai shows some dreams to me because he wants me to be careful and do good to everyone.

I also pray for all of you who face issues in your career. Worship Sai and Lord Ganesha. May Sai do good to you and bless you with happiness and prosperity!

Sai blessings



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