Worship Durga Ganapathi during Navratri – Lemon Lamps for Goddess Durga

Aum Ganeshaya Namaha

Sairam friends,

I did parayan of Ganesha Puran – (Vinayakar Puranam in Tamil) and found it truly a book of wonderful leelas about Lord Ganesha.I humbly request all my friends reading this to find this Ganesha Puran in local book shops and try reading it with pure devotion on Ganapathi. In some languages it could be called as Vinayaka Puranam.

Ganesh Puran has so many beautiful leelas of Lord Ganesha. I liked the way Lord Ganesha gets married to Sidhi and Budhi who are daughters of Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswathi.  I has so many stories about Lord Ganesha helps his devotees from worst problems in their life. Even when Lord Indra, Shiva and Vishu faces some problems due to asuras, they meditate for years in forest seeking blessings of Lord Ganesha.

lord ganesha wedding

Lord Ganesha wedding with daughters of Lord Brahma & Saraswathi – Riddhi Siddhi (Siddhi Buddhi in tamil)

Lord Ganesha Pooja in my heart :

Pooja can be done either in real or it can be done in our imagination – In our heart by chanting Holy name of God and also by imagining you are offering flowers, lighting lamps, doing abishekam (holy bath ) and also Lighting lamps.

The consorts of Lord Ganesha are Siddhi and Budhi who are daughters of Lord Brahma. While they are known as Siddhi and Budhi in south India, In north India, people call them as Riddhi – Siddhi.

Couple of days back, i continuously remembered Shirdi Saibaba and Lord Ganesha in mind and did chanting like this

“Aum Sai Panchamuga Sidhi Bidhu Ganapathi Aum Namo Namaha”

Since i was chanting like this the whole day in mind, i really felt divine in my heart. I imagined Lord Ganesha with Five heads and as if i am arranging earthern lamps for Saibaba in his Dwarakamai and keep kumkum also on the holy lamps. Pour Ghee and keep wicks. While i do this, i imagined Sai is lighting these lamps beautifully infront of Panch Mukhi Ganesha.

I do such Pooja in heart remembering Shirdi Saibaba and also Gods i love. S

For devotees in North India, you can chant

 “Aum Sai Panchmukhi Riddhi Siddhi Ganapati Aum Namo Namaha”

( If you are devotees of Ganesha and don’t believe in Sai, kindly use the holy word “Sri” instead of Sai. Just because i believe in Sai and don’t feel like doing any chantings without “Sai” i include it in all my spiritual endeavours. Its just a personal touch between me and sai. So devotees can do any chantings or mantra they wish)


Durga Ganapathi – Lord Ganapati with 8 arms and Red color like Goddess Durga – Photo used by courtesy

 Worship Durga Ganapathi during Navratri

Goddess Durga is worshipped during Navratri festival. 3 weeks back i completed parayan of Durga Saptashati and felt truly divine in my heart. When i started parayan of Ganesh Puran, i was reading a lot about Lord Ganesha and learnt about his 32 forms.  I saw a beautiful painting of Durga Ganapathi which i shared above.

I wish to chant as below someday during this Navratri festival

“Aum Sai Durga Ganapathi Aum Namo Namaha”

Devotees who love Ganesha in North India who call Ganapathi as Ganpati can chant

“Aum Sai Durga Ganpati Aum Namo Namaha”

As i said, If you love only Ganesha and not a Sai devotee you can replace “Sai” with “Sri” which adds auspiciousness and Presence of Lakshmi to the Mantra.

There are so many other chantings and pooja i like to do this Navratri for Saint Saibaba and also Goddess Durga, Mahalakshmi and Saraswathi. I wrote this article especially because i wish to spread the greatness of worshipping Lord Ganesha – Vinayakar before starting any work, education etc. Start your day worshipping Ganesha whole heartedly friends.

May Shirdi Saibaba and Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga bless you with peace

Light Lemon lamps for Goddess Durga

Navratri is celebrated in a big way in North India as Durga Puja . In South India, we mostly have habit of Lighting Lemon lamps to Goddess Durga. I wish Durga Devotees try it in a safe place in their home or in temple and feel the grace of Goddess Durga.


Durga -Light Lemon Lamps for Goddess Durga

I had always loved to Light lamps and find Earthern lamps made in mud to be very auspicious as its natural. When it comes to Goddess Durga, I love to light Lemon lamps for the Goddess.

Click here to see how Sai inspired me to do Lemon Lamps Pooja.

Similar Pooja can be done for Goddess Durga too

Click here for article about Lemon Lamps Pooja for Goddess Durga


Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba


Lord Ganesha is called with many names – Ganesha, Ganapathi, Vinayaka, Vakrathunda, Pillayar and more

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  • I also have the habit of adding Sai to a lot of my prayers and chants. I just want to mention that in several parts of South India, navaratri is celebrated as Dasara or Gollu where dolls are arranged on an odd number of steps. The highest step will have Raja/Rani pair made of wood. We also do puja to Saraswathi on the 7th day, then do ayudha puja on 9th day and celebrate Vijayadashami which of course is Sri Sai’s samadhi day.

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