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Shradha * * * Saburi

May all the shirdi saibaba devotees who light lemon lamps with pure devotion gain blessings of Goddess Saraswathi, Ganesha, Lord Murugan , Lord Shiva and Shirdi saibaba

Goddess Durga Pooja :

My love for lighting lemon lamps started as i used to light lemon lamps for Goddess Durga in a temple from 1999. The lemon lamps itself creates a sacred feeling in mind. Though i created "starsai lemon lamps pooja for shirdi saibaba devotees, you can also do the same for Goddess Durga.

Usually Lemon lamps are lit for goddess Durga in temples. I get few mails asking if Lemon lamps can be lit in house. It can be done because rituals and pooja are only way of showing devotion on God and Goddess . Just take proper safe way to light lamps. I used to say ,simply offer one full lemon in the feets of sai or any god photos and pray "goddess of nature" as a thank you for providing the lemons for your sacred Pooja. The rest of the lemons, you can cut it , take off the juice, keep cotton wicks and use ghee or oil to light lemon lamps. Its very powerful if you light lemon lamps on fridays from 10.30 A.M to 12 noon. and on sundays between 4.30 P.M to 6 evening.

Lighting lamps is very dear to sai and i also love it :

See and Feel how it looks from the photographs below this ritual i wrote to gain blessings of shirdi saibaba.Though i have never taken photo of the shirdi saibaba statues i pray in my pooja room , i felt it will do good to others if i spread a word about i have photographed it for starsai family members.

About Starsai Lemon lamps pooja :

A pooja/ritual is done to show our devotion,love and faith on God.If you are facing any problems and trying to take a spiritual path , trust me , there are not instant benefits for any thing in shirdi sais path.You have to show that you have ability to bear the pains based on your past karma.Sai will let the bad days pass by and during these times when you feel your prayers are not being answered , try to divert your mind in reading mantra,sloka and doing little rituals , puja for god etc.This way you will make use of your bad time in gaining blessings of God which will have its effect when you enter a good phase in life. Thats why i have listed few pooja in here.

When it comes to lemon lamps, you need not light so many lamps as i have done. Lighting just 2 lamps is enough to gain blessings of Goddes Durga and shirdi saibaba but the more lamps you light , the better your life will be.

Thats my personal faith. Apart from the materialistic benefits,every ritual has its own philosophy and meaning.Do this "starsai lemon lamps pooja " if u can spend 5 hours any day of the week.

Intention to spread this ritual : Puja for saibaba

I did this pooja on 26: 01 :2007 in my house lighting 24 lemon lamps in circle around shirdi saibaba statue and while reading sai satcharitra , i felt it must be spread amoung other shirdi sai devotees who might love to do it.So immediately i took my camera and started photographing as it will be a memory for myself.

Atleast one in every 10 people who read this will learn the value of lighting lamps and bliss and feeling of purity , confidence and presence of a divinity the lemon lamps can bring to your heart.

How Shirdi Saibaba helped me do this Pooja :

My love for lighting lamps in temple started in 1999 when my mom asked me to light lemon lamps.After 8 years when i went to kabaaleswarar temple in chennai , i saw Goddess Durga where i used to light lamps every sunday.From that day, something kept on repeating in my mind related to lemon lamps.Last week, i got few visions of Lord Shiva and also in dream i saw shiva temple.

The past two days i was depressed and upset a lot worrying about my career.I love Goddess Saraswathi and from wednesday evening , i felt saibaba is always telling me to light 24 lemon lamps infront of Goddess saraswathi and pray.Then you will get success.somehow i din't felt like purchasing lemons as i dint know if i am really serious about doing it.

Already we are lighting 7 lamps with oil and one lamp with ghee infront of 9 baba statues everyday for past 2 years.( saibaba asked me to do this in vision in feb 2005 )

When i told my mom about my interest to light lemon lamps,she said " you have become mad of lighting as u wish ".So i felt upset why i am like this and left it.My mom also said no one will light so many lemon lamps at home.I know she is right and even my guru said that since we cut lemon in 2 halves , we must do preethi to lemon thanking Nature goddess for proving us this fruit.
But i respect words of a vibration that sometimes emerges in my heart.I consider it as sais words and will do it no matter what baba asks me to do.

Light Lemon lamps praying Goddess Saraswathi and shirdi saibaba :

On thursday i went to nagasai mandhir, came around dhuni for hours reciting saraswathi mantra.I bought 30 lemons and came home.I decided to light many lamps as i wished on friday morning praying Goddess saraswathi, Sivanesan swamiji , Lord shiva and parvathi to help me. Most importantly the pooja is for our shirdi sai to show my love by lighting lemon lamps around him....Its also for kuruvi sidhar ( the saint who lived before 6000 years.since he lived a life associating himself with nature, i also decided this pooja is very special to kuruvi sidhar as its done with lamps made of natural lemon )

Lemon Lamps Pooja can also be done for Goddess Durga - Click Here

Making a Lemon lamp :

I will explain how to make lemon lamp for people who have not done it.

1.Take a lemon, press it on floor or any hard surface few times to make it become less harder.

2.Cut the lemon in two halves.

3.Take off all the juice by pressing in a cup , make sure all the flesh is completely off .

4.Invert the lemon gently in such a way that it makes a cup like structure where u can pour oil or ghee. sometimes, the lemon will create a whole in center which must not be used.Thats why u have to buy extra lemons.

5.Then take 2 wicks , Pour oil or ghee and light it.

6.You can pour extra oil or ghee while doing prayers, if u want the lamps to continue burning .sometimes the lemon it self will start to burn because of over head.

7.I explain everything in detail because since it involves fire, please take utmost care while doing this pooja.

Starsai lemon lamps pooja :

Now we come to the actual pooja. Lemon lamps are often lit for Goddess Durga and Amman. You can pray any Goddess you wish. Either Durga, any form of Parvathi, Saraswathi or Mahalakshmi Make sure you choose your favourite goddess along with sai to do this pooja.

The only item required is a big plate which will be easy for u to arrange the lemon lamps in circle....Its not necessary that u arrange as circle.You can arrange in line too as u wish. But make sure that u have a big comfortable plate its not safe to light lemon lamps on floor.My mom gave me one big thaambaalam which i used today.

Lighting 2 lemons lamps is enough to gain blessings of Goddess Durga and shirdi saibaba :

I am not asking any of you to light 24 lemon lamps .Only i did it because i love lighting lamps so much. I think the photography of sai with 24 beautiful lemon lamps surrounding him will surely inspire you and help you learn the value of lemon lamps. So atleast light 2 lemon lamps when ever you have time and feel like showing your devotion to shirdi saibaba by lighting lemon lamps.If you really wish to light many lemon lamps, you are most invited by kingdom of sai , because Shirdi sai loves lighting lamps so much.

You can learn how much shirdi saibaba loves lighting lamps at

Holy bath ( abishekam ) for all baba statues, Ganesha and Goddess saraswathi :

I did abishekam for all 9 shirdi sai status, Lord ganesha and sarswathi with water.

Lighting the sacred lemon lamps :

I arranged all the lemon lamps in circle around the plate, kept kumkum in four sides of lemon reciting a mantra. After pouring oil , i started lighting the lemon lamps. I kept my Goddess saraswathi statue over a sai book, the book of sivanesan swamiji, Baba samadhi photo , Garbarakshaambigai photo and kept a hibiscus flower which grows in our house.

Then i felt why not keep one of shirdi saibaba statue in middle of the plate and i kept it there. ( you can arrange the lamps as you wish.its not necessary that shirdi sai must be kept it middle.I did it because the plate was big enough ).

Make sure you offer any sweets or prasad for sai.My mom came inbetween prayers and said u lit so many lamps but no she gave me kalkandu..small one.

I started reciting the following mantra for shirdi saibaba and Goddess Mahalakshmi, Saraswathi and Durga :

108 saibaba astothram ,

Goddess Saraswathi gayathri

Mahalaxmi astothram

Mantra of Lord shiva

Then i read 2 chapters from Sai satcharitra - life of shirdi saibaba.

Then i prayed shirdi saibaba and kuruvi sidhar to accept my prayers and said that i did this to show my love and affection on sai.Mean while i poured extra oil to continue the lamps to glow for 3 hours.I must have poured oil 3-4 times little by little.

Then i did meditation for few minutes.Thats when i asked baba if its good to spread this way of praying to all my starsai family..i opened eyes and saw the beautiful lights surrounding sai will surely inspire other shirdi saibaba devotees to lighti lamps ..I took it as a positive message from sai that its good to spread this pooja to everyone.

I showed arathi with camphor many times when ever i felt like doing.I was reading Mahalakshmi astothram and mantra was shiva and showing arathi for shirdi saibaba and shiva,saraswathi statues.

Benefits of starsai lemon light pooja :

I dont know about benefits of this ritual but i feel really pleased to express my love for lighting lamps and it actually started in 1999 when my mom asked me to light lemon lamps regularly on sundays ..I am 100 percent sure that this ritual will bring you great blessings from shirdi saibaba and the Goddess whom you worship lighting lemon lamps will bless you with all peace and happiness in life.

Step by step description of Starsai lemon light pooja :

Before u do this pooja make sure you have cut 12 lemons in 2 it makes 24 lemon lamps..The count is not at all important.since sai made me feel like doing it with 24 lamps , i choosed 24. If u dont have time atleast choose to light 6 lamps...I recommond 24 because it was said by sai to me.Even if thats not possible just light 2 lemon lamps .

1.Pray your favourite Goddess and Shirdi saibaba to bless you by doing this pooja

2.Keep photos or statues of Goddess whom you wish to pray and also photos of shirdi sai baba .
If you have statues, do abishekam as you wish and use the water as prasad for you to drink after the pooja.

3.Light lemon lamps and offer any prasad...sweets etc.

4.Recite your favourite mantra and read atleast 2 pages or chapters of sai satcharitra.

5.Repeat " aum sai sri sai jai jai sai " or "shirdi sai dwarakamai " or any names of shirdi sai for atleast 10 can simply chant sai sai sai...sai sai sai...sai sai sai....for 30 minutes .This is most powerful chanting for shirdi sai devotees.

6.After all the lamps are put off by itself, close your eyes for 10 minutes and deeply feel baba is in your heart and say his name contineously.You will get God vision .If not you will feel the bliss in you.Do u r prayers and drink the abishekam as prasad.

Thats it. ****

I love lighting i did this puja and i hope it will atleast help you understand the value of lighting lemon lamps .
Some say only in temple we must light many lamps.especially lemon lamps but i believed in what shirdi sai was saying me past 2 days and the best part is that though i made 26 lemon lamps thinking lets have extra lamps incase if any lamp has hole init, exactly 2 lamps had holes ...there by i lit 24 lamps...the count given by sai....It confirmed that sai really wants me to do it.

Thank u sai for doing this beautiful work today .Hope Goddess saraswathi listened to my prayers.Please feel free to share your views, doubts or any improvements to be made in this ritual.

Shirdi Sai Dwarakamai

sai sai sai....sai sai sai...sai sai sai...sai sai sai....sai sai sai....sai sai sai....sai sai sai...sai sai sai...

Venkat raman
Always in the holy feets of my sweet saint shirdi saibaba

Shirdi saibaba photos while i did Lemons lamps puja :

Sairam friends, only the beauty of these wonderful lemon lamps surrounding our shirdi sai made me get a feeling that i must share it with all shirdi sai devotees and inspire them to do this pooja.Why am i doing all this. I know you are facing pains in your personal life, career andmay be in any relationship issues. Please dont worry.Show total devotion on our shirdi sai. There are no rules in shirdi sais path.He is a very unique and most forgiving saint. So please do any of the pooja listed in starsai and be blessed by saibaba of shirdi.

shirdi saibaba

Share your experience and doubts :

My only request is instead of always being worried and feeling depressed , try to divert your mind in reading about shirdi saibabas life and do any puja at home. This will make your mind get some peace.Always take utmost care when ever you light lamps as it involves fire. If you have any doubts or want to share your experiences , please feel free to write to me at . I usually reply when i have time. Dont worry. Sai will bless you with peace , happiness and prosperity if you show pure hearted devotion on him.

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