Worship Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesha – Remedy for Lord Rahu and Ketu effects in life

Goddess Durga , Lord Ganesha and Guru’s blessings as a remedy for Lord Rahu and Ketu bad effects in our life :

Sairam Friends,

Lord Ganesha and Sainath must bless and guide me to write this article when i was really worried as my mom had some breathing problems since last night. Shes feeling much better now and i wish we all take path of devotion for a better life.

durga photo

Goddess Durga and Lord Ganesha blessings as remedy for rahu ketu effects

Photos by Rajaram mama and my friend Kanna on a holy Navrathri festival with alankaram to Goddess Durga devi in our colony in this beautiful saree.

I started this article to post  beautiful photography of Goddess Durga devi which was taken by my friend Kanna, Rajaram mama and myself in 2010 Navrathri festival.  She’s the beautiful Durga of our Colony Siddhi Vinayakar temple .

I realized many people will be benefited if this article acts as a spark to make them take the path of devotion on Lord Ganesha, Shirdi Sai baba and Goddess Durga . So tried to focus on remedy for Lord Rahu, Ketu influences in life.

Goddess Meenakshi amman alankaram for Durga

Meenakshi Amman alankaram for Durga with beautiful green parrot

Devotion to Goddess Durga lighting lemon lamps :

Devotion to Goddess Durga wards off all dangers and evils from our house, family and body. The reason why lemon lamps are lit in temples in house ( some wont light in house but i do ) during raagu kaal is to ward off the influence of Lord Raahu.

Friday – 10.30 Am to 12 PM – morning hours

Sunday – 4.30 PM to 6 PM- evening hours.

If you can’t light lemon lamps, light ordinary lamps with oil or ghee. If not on above time, atleast light any time in morning or evening on any days.

Click here for article about Lemon lamps pooja

Some understanding from my experience :

Friends, i am a ordinary devotee and not a expert but just to help devotees understand the effects of Rahu and kethu , let me clarify what i read from few astrology articles.

1. Rahu and kethu are responsible for breath – inhaling and exhaling respectively. So people who have Asthma, respiratory problems or problems in the left side of the body like left eyes to left leg must worship Goddess Durga by listening to Durga chalisa or if possible light lemon lamps on friday and sunday in a safe place.

2. Ketu represents the anal part of body. People who have problems in kidney, Reproductive organs , problems in pregnancy etc can worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga.

I myself have some problems and my father also recently had a prostrate surgery ( kidney ) . So i realized i must spread Devotion on Shirdi Sai baba and Goddess Durga .

goddess durga

Beautiful Goddess Durga – Shines to ward off all obstacles in your life

Rahu and Ketu effects on Career, Business and Bad company :

There are many problems in career, business , husband-wife-children and amoung friends if Rahu and ketu are placed in few positions in horoscope.  Note – i am not astrologer, so no questions about it. My goal is to show ways to take path of Devotion along with other aspects of hardwork, honestly, truthfulness, humanity etc.

When it comes to Career , I suffered a lot with lots of disappointments, set backs for years which gave birth to in 2004… some people grow to big heights and suddenly come down. Its like a snake waiting to harm us and pull us down. Devotion to Guru of any Dattatreya Avatarcan surely help us

Parayan or Reading the life of saints regularly- Four Dattatreya avatars are

1. Shree Paadha Shree Vallabha – Charitramrutam – Available in Pithapuram – search google about this first Avatar of Lord Dattatreya in 13th century.

2.  Narasimha Saraswati ( Narasobwadi – Ganagapur ) – The saints life in the book Guru Charitra is wonderful and reading it regularly will help us.

3. Swami Samartha – Life of Akalkot Maharaj.

4. Shirdi Sai Baba – Regular reading of Sai Satcharitra by hamadpant will make our life good as all these Guru’s wards off dangers and bad influences of any planents.

Some people  loose jobs, have obstacles in studies and work place, Business etc. These too can be effects of Rahu and Ketu.

Click here for Sai Satcharitra – Life of Shirdi Sai baba

Rahu and Ketu effects on Relationships especially bad friends :

Rahu and Ketu can also bring bad company like people who are good friends suddenly  behave mean to us and even cheat us. Try not to get into bad habits and use your self control and determination to give up any bad habits. Be with people who speak truth and accept you for what you are.

Please forgive me if above facts are wrong. I read in a article on net and also experienced myself. My left eye suddenly got pain while i was cleaning dhuni in Nagasai mandhir as the udi went in left eye . I have seen many times my Amma’s left eye unknowingly gets hurt but by sai grace it heals immediately.

Rahu and Ketu can also do good to you :

Trust me no planets are bad . They just do their duty based on the good and bad deeds of yourself in previous several births and your ancestors ( parents, grandparents their parents etc … ) .

Some people have Beneficial Rahu and Ketu and they flourish in life and live happily. What ever bad effects in career and health issues i wrote may be due to someother reasons also. So lets not blame Rahu and Ketu for everything bad on us. My goal is to simply help devotees forget bad effects and request Durga to do good to us.

ma durga pooja

Worship Maa Durga regularly on Friday and Sunday lighting lamps

Sai Durga Bless my Amma :

Today i started to write this article about Goddess Durga devotion as my Mother was suffering from respiratory problems. She’s managing and feeling better now. I might take her to doctor and Nagasai mandhir later if she can travel to temple.

When something bad happens to me or my family , i feel i must also do a favour  to help other devotees by giving solution to them. So let this article be a motivation to show pure devotion and love on Shirdi Sai baba and Goddess Durga for life time…

The most easiest thing is to listen to the beautiful song

“Aigiri Nandini ” which i have linked below this article and if possible and if time permits please light lemon lamps or any lamp regularly in house praying Durga.

Can lemon lamps be lit in house or only in temple  :

I will explain how to make lemon lamp for people who have not done it. If your parents or elders is not willing to light lemon lamps in house, don’t ask me if you can. Its your personal decision.  I wonder why people say this but some feel only in temples lemon lamps can be lit.

Probably its very fierce – Ugram as lemon is acidic in nature. So i request devotees to first offer one full lemon with kumkum infront of Goddess or Sai photo to thank nature for offering us Lemon – the king of fruits in Spirituality. Then use other lemons to cut and make lemon lamps. Personally in our house we light lemon lamps every Friday and its only beneficial for us .

Trust me, Devotion has no rules.

Parents worried about their children’s education can also worship Goddess Durga along with Saraswati.

durga saraswati

Durga decorated as Saraswati – Goddess Bless you with good education

Beautiful alankaram for Goddess Durga as Saraswati ! see also

How to make Lemon lamps :

1.Take a lemon, press it on floor or any hard surface few times to make it become less harder.

2.Cut the lemon in two halves.

3.Take off all the juice by pressing in a cup , make sure all the flesh is completely off .

4.Invert the lemon gently in such a way that it makes a cup like structure where u can pour oil or ghee. sometimes, the lemon will create a whole in center which must not be used.Thats why u have to buy extra lemons.

5.Then take 2 wicks , Pour oil or ghee and light it.

6.You can pour extra oil or ghee while doing prayers, if u want the lamps to continue burning .sometimes the lemon it self will start to burn because of over head.

7.I explain everything in detail because since it involves fire, please take utmost care while doing this pooja.

Its not necessery that you only light lemon lamps. if not possible, light a ordinary earthern lamp or any lamp you can. ( Don’t ask me if you can light electric lamp. I am surprised people ask this strange question too…ha… ha…. kaliyug …)

More information in this article about Lemon lamps pooja

Goddess Durga Mantra – Aigiri Nandini

People in North india mostly sing Durga Chalisa and also Recite the holy durga saptashati. I really love this Durga Mantra – Aigiri Nandini and its truly divine to listen remembering Goddess Durga…

Click here to Download Aigiri Nandini  Durga mantra

Sairam friends, I hope this article which took over 2-3 hours for me to write helps you realize the greatness of Guru Bhakti and Devotion on Goddess Durga.  I am not saying life’s going to be BIG once its done but as you know the big dangers which comes will surely be reduced to small ones which can be overcome .

Naam smaran – Chanting of the Gods name is the greatest way to help ourselves. So if you have no time for other pooja , visiting temples etc, atleast chant

Sai Durga …Sai Durga..Sai durga..

or lets say chant

Any small mantra of Durga or simple ” Ma Durga..Ma Durga…Ma durga…”

If you can do naam smaran for 10 minutes a day, your life will surley be good by Sai Durga’s grace.



26th march 2011


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