Don’t be a spectator when a Man is involved in Women’s abuse

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Today, I went to work and was upset all through the first half. I was thinking how my obsession towards Sai dream has taken me down to the level that I had to write about a girl every other day to vent my worries. I told Baba that I am ashamed of myself for all that happened.

Every Thursday, couple of my friends and myself go to a Saibaba temple 2 Kms from our office. There are 2 temples actually. My friends will be adamant to go to the first temple and never let me go to the bigger, second temple. I don’t like the priest in the first temple..he he…Nothing specific but I basically expect few qualities in a priest. Else, I won’t even go near them to take flowers etc. Today, I went near him to offer Dakshina and had food.

Later, they tricked me that they will put head or tail in coin to decide if we must go to second temple and never let me go there at all. But I felt little relaxed during the second half. My Sai friend had called up twice during first half and I did not attend her call as I was upset about her speaking to a stranger over phone and getting into problems – Shirdi Saibaba does not speak to anyone.

I just messaged her saying I wrote an article for girls like her. She’s going to get married this month. It seems she had called me up to meet me in the temple. For over 2 weeks, we planned to meet but did not got a chance. Since I did not pick her call, I din’t even know she had been to the temple. I might get her wedding invite next week if I meet her in the temple. I won’t go to Chennai but as I do for many girls over the years, I will light a lamp for her on the day She’s getting married.

Later, in the evening, she called me again when I casually asked about the Man who had cheated her saying Saibaba will speak to him and asked her to come to his home.

My friend has some health issues about which she often used to worry about. I told her once she’s married, she must find a job. As she gets busy with work and family, she won’t give much time to worry about health and she’s going to live peacefully.

I was shocked with the details she gave about this guy.

This is what had happened yesturday.

This girl has been scrolling Facebook and came across a post of a guy who claimed he can speak to Sai and wrote

“If you want Saibaba’s blessings call me in this number”.

Can’t she shut up and focus on Sai?

This stupid girl has seen the post and immediately called this guy. She don’t even know what kind of “Junk” he is.

I will list all that he has done in the phone conversion for you to judge what he was upto.

1.He has initially told her that he will pray Saibaba from 12 to 2 at night and Baba willl speak to him.

( De! yaaruda neega? 15 yearsa try pandren. Baba entaye pesa maatingaraaru..he he..)

2.Seems he takes devotees to Shirdi as a travel agent and asked her if she’s gonna come.

(My friend had told him that she’s gonna get married and plans to go to Shirdi with her Husband)

3.He has asked her to come to his home and give payment for Shirdi trip.

(My friend has denied saying she can’t come any where alone)

4. By this time, he started speaking as he dominating her that if She want’s blessings, She must come to his home and meet him.

5. He has even spoken some stuff which I can’t even write openly.

6. He has asked her to send her photo saying, He want’s to show it to Saibaba.

7. He has asked her if she’s lean or tall etc.

Only when he has asked for her photo and about how She looks, my stupid friend got some doubt on him. She has said that she will call later and cut the call.

8. He has always added, so many girls block him and thus they lost chance to be blessed by Sai through him.

(Ivaru periya parupu)

When my friend said all this, I started laughing so much though I was at work. I can’t control laughing wondering how this Man did not even thought that girls can judge what he’s trying to do?

Even yesturday night when she told me this Man is from Coimbatore, I was shocked. I thought people like this might be from metro cities and they will be in middle age like Astrologers etc.

I was curious the moment she said, this guy also comes to the Big Saibaba temple I go regularly. ( I am not naming the temple as I respect this temple as my heart and soul and wanted it to be a clean place for another 1000 years).

I asked her “If he says that he comes to Saibaba temple regularly, please send his photo immdiately”.

I told this to her and came to my seat.

The next minute, She sent this guys photo.

As soon as I saw the photograph, I was shocked !

I told her that I don’t know this guys name but I have seen him often. Two years back, he told me that he’ worked somewhere and lost his job and asked if I can help. I told him, will let him know. That’s the only conversation I had with him but he comes to temple and goes. I just assumed he’s just another devotee.

Even last week when I saw him, I was thinking that there’s a change in this guy’s behaviour but he was calm. So I just walked away. I did not guess he will be such a fraud.

Though I was laughing to my friend, internally, I was fuming. I just wanna thrash him because I don’t like it when guys misbehave with girls.

I will take you on a Flash Back in 2010

I used to clean the lamps tray during every Thursday in Dwarakamai as so many devotees will light candles and lamps. It will be very crowded. So I make sure girls don’t bend their head while lighting lamps. I have seen atleast 2-3 girls hair getting fire. Even guys hair had caught fire. One girl even started crying so much as she got shocked when she saw her hair on fire. So I used to shout at devotees who are careless. People might hate me as they don’t understand why I scream. I had done this work for several years in Saibaba temple.

Once, I suddenly saw a girl turning to a guy and slapping him on his face. Seems he has touched her while she was in Dwarakamai offering something to Sai. So she turned and slapped him. As soon as I tried to get hold of him, he ran away. Even a Trustee whom I like told me not to leave such guys.

I alerted all my friends the next week Thurday that if I see that guy, I will let them know and they all must “TAKE CARE” of him.

The following week, the same guy came as if nothing happened the previous week. He was again trying to walk behind girls. I ran to my friends and they all caught him red handed. I continued to do my “Seva” in Dwarakamai happily.

After an hour, I walked behind the temple to see this super scene!

This fraud guy who come to temple to misbehave with girls every Thurday was sitting down crying.

5 of my friends stood around him and were slapping him.

Adi…Odha..Katta panchayathu….He was begging them to let him free. If he opens his mouth, we will thrash him on face. I am little Saadhu but my friends wait for see such opportunities as “Halwa”. They enjoy handling such guys.

Finally, we felt little pity as this guy started begging too much. So we warned him never to come to temple with such intention and let him go.

I have never ever seen this guy in Saibaba temple until now.

This happened in 2010

Flash Back ends here.

I was thrilled and excited the moment my friend sent photo of “The Man who Speaks to Saibaba” . 

All my worries flew away as Saibaba now gave a new topic to handle!

I walked down office and saw my favourite Dog Snowy and gave biscuits to him. Seems another girl also feeds this Dog regularly. I told her, I named this Dog “Snowny”.

These days, I drop a girl who stays on way to our home. In the morning also, she leaves her Son in school and waits for Bus. So I picked her and called my friend while I was driving.

I told my friend to check the photo of a guy I sent in his Whatsapp. I said, I don’t know that guys name but they must “Take care’ of him as he seems to have been using Sai’s name and cheating girls.

My friend did not even saw the photo. He immediately said “Is that the guy who limps while he walks?” I said “Yes. How you know?” My friend said, they have some complaints on him already but this time he will be taken good care.

As soon as I reached temple, I got a call from one this guy from office who comes to this temple every Thursday. I could not speak much to him as my today’s presence in temple is for “Investigation” …he he.

I went and met all my friends. They were busy doing some work as it was Thursday and temple was crowded. But I met couple of them in Parking space and explained them all that my friend faced because of a guy who comes to our temple regularly.

I had a bigger shock – My other friend also told me, he also got complaints about this guy but what’s the use when girls can’t directly go to office and report that he’s misbehaving.

If girls can’t directly tell someone has misbehaved with them, then they are encouraging such guys

My friend asked me what I am expecting him to do. I said, we all must monitor this guys behaviour for a month and then thrash him someday.

I told my friends that I am upset that they know about a guy who’s misbehaving with girls who come to temple regularly but they have not taken any action. I told them that it’s not right at all as we have been associated with this temple for over 15 years.

Personally, I consider this temple as a School and even when I write this I have tears in my eyes.

I love this temple so much and want it to be a pure place for Man, Women and Child to come and go peacefully.

My friend said he’s not like before and he won’t “Take care” of this guy etc.

I said, will such guys misbehave with guys in office environment, Railway station or Airport or any other public places. He knows he will be thrashed. So how smartly, they are using Sai’s name and misbehaving with girls. I told my friend that we must not be blind to such people and must question them.

I usually come back to home by 10.

Since, I had to speak to my friends about this issue, I called my parents to say that I will reach home by 11. My parents let my Sister travel the whole world but start to search for me beyond 10 at every night. They have bought me up like a girl and my Sister like a guy. I always complain about the way they fear even if I din’t call them beyond 10.

I also helped my friend to distribute prasad. I cleaned the vessels, unpacked biscut packets and snacks given by devotees and told him, they must agree to take some action as they have some responsibility towards this temple. I told them, this example of how more than 150 girls in the U.S who were passionate about Gymnastics was abused by a Doctor in the name of treatment. These girls were kids – 12 years old, 15 years old when this Doctor abused them physically in the name of treatment. He has even escaped when some girls raised voice against him.

I can’t believe “United States of America” has let a Man who has abused girls for over 20 years be free and continue to do it forever.

This news was devastating. I can’t agree that no adults had once doubted this Doctor from 1997.  What did the United States Olympic Committee do? In 2015, they received a complaint againt this Man. Why were they silent? All the board members of USA Gymnastics resigned today. Why? Because they failed to stop the abuse even after knowing the truth long before.

So for 20 years, just because these girls were 12-15 years old, one man has cheated the whole system?

As I write this article, the number of victims has increased from 150 to 265.

I always assumed America is a land of dreams. This Nation has ruined dreams of 265 girls. But not really. Couple of them had even won in Olympics. The painful part is that even during the same Olympic games, this Doctor has abused them. So girls have to tolerate such men to bring gold to U.S.A?

The whole of United States must be ashamed for letting a man cause pain to over 265 young girls who were passionate about a sport. 

I asked my friends if its right to let a Man use Sai’s name and misbehave with girls?

Can these guys be tolerated. If we let them grow, they will keep on doing what they do like a virus.

Girls will never come forward to report against such stupid men as they might feel insecured.

I told my friends, they don’t have to react immediately. I just asked them to keep what ever I said in mind. If they find receive another complaint about this guy, they must immediately react to it. Finally, One of my friend agree. I told him, lets just monitor him as of now. Lets see what he does. If he goes beyond a limit, we must do something about it.

I started home forgetting to wear shoes as I don’t know to drive car wearing shoes. he he..

I reached half way towards home and suddenly felt my Shoe was missing. I drove back fastly, ran back inside temple and wore my Shoes. I reached back home at 11.15. My Mom was sleeping and opened the door. I told her, my friend needed some help in temple and hence I had to stay back.

I had dinner. These days, I regularly wash vessels at night as the water will be too cold for my Ma.

I lit lamp to Sai and wrote this article.

It’s 1.30 at night.

Why did I spend so long to write this to you?

A very humble request..

If you come across any situation where a Man is bothering a Women in public places, please try to do little you can.

I am not expecting you to make a cinematic high fall like a Hero. Just see what you can do within your capacity.

You can call the Police or you can ask her to move to a safer place. You can also “Take care” of such fraud guys if you have guts. Please don’t be a spectator.

You must not tolerate such evil men in the society.

Further, Women must never trust anyone just because they associate themselves with “Sai”.

Sai is living inside you. So speak to Sai in yourself. Do not trust anyone who can identify your weakness by using Sai’s name.

Don’t be a spectator when a Man is involved in Women’s abuse.

Go fight.

Sai will be happy about it.

Be a real Man. Be human.

Every girl you come across in the road, in school, college, office, restaurants, malls and temples are someone’s dear Daughter. Their parents can’t come behind them where ever these girls go. So do little you can. You will ceraintly be blessed.

Om Sai Ram.


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Featured photo is used with Courtesy. Aly Raisman’s testimony supporting supporting victims is truly amazing! Watch it here – Watch Aly Raisman confront Larry Nassar in court

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