Close your eyes & miss Sai when you repeatedly think about past and worry about future

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

This Children’s day keep the child in you live forever! Never get too matured to the extent that people around you feel you are too annoying.

I have been a fan of Cabury’s Dairy milk ad film for several years. Their Close your eyes and Miss me jingle makes me feel happy!

One of the biggest reason for depression to get to the stage of taking medication is repeatedly thinking about what happened to you and worrying about what’s gonna in your life in future. Some people can’t bear any disappointments and set backs in their Relationship, Education or Career. They naturally have this tendency to think why it all went wrong and why Sai or any angel from sky came down to rescue them.

When ever you are upset with people who bothered you and put you down, kindly think about Sai.

It’s better to miss Sai and remember this sweet saint than thinking about someone who hurt you immensely.

So keep chanting Sai’s holy name. Remember him deeply and love him immensely.

Here’s the beautiful ad film!

Now Close your eyes and miss Sai!


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