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There are people who don’t have what Sai has blessed you with

Sairam friends,

This morning, I took my parents to Meenkulathi Bagavathi Amman temple. Its approximately 70 Kms from Coimbatore and its my third visit to the temple within a month.

I like taking my parents to temples and this Goddess who’s none other than Meenakshi has become close to my heart. I haven’t seen her in dream yet though.

My parents had to stand in que for more than a hour. We really had beautiful darshan of the Goddess.

Even I was too tired and slept off in the evening. Later, I went to Nagasai Mandir. As soon as I parked my car, I saw a man with his bike and his elderly Mother trying to get on the bike.

One of this uncle whom used to smile to me helped this elderly women to get on the bike and sit safely in the back seat. Thankfully, she also sat with his help.

When I saw this, I thanked Saibaba as I have a small car to take my parents wherever I wish. I have to mention this because I have seen guys who are obsessed with bikes and cars that they want something new and better every few years.

I myself desired to buy a new car and later gave up such desires. I thanked Sai for what he has given me.

Sometimes, we should see what’s happening around. There’s so much God and Sai has given us but we ignore our comfort and think about what we don’t have.

You won’t believe, atleast once every week, I tell my Mom that I thank Sai for blessing us to sleep in A.C in summer as there are millions who only sleep in fan.

Well, you might assume that these are basic comforts that anyone can be blessed with. Lets assume that you are traveling to a place and suddenly A.C doesn’t work in the hotel room you booked.

That’s when you realize that not all comforts can be taken for granted. Unless we have Sai’s grace, we can’t even enjoy these basic comforts in life.

I wish to ever remember Sai and Meenakshi in the form of Meenkulathi Bagavathy. I wish to lead a very divine life. To be honest, its hard to keep chanting in mind when we have other work to do but some days, I am able to do it.

Om Sai Ram


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