I suffered because I trusted everyone as my friend

Sairam friends,

Today, I went to the Saibaba temple near office during night Aarti. Usually, there will be only 2-3 devotees at night during weekdays except Thursday. I was the only one sitting in Dwarakamai and felt blissful. I spoke to Sai looking at the portrait and asked him to tell me why all this happened?

Later, I started, picked my friend and dropped him. I reached home and spoke to my Mom for few minutes.

While talking about few stuff, I asked her, “Why did a girl spoke ill of me last year and why everyone concealed it from me? When Baba is there, why all this happened to me?”

She told me,

“You are showing sympathy for all and trusting everyone whom you know, as your friend”.

She added, at times when planetary situation isn’t good, you will be forced to get into problems and be insulted even if you are good.

True to what my Mom said, I was too casual with these girls.

After that experience, I have concluded like this.

“I will speak to everyone but won’t see all of them as my friend”

This is because I assumed that any girl who speaks well to me is my friend and a welwisher. Probably, some girls din’t perceived me that way. They would have never seen me as a friend at all. Hence, they din’t understood me. Now a days, I speak as a friend to few because they behave normal but I prefer to be careful with all others. I can’t and won’t forget how I was cornered last year with none to even tell what’s going around me.

To be honest, I also even speak as a friend to girls only if Sai has shown them in dream atleast once.

I usually speak to all the guys who are good to me. So no worries about guys.

Apart from the girl whom Sai shows often in dream, I also ask Baba tell me whom I can trust as friends and so Sai guides me in that too.

The problem is, I can’t talk to all whom Sai shows in dream since they won’t be a part of my team. So I will just assume that Sai conveys these girls are good and you can trust them.

I have seen 4-5 girls like this in dream.

One was in my own team. I saw as if there’s a Shiv ling opposite to her home. So I concluded I can speak to her casually.

Then, I saw the friend of the girl whom Sai often shows in dream. I can’t talk to her as there’s no reason to talk but I assume that its Lord Shiva’s blessing based on her name.

Later, I saw a  girl in dream with whom also I can’t talk as they are not from my team.

Last Sunday, I saw a girl in dream. It was as if I am going on a steel railing and while walking down, I was about to hit her and I say “Sorry”. She moves away and I also walk past her.

To my surprise, I have hardly seen this girl. I don’t even know this girls name. 

That night, while walking in the parking space, I was thinking in my mind why Sai is showing this girl in dream as I don’t even know her name and kept my mobile in my pocket. Instead keeping inside pocket, I dropped it down and hence the display has lots of cracks now.

This is what happens to me when I am confused why Sai is showing few dreams. 

Now I have to change my mobile and I don’t know which one to buy because I always endup getting one which heats up like iron box. Now my mobile looks like an antique piece.

Anyway. I have often told you people that Sai baba has often shown a girl in dream from September 2016. That doesn’t mean that I only saw her in dream. Even to perceive a girl as a friend, I seek Sai’s guidance and Sai has immensely been helpful in showing few girls in dream. So though I might never have any reason to talk to them, I trust they are good girls.

Sai’s warning

In the past 4 years, Sai has shown just one girl in dream showing how cunning she is. So I try to be careful with her even when I speak to her. I have seen only one guy in dream and Sai warned me that he will dominate a lot if I give space.

Why I see people in Temple and Office in dream?

Saibaba shows both people whom I see regularly in Temple and also office in dream. The curious case would be so far, I have seen 2 girls in dream through which Sai conveys the message that “They are going to get married” and eventually after few month or atleast a year, they would get married. One happened in 2016 and another recently in 2018. Apart from that, I used to see some guys from office in dream if they face really painful situation in their career.

Sai saved a guys Career through dream

In 2015/16, one of this guy was looped into a harrasment issue by a girl. The fault was on both this guy and the girl but legally he was about to loose his job. I came to know this through my friends. Next day, I saw a dream as if, there’s a huge wall and I am rubbing what ever is scribbled in the wall and making it clean.

It was like Sai is telling me that all his wrong doings can be rubbed off as an excuse this one time. I met this guy the next day and asked him not to worry as things will be solved. He was also worshipping Sai and the same day, it was proved that the girl has misbehaved with many guys. This guy was proved not guilty and hence he took me to Sai temple near office to thank Sai.

But I told him, Sai will protect once but its his responsibility to behave properly from now on as he has 2 kids. He assured that he will be careful.

Did Sai warn of a guy marrying a girl who’s gonna give me lots of troubles?

In 2013, I had a dream of one of my Team mate. I was off to work on that day. The next day, I was told that he got engaged. His marriage happened soon. Within the first 3-4 month, he faced lots of problems because of his Wife’s family. They were seperated for 3 month. His parents suffered a lot. Thankfully, he left our office and got job abroad. After this, I believe his wife started to understand him and they are living in harmony now.


I have seen the Trustee of Temple in dream from 2012 onwards each time as if they are selling something and some dreams in 2017 were positive. I have also seen the Boy who works in the Flower shop in dream. He rides his bike too fast. So once Sai showed a dream as if he’s into a well and someone is recuing him. I told him to be careful when he drives. These people take my dream seriously and listen to it. They also try to interpret it. I often request him to atleast complete 10th grade but he won’t listen to me.

Sai also shows priests of Sai mandir in dream. Some dreams will be divine.

Anyway, I don’t know why I see these dreams but I respect Sai for guiding me through dreams. Some dreams are strange as I can’t even share these dreams with these girls and guys.

The moral of the article is this

 “Keep praying Sai to bless you with good friends alone and he will help you understand who really are your true friends”

I remember even when I was in Chennai I used to pray Sai that I must be blessed with good people around me and especially my friends should be good.

You can also worship Sai to bless you with good people around you.

I don’t have many good friends but I believe that there are many good people around me.

Sai wil certainly bless you with happiness.

Om Sai Ram



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