Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind

I consider this as a message Shirdi Saibaba blessed us with for this Guru Purnima.

Stay humble. Work hard. Be kind

Thousands of Sai devotees come here to StarSai when they are worried about issues in their career and business. Some people struggle to land in the right job and some are not satisfied with their current job. What ever be your situation, try not to show your frustration to anyone.

Digest everything happening to you and around you.

Never neglect your duty or work just because you were never recogonized.

Be immensely pure at heart with no ill feelings on any one.

I had repeatedly said that Sai’s path is karma marga. Saibaba never once sat idle. He kept doing some kind of little work. The way Baba used to grow Tulsi plants in the place where the Samadhi Mandir is constructed later is truly beautiful. Why should a poor fakir who could have chosen to go from village to village remained in Shirdi? Why should he even get an idea to plant Tulsi? He used to water these plants every single day with his own hands.

Did he care for any good or bad comments.

Work must be done without any expectation.

So keep working.

Your life will be good.

Today is my Sister’s Daughter Katya’s Birthday. So I feel happy to spread this positive message in StarSai

Om Sri Sai Ram

Sai bless all in your family


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