Shirdi Saibaba and Sri Ganesh are our best friends

Sairam friends,

This morning my Father woke up early at 4. A.M and went to Colony Siddhi Vinayaka temple as they have special pooja for Saturn Transit. I felt good my Father does service in temple. He asked me to arrange another 50 little Books of Vinayakar Agaval from the whole sale book seller. So I called up and told him that my Dad’s friends will come and requested to give the same in discounted rate.

Everyone of my friends were concerned about Saturn Transit but I kept telling one of my friend ‘Ganesha is our best friend”. If we do good and always try to be good, then everything good will happen for us.

By Sai Saraswathi grace, I also started my new project because now a days, I feel really insecure at work. I wish to get into Photography once again. Just wondering how to afford a new DSLR camera.I hope Sai shows me a way.

I pray for all in our family and all my friends to be blessed. I feel its auspicious day because it makes us think about Sri Ganesh, Hanuman and Shirdi Saibaba.

Keep doing naam smaran in mind – Sai, Sai, Sai or any chantings of Sai baba in mind when ever you feel like.

Sai will be pleased and do good to you and your family.

Sri Ganesh

Sri Ganesh – Photo used with courtesy

I was listening to Siddhi Vinayak Aarti and now listening to Shirdi Saibaba aarti.

Don’t worry friends. Just do good and remember Shirdi Saibaba and Sri Ganesh are our best friends.

Just imagine Sai lives in dwarakamai of your heart.

Aum Sai Ram


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