Shirdi Saibaba Samadhi day – Thinking and doing good every moment of life

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Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends.

Today – 22nd October 2015 is 97th Samadhi day of Shirdi Saibaba. I might go to Sai Baba temple in the evening. Mean while, I wanted to share a message which Sai made me realize.

I remember this assurance from Saibaba

“My bones will speak about the welfare of my devotees”

I love these sacred words from Sai especially since it shows that every bit of Sai’s body is still living to bless his devotees. His Samadhi fills my heart this moment. I love him dearly and I know he loves everyone of you. We just have to think and do good all our life. Rest is taken care by Saibaba of Shirdi.

Before I write the article, a Sai devotee Balu has sent a mail and photo of Saibaba..

Dear Venkat ,

These are a few photos from the Sai Temple called “VishnuSai Temple” in our native village. The village is called Vishnupuram .

shirdi saibaba

Shirdi Saibaba temple in Thiruveezhimizhalai , Thiruvarur district, Tamilnadu


Saibaba is beautifully decorated in this temple

saibaba temple

Smiling Saibaba of Vishnupuram temple

These photos are very special because I have seen this Sai only in photos . Sai has not called me yet to his temple . He will call me soon with love. I have attached a few pictures and one is the original Marble Sai and the rest are the same Sai with “Sandana Kaapu – Sandalwood paste” … You can use these for your website.

Aum Sairam


Hope you liked it friends.

Thinking and being good is not an easy task

Most of us are basically good. We remain good and we strive to always be in good company too. Sometimes, our thought process changes within a fraction of second due to our desires. This is the moment we actually don’t think about our Guru. We just think about our need/desire and decide to do something bad. We may not actually commit a bad action but we simply think its OK to do something that’s wrong.

Saibaba’s omniscience power will make him understand even the very small thought which emerges in our mind. If we are remembering Sai after few hours, Sai will give us some hints to make us realize what we decided is actually wrong to do and will stop us from committing something bad.

There are people who show off that they are really good but we can’t trust them easily because being good is not a permanent characteristic. We are tested every moment of our life to prove our innocence. I personally believe, only due to our parents good karma and Guru’s blessings we are kept safe in a situation where we don’t commit any thing wrong. What if we are put in an environment which tempts us to do something wrong? We might. We are safe in a good place, with good family and friends that we are “Good”.  What if our friends are not good? Will you still remain good?

There’s nothing to control. Its all in your hands. What you think. You do. If you think good. You will only do good.

Only our thought process determines how good we are.

How can we decide to do something bad if we are really good? Its the intensity of maya. The desire in you which makes you turn bad. There are some thoughts which remain in our deepest walls of mind.

There are some spiritual secrets which will help us realize what was actually in our mind and what we will actually do if we are put in a environment which tempts us to commit a mistake.

All these years, Saibaba has taught me two important things which ruins a family and life to core

Lust and Greediness.

1.Work on your thoughts every moment so that Sai can take care of your life

Being pure is not practically possible. You are human and you are designed commit mistakes but you can always be clear about what is right. In today’s environment, being true to husband/wife externally is very easy. You can show that you are really true to your spouse but you can always have other thoughts going on in your mind.

I know this girl who was in love with a guy and the guy’s family did not accepted her. She was depressed and after few days, She said she’s in love with her Manager who’s already married.

A Mother writes saying her daughter likes someone who’s married.

And there’s other side to it too. Some innocent husband worries that his wife likes someone else.

There are various stories like this which is all about ruining one’s own life and other’s family too.

All these relationships happens since it was not stopped right from the moment when the wrong thought emerged in mind.

Are these Men and Women doing it just because they are bad? They just felt its OK to do it. They too are good people but just playing the wrong game.

These are extreme cases but even if you do something that you consider as not a big issue, please mind that you are ruining your life.

On a holy day, I might have simply posted some Sai photos and written about his leela but I touched this topic since I want show a way to people who are good but about to take a wrong decision. Do what is right according to Sai and not according to you.

2. Greediness is not ambition or goal – Its a hindrance for your growth in career and business

I believe this is an important aspect to discuss because the whole nation is speaking about Entrepreneurship and Startups.

Let me clarify something. If you are earning money doing real hard work and if you enjoy your work, then, you are already in a good state of life. You might earn less but you are not doing anything wrong in not being very successful in life. Some professionals might be interested in doing a business leaving their job. I request them to take enough time to analyze what’s right for them. Do not take loan or even venture capital for that matter just because you can manage to get it. Think about expenses of your family and your future requirements. Even if you are an Entrepreneur, do not be greedy. Have patience and just focus on your work. There are people who built big companies without always thinking about reaching the top.

Just dream what is possible and do not try to leave the current job without much backup.

Greediness can also apply to people who work in an organization. Some change their job for better salary but later regret doing it. Above all risks can be taken but the worst part is being dishonest eating up others money. Please remember, Sai is going to take care of your future. You don’t have to be in a race to make money.

Sai will gradually make your life good.

I sound odd but obviously StarSai is for people who take risk.

Dream big but act carefully and remember your family is important too.

Anyway, I am really bored trying to find words to write this article. I wonder if you have been benefited by it or not.All I know is Saibaba is making me write this. I cannot show a way to everyone personally but even after 1000 years, someone reading this must be able to take a decision that makes their life better.

On this auspicious Samadhi day of Shirdi Saibaba, ( Vijayadasami), Let us pray Saibaba to bless us to think and do good every moment of our life.

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Om Sai Ram.


Little Servant of Shirdi Saibaba

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