Neem tree Days of Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends,

I would first like to go back to the times approx 1853 in the village of shirdi, India. What would have the village men, women and little children thought of a yound boy who looks like a 16 year old sitting under the Neem tree and practicing penance.

Imagine you were a Kid in Shirdi when Saibaba first came to Shirdi
Imagine you were a Kid in Shirdi when Saibaba first came to Shirdi

We have read in Sai satcharitra that Saibaba was found as a young lad sitting under the neem tree in Shirdi Village and people were ashtonished to see his boy doing dedicated Meditation not minding the cold nights and hot day light.

I wonder if i will be able to run my imagination of those beautiful days when saibaba first came to shirdi.

“The Neem tree Days of Shirdi Saibaba “

Friends, Have you ever imagined what if you had been a villager in late 18th century and found a yound boy sitting under the neem tree and do such meditation. If i was living in shirdi those days as a small boy, i would have run to the spot as soon as i got the news.

Then i would have gathered bunch of my village friends and watched what the boy is doing sitting under neem tree. probably as the kids would always try to get attention, Me and my friends would have screamed and shouted to get attention of this Young boy.HA HA…am sure saibaba would have asked us to come near him and done a leela.

Probably this might have been the first real leela of saibaba. Sai would have given all the kids sweets by his miraculous powers . That would have been a tasty leela. But all this is just imagination to make all of you go back to the first few days of saibaba.

The reason i want you to take back to the Neem tree days of Shirdi Saibaba :

Friend, We all see saibaba as a saint who fulfills our wishes but we forget his hardships right from his day one in Shirdi Village . How Saints has suffered for our welfare friends. How much Saibaba would have sacrificed as a young boy doing meditation remembering God and not going to play like other kids.

I want to write more such articles in StarSai which helps us see Saibaba as a Saint of PAST. For most of us the first thing that comes to our mind when we see a Shirdi Saibaba portrait in our house is our own desires . At times we relate saibaba photo to his place Shirdi, The Samadhi Mandhir, Dwarakamai , Chawdi , Kandoba temple …

Do we try to even think one second about How saibaba would have spent his days and nights under the neem tree. Have you ever slept under the neem tree. I sleep in my house comfortably under Fan. Even then mousquites bites me and i get irritated.

How many mousquites and insects would have biten our little saibaba who came there to shirdi village just for welfare of millions who would be his followers in the years to come. Did Saibaba mind when the kids, young and old passed comments on him. Am sure someone would have called the boy as a Mad. Little did they know this so called “Mad Boy” under the neem tree is going to rule the hearts of Millions in the next 100 years.

We all have a Shirdi Saibaba Photo in our house friends. We light lamps , agarbathi and offer flowers to saibaba. During such pooja let us all remember Saibaba’s sacrifice for us , You can imagine your own way of events and beautiful incidents that would have happened during the

Neem tree days of Shirdi Saibaba.

Saibaba has said “Who ever chants my name Sai, Sai Sai, and always remembers my leelas, i will always protect him and take him away from dangers and evils.”

At times its beautiful to imagine sai leelas too friends. We can bring infront of our mental eyes, the beautiful divine little Boy who was doing penance under the Neem tree in Shirdi Village . How beautiful were those days.

Wish i was really a little boy in shirdi and had bunch of friends when sai came there and i had got sweet mitai as i imagined in this article.

Now i request you to close your eyes and run your own imagination friends.

See a old shirdi with few huts

Many beautiful trees


A well

Village women and men walking here n there

Kids of shirdi playing some old games of india like kabadi..ha ha

Now saibaba the yound lad is sitting under neem tree and you go there …

Bow to sai saraswathi for helping me write this article

Om sainathaya namaha


18 :09:2009

37 thoughts on “Neem tree Days of Shirdi Saibaba”

  1. omsairam

    yes am going near to sai and put my head on his feet see he is blessing me with smile:):)becoz he is mine..


  2. Sainath is for me and for everyone. He is the lord of all the living beings. He is within us. He has never left us. We have to realize that and see him within us. He is always around us. The foolish ones like me hardly see him because of our bad KARMA. Let us pray BABA to show us the right path.Pray him to take us with him and guide us.

  3. baba is great he help all people who believe him whole heartedly…………. who has faith
    just close eyes and remember him your all worries go away….
    tell him be with me baba………

  4. Om Sri Sachithanantha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

    Om Sri Sai Ram, All of us need your blessings always.

    Sai Ram.


  6. sai ve sai sadi fariyad tere tayi
    sai ve sai sade gunaho nu lukayi
    sai v sai hatth ich faisle sunai
    sayi ve sai sade naal vi tu gayi

    he sai baba, hamari raksha karna dya karna.

  7. om sri sai ram…….
    om sai namo namaha….
    sri sai namo namaha….
    jai jai sai namo namaha….
    sadguru sai namo namaha…..


    Baba pls apni kripa hum sab par sada bnaye rakhana.
    Apni daya ka hath sada hamare sir par rakhana.


  9. Om sai ram

    Baba please come to my heart and dream, bless me & my family
    my heart say sai ram sai ram thanks sai, I’m your daughter sai,
    help me sai.

    shirdi sai ram

  10. I was blessed with the dharshan of Lord Sai last year in my dream which I had during the Tamil New year. I was walking down the steps somewhere along with my son and asked my son to have a look at Sai Baba. I had given Rs.100/- to be given to Sairam through somebody who was standing beside the Swami. He had returned Rs.50/- to me. I consider myself very fortunate to have been blessed with the vision and even now I am feeling the presence of Sairam in all the happenings and He is constantly helping me.

  11. Of late, we find photographs of Sainath everywhere . Most of the shops and houses have hung the swamy’s photos and small statues. The fame of Sainath is spreading very rapidly nowadays. Most of the people throng the Sainath temple at Mylapore, Chennai. Because, He is the only God who lends helping hand to whoever falls at his divine feet and we feel his grace which we can never get anywhere in concrete. Let the devotees of Sainath pray for the world peace.

  12. Jai Sai Ram please releave me from all my pains and suffering and please shower your blessings to withstand all the problems and please take care of my son in his every action.
    Please take care of husband.

  13. Hare sai hare sai sai sai hare hare……
    Hare baba hare baba baba baba hare hare…….

    he, sai nath please forgive me for all my mistakes and shower your blessings to everyone.
    Anant koti brahamand nayak rajadiraj
    yogiraj parbrahma shri sacchidanad
    sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai


  14. om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om ksai om sai om sai om sai om sai kom sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai om sai



  16. Baba apna kripa banaye rakhna meri, meri familly or aapki sabhi bhakto k upar.
    baba me shirdi se ane k baad mene aapko meri pita jese dekhti hu baba mere pita to is duniya me nahi rahe per aap rehna baba plz bless my familly baba . jai sai nath

  17. I am always grateful to Sai Ma n always bless all ur devotees n pray for me that so I can overcome this very difficult situation n bless my son nityah to get a job Baba, bless my family, help my two sons, n showers ur grace n bless on us all

  18. Sai Ma always bless me n my family. Help my two sons nityah and aditya in their studies n life, help them find a job n help my husband n help us overcome this very difficult financial situation we are facing n always showers ur grace n blessing on all ur devotees. Baba.

    Thank You

    Aum Sai Ram


  19. Dear Baba,

    Salutations to you ! Thank you for all your blessings showered on our family, as always ! We are going thru a crisis at the present moment which you know. Request you with folded arms to Kindly help my husband.

    Thank you Baba, am sure we will overcome all the hurdels with your blessings.

    Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai !

  20. Baba aap ke charnno ki dhul hai ham. Baba ji kabhi sapne mai bhi nahi socha thaa ki shiridi jaa paauga baba ppnae mujhe 3 bar bulaliya baba mai aapki baar apni femly ke sath aauga jai sai naath

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