I am selfish and I alone eat, sleep and play with Shirdi Saibaba

Sairam friends,

I am totally upset these days.  When ever any devotee tells me that they have met someone who serves Saibaba and they make a huge que in the temple, it bothers me to core. It happens every where across India and abroad. Not to mention the occasional articles that sacred ash and honey came from Saibaba photo etc. And suddenly you will say that Saibaba appeared in temple which was captured in CCTV camera.

Even when there’s a breaking news on TV that Baba appeared in Dwarakamai in Shirdi or people saw him in Moon, I don’t bother it. Obviously, Baba is living and there are chances you saw him or someone saw him. Why all this hype? Be calm. Don’t hype such incidents because it makes Saibaba as a miracle worker.

Sai is more than a saint who does miracles. He is like a Mother and Father.

He takes care of you. He simply wants you to lead a good life.

So your problem is you want someone with real human form so that you feel blessed. Is Saibaba not blessing you from the little statue or photo you have in your home?

You want someone real right?

You are the right victim of this modern era. You will surely come across someone who says “I will show you this Guruji who speaks to Baba…Who has served Baba or why not? Even who has lived with Saibaba”

Please stop all this nonsense. Now, don’t humiliate him more by falling on feet of some men who claim to be Guruji or what ever you name them to be.

And then there’s these TV channels running behind miraculous saints where ever they are. Thankfully, Sai had samadhi  in 1918. Only after, 1910, huge crowd started coming to Shirdi. I am sure the last 8 years, Sai would have really taken lots of efforts to make people happy. Being a Guru to millions of people is a huge responsibility. Saibaba doesn’t even want you to worship him. Just be sincere in what ever you do and do it honestly. But when you are distracted and innocently going behind some other Men or Women in the name of Guru or Sevak or what ever crap, You are really hurting Baba.

Time and again, I wrote articles pleading devotees to go to Sai directly. This is a saint who will give us life to save you.

Are you not satisfied by his presence in your heart?

He lives in you as antaryami and you search for him in some other men.

Apart from this, the people who come street to street asking for dakshina saying they serve Sai. Appreciate it but why do trick devotees?  Once a man asked me for lots of money. I did gave it. Then, he asked by SLR Camera saying he wants it. I don’t mind giving because it was an old camera but wondered how can he ask for it?

Further, this is another request.

Saibaba is not an ATM. He don’t do things instantly. He’s a sweet heart and needs some time. It could be weeks, months or years. Eventually, he will even try to change your desire because he just wants you to live in peace. Please do not get upset with him since your desire is not fulfilled. What can this poor fakir do if all of us bug him and irritate him day and night.

I imagine Shirdi Saibaba is hiding in a beautiful place tonight

Please let him be free for a while. Sometimes, I wish Saibaba runs away from all of us and lives under a big beautiful tree. In my imagination, I feel its a Banyan tree. There are thousands of sparrows in the tree. Saibaba feeds these birds regularly.  I could see a river near this tree. I alone live with Saibaba in this beautiful place and I sleep with Saibaba. He gives me one extra bed sheet as he knows I get cold…he he…

I alone happily live with Saibaba in this beautiful place.

I am not revealing the name of this village. It should be a village or a forest. I am not even telling that.

Its been a 100 year plan between Sai and Myself. We decided to hide from the world. Why should Sai allow me alone to live with him? Well. I am special! May be not because everyone are equally important to him. But I alone caught him and walked behind him when he went to this place. I followed Saibaba because I think of him every single second no matter what I do. I think of him day and night and hence he can’t escape from me. So Sai has no other go but to allow me to live with him.

How selfish should I be? I write it to the whole world. While all of you are searching for Sai, I will be happily living with him.

saibaba river
OK. You need a proof of where I lived with Sai and here’s it (Photo used with courtesy)

Can you already feel the breeze as I walked with Sai by the river side.

Our home was built by Goddess of nature.

Sai will give me delicious food

Sai will give me lots of Coffee without which I can’t breath.

Sai will give me the experience of paradise.

I will walk from the forest, go to near by village and purchase all the items we need to cook.

Where do I get money. Well, Baba’s jolna is a Bank. Baba is Bank. Ha ha ..You can’t ask how the saint who rules 3 worlds got money.

Saibaba will cook food while I wash vessels for him.

After lunch, I will sleep in Saibaba’s lap.

He will tell me stories.

I will ask him to tell 2 stories everyday. Saints tell stories and parables. It will fill my heart with so much warmth.

By evening, I will go to the near by river and play in water. I will pull Saibaba into the river to play with me.

You know, Tatya and Sai used to play in Dwarakamai.

Similarly, I will play in water!

Then, I will come out of river and we both sleep nicely.

Then, we make coffee and have snacks too. We discuss about people and places. I have all the time of Sai for me because I am lucky.

Then, by 6 in the evening, I light more than 1000 lamps around the huge tree. I make Saibaba sit in the middle of the lamps I lit.

Sai is glorious.

Can you see him.

Now. Close your eyes. You might!

Then, I sing Aarti. Oh. I don’t know Aarti by heart but I manage to sing.

After all, Saibaba doesn’t bother my mistakes because now all he has is Me. Its just Sai and Venkat.

Then, we have dinner.

Today, I told Saibaba that I like to have Chapati with some super cool side dish and he makes it for me. He also gives me Ice cream and Coffee.

We drink Coffee and have Ice cream simultaneously.

Its nice. You must try too.

Its forest right.

So it gets dark soon.

We lit fire with woods.

As I love taking care of Dhuni, I also make sure the fire burns and gives Sai the warmth he needs.

Then, we both lay down.

I sleep close to Sai. Not you. Its me. OK.

I look at the Stars and speak to Sai.

I ask “Baba, do you think I make any sense to the world by writing like stupid in StarSai?”

Sai replies “Yes because none can love me the way you do”.

And I sleep….

I sleep happily with Sai


I am selfish and I alone eat, sleep and play with Shirdi Saibaba.

My Sister’s daughter is not well but my sister has to travel as she has some work. I pray Saibaba to heal her. I dedicate this article to our little princess Katya! I am missing her a lot.


*I write this article as my heart felt heavy tonight. Its 11.30 at night. I am really depressed but I know Sai is working on my life. Further, I like imagining like this. I try to understand Saibaba by living with him in my imagination. I think one of you kept evil eye on me that Sai protected me from tooth ache for 5 years. Now, I have pain in another tooth or probably its season for tooth ache. I ate Neem leaf and kept lots of Udi in that tooth too. I don’t like to go to dentist again Sai. Please do something!


Hey. I slept off remembering Saibaba. I had a dream as if my parents and myself were going to a temple. The Car has some issues in the middle. Surprisingly, there was a river flowing adjacent to the road. We relax there peacefully. I swim in the river and play around. Then, I see this guy who gives Coffee at work place. I see myself standing near a temple of a Goddess and ask him where is his school? He tells me that there was no school in his village. So he had to come to near by town to study. He asks me to go to that Goddess temple. I could only remember the Goddess is dressed in Red.

I wonder why this guy came in my dream. Probably since I asked him the other day about his hometown and if there are temples in his village though he’s a Muslim. He too told me about the village temples. He wanted to apply for Passport and I will be doing that for him by next week. One of my desire is to give coffee to everyone by going to their place and I will do that when I get opportunity. May be not in near future but surely I wish to experience it. Because Coffee means a lot to me!

Coming back to the dream where I saw my parents and myself relaxing near a river, I understood that Saibaba wants me to live my life and not in imagination. Ha ha…That’s fine Sai. You are part of my family and myself. Is there a difference between a Guru and his devotee. Aren’t they one?

Tata again – Venkat

5 thoughts on “I am selfish and I alone eat, sleep and play with Shirdi Saibaba”

  1. Whole day I m waiting for ur articles to read.
    Nd finally I read now it’s beautiful.
    I m speechless dear.
    Plz read daily.
    I m a very big fan of ours.
    I love Saibaba, Baba is every thing in my life, Baba is my maa, my pa, my family, my Lord, my guru, my doctor, my heart ,my soul, my smile, my happiness etc………..😷
    Jai Sairam.

  2. Plz write ur beautiful articles daily.
    There are many things in this articles which I do, which I think, which I like to do,
    Sometimes I think it’s all my words u wrote in articles, u r Lucky bcoz Baba’s blessing is with u that’s y u can write.
    I can’t.

  3. Venkatji I am a new visitor to your site. I was just going thru a few more of baba’s site to seek answer to my question and came to your website. I.. I.. really cried to my heart 1st when You took me to 1891 to meet baba and 2nd when I saw how you spend your time with baba. I envy you how you understand everything baba wants to tell you. I fall short or I must say I lose hope when I try to seek the more of it. Please request baba to help me understand what and why is happening to me. Thank you again for the time travel to meet my baba. I love to call him baba only. I feel like my father is with me. Thank you Venkatji.

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