Sai, when are you going to tell your stories


Its 11.30 at night. I read some of your stories which happened in 1910 but its not enough for me. I wish you tell a story every night in dream. I am wasting my life doing nothing. I don’t know who is Sai though I have been worshiping you for over 21 years from 1993.

Please come in my dream and tell me how you spent your days in Shirdi when you were young?

You have told Kaparde that you have been in Shirdi before 8,000 to 10,000 years. Its some what related to the vision I had in 2005 about another Saint about whom I never told to the world.

So what were you doing before 10,000 years?

I believe, I too lived you because our relationship is carried over birth after birth.

Kaparde was shampooing your legs and mentioned that your limbs were so soft and it felt wonderful to touch your holy limbs. I wish that I too have felt your holy feet.

I am going to sleep now Saibaba.

Please come in dream and tell a good story which happened in your life time. I have been asking you to do this for past one week but you never told me anything which happened in 1854, 1878, 1898, 1900, 1902, 1915. Everyday, You must tell the year and then continue with a story which happened that year.

I know that I sound funny …he he but its important for me to know all that happened in your life time. Please do not neglect me Baba. Please come in dream so that I can write to everyone your divine life.

Good night Sai

and yes. You have told Kaparde once that “People are disturbing you”

Many times I used to imagine “Thank God Saibaba is not in real form in Shirdi because people will torchure you asking you to fulfill their wishes” but it surprised me that even those days , you have mentioned this about how people are bothering you. You also added that you wish to take care of them.

You had a sore in your feet and even a worm came out of it. You were too tired that day.

Many who read this will be thinking why I write such articles now a days. You alone know the reason Sai. Please come in dream. I am too sleepy now

Shall continue in morning baba.

Sairam friends,

I saw a dream and I believe Sai won’t be showing dreams as it is. He will give me a hint and when I am actually writing, he will give more hints. So I add what I saw in dream and my own imagination to write. Its just a story for my own happiness of learning what would have happened during Saibaba’s life time.

“Stories of Saibaba”

What is yours will come to you on its own if you have patience:

This story happened in 1915

There was a devotee who keeps praying Saibaba as he was into lots of difficulties. His name is Madhur, lived in Baktarpur, a village in Kopergoan taluka and had 2 children. He worked hard and built a beautiful house for his own family but let his brother’s stay in same house. His brother’s were too cunning.  He was cheated by his brothers who took away his only property. They drove him away from his own house.

Madhur’s family had to live in a hut for most of their life and he had a piece of land in which he cultivated crops and earned his living. He struggled a lot to raise his Children and had to face lots of insults in the society for loosing his property trusting brothers and now in debt.

On the other hand, his brothers were well off, had a bigger agricultural land and enjoyed their life in the big home which belongs to Madhur.

The devotee prayed Saibaba everyday to bless him with his house. He had immense faith in Sai for the past 6 years. Many in his family and friends told him

“How can a poor fakir in Shirdi bless you with your home back and after so many years, there’s no use in believing such a miracle will happen”.

He was a Gujrati. Once his wife Komal was not well. So they both took their children and went to see Saibaba in 1888. By this time, Sai was not popular. Sai was living in the Masjid and known only to very few people who considered him as their Guru. The devoted husband and wife stepped into Dwarakamai.

Sai was sitting there counting match sticks which were already burnt. As soon as Madhur and Komal bowed to Saibaba, he smiled to them and said

“What is yours will come to you on its own if you have patience”

Madhur was happy as he din’t even tell Baba that his house was taken away by his brothers. He was more concerned about his wife’s health. Sai immediately took ashes from the holy Dhuni and applied it to his wife’s forehead and asked her to chant Gods name for 21 days.

Madhur’s children were very happy as Sai gave them sweets to have.

They left Dwarakamai and spent some time going to temples around Shirdi.

In the evening, they met Baba again in Dwarakamai. Sai took the match sticks he was counting in morning and gave it to Madhur. He also counted it and said “There are 27 match sticks in this baba”.

Sai kept his palm over Madhur and blessed him saying

“You have to bear the fruits of your karma but if you have faith in me and immense patience for 27 years, your house will come back to you on its own”.

Madhur and his wife were happy and went back to the village. When they narrated this Sai leela in village, everyone laughed at them saying “the fakir has simply said something to make you people believe in him and why should it take 27 years. Why not now if the fakir is really powerful”

Madhur and his wife were sad but they kept having faith in Sai and raised their children. His children grew up irrespective of their very bad financial situation and studied well. They started doing business and by the time they were about to get married, someone came with a news.

The news was that

“The house has come back to you as its legally not allowed for the cheaters to hold a house more than 27 years”

What a surprised. Madhur, Komal and his children were very happy. They can’t believe how they got back their house and went to thank Saibaba.

They went to see Sai in 1915. By this time huge crowd used to come to Sai.

Sai identified Madhur in the crowd and called him by his side.

Sai said “If you have faith in me and immense patience, I will bless you with what you deserve.”

That’s it friends.

You might be wondering how I wrote this story. That’s Sai Saraswathi’s grace. I can’t keep complaining Saibaba to give me stories but I can ask him to give me hints and I can write on my own.

The hint I got in last night dream was just this – I hear someone saying “The house has come back to you as people who cheat cannot live in it more than 27 years”.

There’s no law like this but its “Law of Nature. Law of Karma”

If we do good, good will follow us and people who cheat must face its consequences.

Ok friends

too late for work now.

Please tell me if you liked this story.



9 thoughts on “Sai, when are you going to tell your stories”

  1. Baba

    Shower ur blessings to tackle joy and pain in righteous way. Baba people are always identical. Whatever i face in workplace or in society, let me surrender at your feet. Give me tranquility and be with me. Let me not take unwanted hatred/fear/prejudice view on anything in life.

    OM SAI, its thursday. BABA, DEVA, Please shower your blessings for my career, marriage and happiness.

  2. Sai ram venkat sir
    before 10000 years he was in his infinite form just like he is now .This is what I Interpreted when I read his words in khapade’s diary…There are so many books written on him by b v narsimha swami .n articles given in sai leela magazines which is not given in sai Satcharitra. U can write those leelas .khapade’s diary which I think u hv read though diary mentions more about external life of shirdi rather than focusing on every minute detail of sai still it provides good knowledge of shirdi village life which is not mentioned elsewhere. There is one more diary written by Dixit. U may write those articles so that others may also get to know about his more wonderful leelas which they hv nt read.

    Edit – Shweta…I wrote a story now based on baba’s hint.hope you like it. Tata

  3. Venkat
    I also have the same problem as what happen to madhur but my house it was cheated by the developers and contractur was ran away have way housing project stop almost 10 years I n my husband supposed to entre the house the moment we get married but our bad luck the project stop .we very sad. till now that’s y when I read the story I feel like Sai is trying to tell me something We hope Sai will bless us to get back the house for us OM SAI RAM

    Sairam Nalini,
    Many Sai children have told me, when they come to StarSai, they get answers for their worries in life. When I wrote this in morning, I was thinking Sai will bring someone like you as they would have prayed Baba with devotion. Don’t worry. Sai will do justice to you and do good to your family. Do not keep thinking about this issue alone.

    When such disaster’s happen in life, no matter what you have, you might spoil your mind worrying about it. Kindly do all that you can to divert your mind. this will make sure your health is good and you also lead a peaceful life.

    Sai ki jai


    thank for giving us so many many knowledge and helping us to maintain our faith and patience……………..,
    on our loving guru…, everything surrender to your holy feet sweet saibaba. Today, venkatji, baba has given me the answer through your article. really, can’t express his love towards his devotees, he is always there for us any time and anywhere, who really have faith and immense patience on him. no doubt in it. I wish my babaya always shower is blessing on my family and all the sai devotees. Baba, i want to merge in u so much, so much., my soul,body and mind everything in u., that so much i dontwant to be apart from u any more in any more life. I don’t want my any next birth, i want to stay with u baba .
    Love u baba…………..,
    venkatji. Its really good reading ur articel, pls write some more more more about our loving guru. sweet guru, let other also get merge with sai baba whole heartly reading by your article. sum more thing i have experienced, but i donot know how to express, let baba help me to express my experience.
    Iam trying to read regularly sai satcharitra and i want do it regularly, due to office, house, family and so many other works get so much tired, automatically my eyes go to sleep, baba has to help me. And i request to
    write more about sai.leela.., and books available apart from aarti.


  5. Ur article and the story made me to keep more faith and patience. When time comes things Will happen soon by sais Grace. Thanku. I used to get angry with sai why ur not blessing. Nor coming in my dream when I always think u only. This article made me realize.

  6. heart touching story, i realy like it and at the same time i felt very inspired to have patience. sai will definitely solve our problems.

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