How Shirdi Saibaba blessed his devotee to get married

Sairam friends,

Yesterday, I was really happy at work especially because I started the “Stories” section in StarSai and Sai blessed me to write an imaginary story inspired by his dream. It was my long time plan to create a platform for Sai devotees through stories of Sai they have never read before.

Sai Satcharitra inspires us a lot but we humans today need something new every moment in our life. So I wanted to discover Sai stories which happened in past. Few books are existing but that’s not enough for me.

Sai himself had this habit of telling stories to devotees when they were sitting in the crowd in Dwarakamai. Some of these stories were irrelevant to devotees listening to him but at least 2-3 devotees will realize Saibaba is telling a story relating to them. Sometimes Sai simply tells a story and stops it abruptly. I am trying to adopt similar way of narrating story based on the 3 aspects

1. Dreams and experiences Saibaba blesses me with.

2. Present situation and problems faced by devotees of Sai

3. My own imagination by grace of Sai Saraswathi.

I humbly offer these stories in holy feet of Sai and believe Sai himself is writing these stories keeping me as an instrument.

Today’s Dream:

I had a dream as if I am walking in a road with lots of mud and dirt it it as the ditch in corner of the road was over flowing. One of my friend was also with me. The road was slippery and we manage to cross but another man behind us tries to cross but fell down in the ditch. The ditch water was too high and hence he was about to loose his life drowning inside the ditch.

I hold the Man’s palm and struggle a lot to pull him outside the ditch thus saving his life.

My friend and myself walk ahead in the street searching for any water pipe to wash my dirty palm. It was dark, raining and really a slippery road in which we were not able to walk easily. I find a water pipe and realized from there too, only dirty water flows but I wash my palm as there was no other option.

I could not wash with rain water since it was not a big rain.It was simply drizzling.

Then we go ahead and suddenly meet a man who wears a  saffron dress and looks like he recently took sanyas. He is doing something to me which I have described in the story…So let me stop the dream here.

Why I write this Sai Leela?

When I saw this in dream, I realized my parents always used to advice me not to keep listening to problems of devotees and reply them because when you help people in trouble, you too get effected. One of the reason I don’t reply all mails is because I wanted to respect their words as I believe sometimes Baba also speaks through parents and our well wishers. I do reply to some devotees but I honestly don’t have time also.

In the dream, my palm gets dirty which am trying to wash. Its like Saibaba’s message to me that when I guide devotees through my words, I too share their difficulties and problems but Sai’s holy water is cleaning me up regularly thus making me remain pure.

When you help people to over come their karmic bonds, you too are effected a bit and to get over it, you must be completely ego less, take away the doer-ship from you and offer all you do in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba. Holy river Ganga purifies everyone’s sins but she herself gets impure since she washes away sins of millions. Hence she waits for a true soul. When ancient Saints dip into Ganga, she again gets purified.

Similarly, when I serve Sai, I keep dipping into Sai’s holy Ganga that emerges from his feet and purify myself.

Secondly, this story is for people who’s marriage gets delayed due to Mangal Dosha ( Sevvai dosham as called in Tamil, The Lord of Planet Mars) or any other problems in their birth chart. I have seen many people who are highly educated, work in a good place and tell proudly that they are upper middle class or elite family but they take these horoscope issues very seriously.

I get irritated with people who are proud of their life style, education and work but they are narrow minded when it comes to beginning or approving their sons/daughters relationship.

They believe that just because their daughter has  Mangal dosha, she must only marry the one who has similar dosha. Listen. Yes its true but sometimes, it won’t happen. Marriages happen based on so many factors. Its a matter of mind.

Astrology basically gives us good guidance but there are situations when one has to over come fears and see if the Man and women in relationship honestly liked each other so that they can get married.  Further, Devotion towards Guru and Gods will be of great help in living in harmony irrespective of what problems you have in horoscope.

Thirdly, Now a days people don’t even bother horoscope matches completely but rather go for status issues. This is it not advisable. You must know your birth chart and act accordingly to avoid any problems. Just t take key decisions based on what your heart believes in. That’s Sai’s request. Matching based on status is good.I appreciate it but sometimes, it doesn’t work.

Example – A girl who has done Phd will be happy to marry a guy who’s a doctorate. If a guy is a Doctor, he might match better with a girl who too is into Medicine. If you are rich, you seek rich alliance but marriages doesn’t work based on status alone. Better take sometime to decide what’s good for you.

I have seen some families, matches based on Names works well – Like…Laskhmi – Narayan, Parvathi-Shiva etc. Marriages if done with pure heart are divine. I wrote this article especially since most parents and even youngsters are ignorant of how beautiful and divine is marriage which is reduced down to status,caste, horoscope issues, looks, education, career and most importantly package the guy earns.

When you look at all these aspects and match, you forget the most important aspect which has to do with “Mind”. You are not marrying a person. You are uniting two soul.

(Note – I don’t want any mails related to astrology as my duty is simply to guide devotees in path of devotion. At the same time, I am not against astro. Its good to know astrology and seek guidance to analyze how to plan your life but take decision based on your own cleverness and Guru’s guidance. I also don’t assure if you will get married or live in harmony. I am as ordinary as you and do little I can to enhance devotees faith in Saibaba and other Gods, Goddess they love.)

I wish people who are worried about their marriage are blessed with good soul mate when they read this story.

I am going to tell stories with similar characters as you can follow their life once in a while. My previous article was about how Madhur and his wife Komal got back his their house after 27 years.

The below incident is about how they got married before 6 years.

How Shirdi Saibaba helped his devotee to get married

This incident happened in 1882.

Madhur was living in Baktarpur, a village in kopargaon. We was taking care of the farm land which belonged to them for generations. They were 3 Brothers of which Madhur was the youngest. While other 2 brother’s got married, Madhur was not able to marry. He worked hard in the farm but his brothers were lazy and never took care of the farm. Every year, at the time of sharing profits along his brothers used to demand a bigger share for them.

Madhur built a house for himself as he wanted to keep his parents comfortable. His brothers came to the house as guest and remained there forever. Madhur being kind hearted allowed his brother to stay in the house.

Gradually he found that his Sister in law and brothers were jealous of his growth. They started demanding things from him and it became too hard for him to bear. He could not even spent few peaceful moments with his Mother.

Imagine Madhur’s devotion on Lord Dattatreya with this picture

Madhur’s love for Lord Dattatreya:

Madhur was very devoted to Lord Dattatreya. Every morning he wakes up at 4 and walks in the darkness to the Datta Par mandir near Kopergaon situated near river Godavari. On the way, he plucks the flowers from various plants to offer Dattatreya. Those days in late 18th century, the area was densely covered with lots of Banyan trees.  Madhur carries a chimney lamp to find the mud road that leads to Datta par Mandir.

This Datta temple is very small with a statue of Lord Datta under a huge Banyan tree. Madhur carries ghee and earthen lamps for Datta. He takes water from the Godavari river in a vessel and does holy bath for Dattatreya. Then he cleans the place around Datta, keeps chandan, kumkum and offers beautiful flowers for Datta.

He takes out bunch of cotton, makes wicks with his palm and arranges 9 earthen lamps in the holy feet of Dattatreya. He pours ghee in these lamps and lights them beautifully.  Madhur admires the way Lord Dattatreya shines gloriously by the light of the lamp. He prays Datta to show him a way and to make his life better.

He chants melodious Datta Mantra “Dhigambara, Dhigambara, Shree Paadhaa Vallabha Dhigambara” and  Prays Sri Dattatreya to bless him with a good wife.

Then he speaks to Datta about the problems in his family worships him to change his brothers greedy nature and live in harmony.  Thus after spending few minutes in Dattatreya temple near Kopergaon, Madhur goes to farm and starts working.

Once an astrologer comes to Baktarpur village. Madhur’s Mother gives him her younger son’s horoscope and asks him when he would get married.The astrologer tells her that his son’s marriage is getting delayed due to Kuja dosha/Manjal Dosha in the horoscope. He also adds that due to bad time for several years ahead, its hard for Madhur to get married.

Madhu’s Mother is a very simple women and worships Dattatreya to show a way to her son as she knows he is devoted to Datta.

Madhur was in his farm land and due to some work, it got too late for him to go back home. He requested his friend to join him to his home as it was too dark. They were walking in the middle of the night but none of them feared as they were remembering Dattatreya in their mind. Suddenly, a Saadhu (Saint) appeared in a bend of the road. Madhur was shocked to see a man almost like very pious saint with Saffron dress in front of him.

The saint asks him with anger and fierce eyes “Are you having Mangal dosha because of which you are not able to get married?”

Madhur does not understand anything and was shivering in fear. The Saadhu was carrying bag full of holy ashes (Like Udi) in a cloth. He asks Madhur’s friend to untie the bag which he did. The Saadhu takes palm full of holy ashes and applies over Madhur’s palm and his face.

He keeps taking palmful of Holy ashes and throws it over Madhur’s face and his hand. All the time, the Saadhu was scolding Madhur but it sounded as if he’s actually blessing him and driving away his Mangal dosha and all other ill effects of planets which remained as obstacle for him to marry a good girl.

Then he gives a very beautiful statue of Lord Karthikeya (Skandha – popularly known as Lord Murugan) and gives to Madhur saying

“You will be blessed with a good married life if you have darshan of the poor saint in Shirdi village”.

Madhur was surprised to see Lord Karthikeya’s statue does not have a peacock near his feet but an animal with long stomach. It was short and he could not understand why Lord Karthikeya has a different vehicle in this statue. He asks the Saadhu what animal is it but Saadhu never replies and walks away.

Madhur and his friend continued to remain in a shocking state as it was still dark and the Saadhu disappeared into the bushes.

They finally reached home and narrated all that happened. His Mother said that it is Lord Dattatreya who came in the form of a Saadhu and blessed him as she was crying to Datta to guide her son. They decided to go to Shirdi Village early in morning of the following day.

Madhur woke up at 4. He took his Mother by walk to the Datta Mandhir. His Mother offered naivaidhya (food offering) to Datta and thanked the Lord for giving darshan to her son. They again started their walk towards Shirdi village. On the way, they took rest for a while as his Mother was old and could not walk long continuously.

First Darshan of Sai in Shirdi village

By 8 o clock in the Morning both Mother and Son reached Shirdi. Shirdi in 1882 had less than 80 huts and it was regularly visited by few Saadhus and fakirs. Sai was living in the Masjid and used to keep his dhuni burning all the time. Those days, Saibaba never showed his siddhi (miracles) to people as no one trusted him as an incarnation. He simply lived taking alms in few houses.

Madhur and his Mother stepped into the Masjid and saw Sai. Madhur’s Mother had bought some food for the poor fakir to have.  She offered it to Sai. Sai never spoke anything but ate all the food offered to him as if he was really hungry. He washed his palm and came back to his asan (seat).

Sai Baba looked at Madhur and told him “Did you start worshiping the Karthikeya Statue a saadhu gave you last night?”

They were surprised as they can’t understand how Sai knew about the previous day’s incident.

Sai continued “The animal you saw in the holy feet of Karthikeya in that statue is one of the Dog which belongs to Lord Dattatreya”.

Madhur again was surprised how this poor saint of Shirdi can tell every detail of the statue and his question to the saadhu last night.

Sai asked his mother to take palmful of Udi (Holy ashes) from the corner of the Dhuni and bring it to him. She got up, took palmful of Udi which was slightly hot and gave it to Sai.

Sai threw the whole palm full of Udi on her Son’s face. He felt as if all the bad luck in his life was removed the moment the Udi fell on his face from the sacred palm of Sainath.

Sai said looking at the Mother who was in tears “Your son will be blessed with a good girl”

Both mother and son were feeling the unconditional love Sai was having on them. They bowed to Sai with devotion and asked his permission to go back to their village.

Sai gave a flower to his Mother with the following words “Guests will come and bring joy in your family”

They came back to their village with immense faith on Sai.

Madhur continued to worship the statue of Lord Karthikeya (Skandha) as he believed it as gift of Sai himself. His mother offered food and milk to the statue and decorated it with flowers.

Few month later, Madhur’s Mother received her sister from a village called Karjan in Gujarat. They were on their way to Pandharpur for darshan of Pandurang. She came along with her children and a neighbor lady who was looking for a Bride groom for her daughter.

Madhur and his Mother cooked delicious breakfast for the guest and took care of them. Then Madhur went out for taking care of the farm land. In the afternoon, the neighbor lady expressed her interest in giving her daughter in marriage to Madhur as she liked him a lot. Madhur’s Mother was happy beyond imagination and she agreed immediately.

Soon the marriage was arranged and Madhur got married to his beautiful and pious girl Komal.  The couples went to Shirdi to have darshan of Sai.

Sai was not in his Dwarakamai. They asked the villagers but none knew where the poor fakir can be found. Someone came running to them. He was none other than Tatya. He said Sai Baba used to walk to the outskirts of Shirdi village and he can be found near the Well a mile from here.

Tatya took Madhur and Komal by walk in a mud road which led to a place covered densely with trees. They continued to walk and finally saw poor Sai sitting near the well wearing torn kafni. They ran to Sai, fell in his holy feet and requested him to bless them.

Sai blessed them and gave them fruits to have. Madhur and Komal thanked Saibaba by offering the rice they had cooked especially for him. Sai made 3 balls of the Ghee rice with his palm. One he asked the couples to have, one for Tatya and the third for himself.

Madhur asked Baba “Why he came out of the village and sat in the outskirts like this?”

Baba said “Some people don’t believe me. They harass me saying I do tricks on their relatives but it will change in few years”

Madhur realizes Sai’s divinity. Both husband and wife gets permission from Sai and walks back to their own village and lived happily remembering Sai for rest of their life.




You liked the Story?

It was August 15th 2014 when I wrote this story. My Mom was worried about my life and my Father spoke little to me. I woke up and decided to write a story based on the dream I got. One of the reason I wanted to tell a story about how Saibaba blessed his ardent devotee to get married is that I know the pain involved in finding the right soul mate. Sometimes, I feel Sai makes me go through sufferings so that I will write for people in similar situation there by guiding them to have patience.

Many Sai children write me to guide them in relationship issues and for their marriage. I certainly pray for all of you but I wanted to create a Story which will increase your faith and devotion in Saibaba.

I spent all this day writing the story. My Mom showed few photos taken on August 15th 1947 and said “I must show this to Katya and my children also in future…That ours is a very beautiful country”.

She looked to Sai and prayed to bless me with a good girl and life. I hope Sai listens to my Mom’s prayers.

May all of you be blessed with a beautiful life.

Keep believing in Sai and Sai will certainly bless you with a happy married life.

Aum Sri Sai Ram


Little servant of Shirdi Saibaba.

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    Thank you for a beautiful story .i have been praying to Sai for my daughter .sometimes I cry in my sleep thinking when is Sai going to answer my prayers .but recently I had a vision of Sai .My daughter all dressed in Red Saree was seated and Sai came in front of her and threw flowers on her .would you be able to help me with what does the vision means and yes it is so hard to be a mother because every mother prays to Sai for an answer but your story of patience gives me hope .thank you

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