Come, lets talk with Stars

Its dark

totally dark

You are walking in a mud road in a village

As you walk, you realize that the Earth starts to revolve backwards

You see the years getting rewound

And finally you stop walking as you hear sound of water in the near by streamlet

You realize that you have walked in the road which acts as a time machine and you crossed several previous years.

You walked so long backwards that you are now in 1891

1891 is a time when Sai Baba was worshiped by just handful of devotees.

Sai did not allow anyone to do pooja for him.

He was just another fakir who lived in the Shirdi village.

Little did we know about what Saibaba did during those ancient days.

Today, Sai baba has millions of devotees and its easy for you to trust him.

The credibility factor matters a lot but think about the first few devotees of Sai.

Imagine, you are one among them.

Come, Let’s talk with Stars – Photo used with courtesy

You are one of those first devotee of Sai.

Hey, did you forget you are now in 1891.

Close your eyes. You can hear the sound of water in the streamlet.

You can feel the breeze that touched Godavari river and then yourself to make you fresh.

Its 3 o clock. Early in the morning when you cross the streamlet and walk towards Shirdi.

It was a no moon day and you hardly can see the streets.

You get scared because Shirdi during those days had no electricity or as big as it is today.

Shirdi was a village with just 80 huts.

You cross the lendi baugh and take steps towards holy Dwarakamai.

If time can be considered as obstacle to reach your destiny, you just have to cross few more seconds to see the light of your life – “Sai”.

You never expected Sai to be awake but surprisingly, Sai baba was there sitting in the corner of Dwarakamai as if he knew you are coming.

You are happy to finally have darshan of this diamond of saints.

You are happy.

You look above to bow to the holy Dwarakamai.

You realize, every single Star tells how lucky you are to meet this sweet Sai.

The Stars never speak but you can hear them.

That’s the beauty of nature.

Come, Let’s talk with Stars!

(I shall continue tomorrow. Getting late for work. )



When ever I am depressed or sad, I imagine like this. I take the road of Time machine to look back Sai’s beautiful days in Shirdi. I really wanted to make video narration for people to play on and remember Sai.  I feel that I am not blessed by Saraswathi to speak creatively. So lets see what Sai does to me.

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  1. Its beautiful …i cant imagine how i would have reacted if i met Sai in those days…wishing for your health .and your words are simple and beautiful ..they exactly convey what you want to say Venkat sir sairam

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