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Saw an old saint hugging and blessing me with light and I shed tears in devotion

saibaba jaipur
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Last night, I went to Saibaba temple in Coimbatore with one of my friend and spent few minutes there. Sai made me distribute prasad and then I reached home. I was using Google Maps to find places in Coimbatore where I have never been. I feel some people live in a congested area as the city grows and there’s hardly space to breath freely or go for a walk. As long as you live in a peaceful place, life will be good.

108 Pooja for Saibaba done by my Sai friend, SaiSangi in Jaipur

Shirdi Saibaba pooja

108 Lamps pooja for Shirdi Saibaba by Sangeeta

Yesterday at work, Coffee machine wasn’t working. So I told this girl not to do drama saying she don’t have any company…he he…I use all opportunity to irritate my friends with my words. I could not take her as people say things but I know she loves Coffee. If Sheryl Sandberg says people speak things when a male Employee hangs out with a female employee in United States of America, little should I say about where I work in Coimbatore. Call it a cultural thing. So I forced another girl to take her down.

Later when my friend said, they both went and had coffee, I appreciated saying

“Good girls go for Coffee.”

I said, sometime in my life when there’s a Wikipedia page about me, you will see the whole world appreciating my quotes.

Let’s now come to my dream

I was really worried and lit lamp late night at 12 and sat sitting in-front of Saibaba in my room. Later, I slept off.

I was blessed with the following dream

saibaba jaipur

we must appreciate this devotion by doing pooja for Saibaba

A holy Saint blessed me 

I see that I am walking in a piece of land left unreconstructed. It was mid of the night and there’s little or no light in the place. Near the open land, there’s also a building in which just has pillars and floor. Seems the construction has been stopped in that building. I go and sit near one of the pillar. Suddenly, I see an old saint. He was very divine and blissful. He did not look like Sai but I could feel he’s one with Saibaba. He hugged me. I am giving him a flask full of coffee to drink. He takes it and sheds tears. The saint was so divine that I could feel as if there’s light emerging from him. I too shed tears in devotion for meeting him.

(Note – Now a days, I say that I cry in some of my articles. Please don’t take the literal meaning. It just means I feel deeply emotional that I feel tears welling up in my eyes)

I also realize that I am gifted by Saibaba through this dream. Couple of days back, when I went to Saibaba temple near my office and sat in Dwarakamai, I desired to construct a beautiful Saibaba temple on my own. In the dream, it was like Sai telling me this is the land to construct the temple.

As of now, I have no idea or time for working on such projects. I am happy with the worlds smallest Sai temple my Father made for me inside our compound. Even that, my Mom shouts I am not maintaining it. She only cleans it once in a while. Building a temple and taking care of it requires dedication and lots of work.

Further, My desire is to construct a Saibaba temple where there will be thousands of trees. I want it to be in a scenic place. I want to hear birds chirping in my Sai temple. Sounds like a fairy tale. ha ha.

Now, lets see a mail from one of my Sai friend, Sangeeta in Jaipur

With love, from Jaipur

Om sairam Venkat ji.

As you know today’s Krishna janmashtami and its celebrated here in north with a great zeal.Today as its Thursday I did the 108 lamps Pooja for Sai and Krishna ji.If you don’t remember me,I am the girl doing MBBS residing in Jaipur. And I read all your articles and most of the times I feel as if the words you write are for me. Really you are doing such a beautiful job by your simple ,soothing words .

And i feel lucky to read your blog time to time and think that you are very lucky that you have such auspicious dreams and visions and can understand them too.Because I believe God give signs to everybody when they need them but not everyone is blessed with such a spirit to get them.

Thanks for your humble work in such a hard and fast life .You make us realise life is good .. if we have eyes to see it that way.

Thanks and wishing for your  and your family’s happy and healthy life.

Sai Sangi

Here’s beautiful Radhe Krishna sent by Sai Sangi

Radhe Krishna

Pooja for Radhe Krishna on Krishna janmashtami

Hope you like it friends.

Some of my dreams Sai blesses me with are very peculiar in nature. I know how to differentiate between the dreams Sai blessed me and the dreams in which Baba hinted me with a message. This dream was truly a blessing. I can’t express in words what I mean by saying “I felt light emerging from the saint”. It was like a glow emitting from his holy palm. It can only be understood when you experience it. I don’t know who this old saint was?

It could be Sai himself in another form or it could be some ancient Saint who wanted to show me a good way in life. I just know its Sai’s holy prasad.

Om Sai Ram


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