Saraswathi Pooja – Goddess Saraswati blessings for Good education and Career

Sairam friends,

*In South India they call her Saraswathi and in north India, Saraswati, so i have used both the names.

Saraswathi Pooja for this Navrathri festival

Story about how i managed to continue our tradition of keeping Golu with a simple idea sai blessed me with .

Just one beautiful, graceful saraswathi did it all !

goddess sraswathi shirdi saibaba
Goddess Saraswathi shining gloriously with 6 ghee lamps along with Shirdi Saibaba

My love for Goddess Saraswathi :

The days i was coming around for 4 to 5 hours everyday in dhuni( sacred fire) of shirdi saibaba in Nagasai mandhir in 2005, i used to remember Goddess Saraswathi whole heartedly and even went to Koothanur Saraswathi temple which i wrote in this article below

Koothanur Maha Saraswathi amman temple

Later after few years, in 2007, i was motivated by Shirdi Sai baba to create to spread the Glory and greatness of Goddess Saraswati worship.

Saraswathi for Navarathri Golu in our house:

Every year during Navrathri days, my parents and i arrange the big Gods/Goddess statues kept inside the boxes for the whole year and keep them on steps like structure for these 9 holy days. We invite neighbours, friends and sing glory of Parvathi,Mahalakshmi and Saraswathi. This year -2011, since my parents are at my Sisters house in U.S,  i don’t want to take out the old statues. I want to make it simple by keeping a New Statue of Goddess alone.

saraswathi veena
saraswathi with veena blessings for good education and 64 kind of arts

How Goddess Saraswathi came home:

Exactly a day before Navrathri started, i went very late from office to Nagasai mandhir and told my friend prem , Ramanujam and vengadesh that i wish to get Goddess Saraswathi from any shop near by. It was already 9.15, so Udayakumar took me to the kannan departmental store and we started searching for good statues of Gods and Goddess.

I spotted this Goddess Saraswathi sitting beautifully over White Lotus , Holding a veena and i can’t believe even these days statues are made with such graceful facial expression. I was hooked by the beauty and the smile of Goddess Saraswathi in this statue.

We then went to Nagasai mandhir and i took the bus home.

Saraswathi and Shirdi Saibaba :

I placed Saraswathi over a small table just 2 inch high and want to keep my Dwarakamai Shirdi Saibaba statue near her. Next day morning , i din’t had time for sundal and other foods amma makes as offering. I just kept a small vessel with milk and sugar , lit lamp and how graceful friends..I can’t believe it …when i kept many little flowers ( nandhiyavettai) around saraswati she was truly amazing.

ganesha shirdi saibaba saraswati
Lord Ganesha, Saint shirdi saibaba with Goddess of Learning Saraswati

Amma asked me to keep Lord Ganesha also near Saraswathi:

Next day my Amma called up from U.S, and said she also kept few small braze statues which i sent as Gift to my sister. She asked me to keep Ganesha statue along with Saraswathi. So i kept  a Ganesha murti made of white wood, which i got in Thirumananjeri temple near Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, India 2 years back.

Lighting 6 Ghee lamp for Goddess Saraswathi:

It was Sunday october 2nd 2011,I wanted to do pooja for Shirdi Saibaba, Saraswathi and Lord Dattatreya. So cleaned all place, did abishekam for Sai, Datta and Saraswathi too.

Then i lit 6 ghee lamps to Goddess Saraswathi, decorated her with flowers especially for doing photography. I was taking all these saraswathi and shirdi saibaba photos for over half an hour. My chitti, chittapa, murugan mama and athai had come home to visit me with their home food. Mean while i happily took these photos especially to share it with StarSai family and rest of the world as Saraswathi Pooja is fast approaching * october 5th 2011.

I sincerely pray Goddess Saraswathi to bless all sai children with good mind, pure thoughts, Good education and Career. I am sure who ever chants whole heartedly any mantra of Goddess Saraswathi or simply chant in mind for few minutes everyday…

“Sai Saraswathi, Sai Saraswathi, Sai Saraswathi”

( or try to learn any small mantra of Goddess Saraswathi)

and light lamps regularly at home( in safe place) they will certainly feel the greatness of this wonderful Goddess Saraswathi who is the Mother of all Arts and Learning .

May Goddess Saraswathi bless all who read this with good education, peace and prosperity. Kindly remember that its not in the rituals you do or the flowers you offer, what matters for Mother Saraswathi is your pure thoughts and good deeds.

I especially like the below photography of Saraswathi…Look at the way she smiles and her palm on veena, Oh my God, friends, i feel touching..shes speaking to me …so graceful, so sweet and she’s filling my heart with devotion.

saraswathi beautiful graceful blessings
Saraswathi with a sweet beautiful smile – she fills my heart with pure thoughts and love

Goddess Saraswathi is all about mercy, when you keep on concentrating on your studies and work remembering her, you will realize her greatness.

May your heart blossom and remain pure as milk.

Aum sri sainathaya namaha

To add more beauty to Saraswathi , today in Shirdi Saibaba temple in my place, I got a Lord Murugan statue this evening and added to my simple and sweet Navrathri festival. You don’t have to wait untill Saraswathi Pooja every year to worship Goddess Saraswathi.

When ever you read this article, please worship saraswathi whole heartedly by

1.chanting her holy name,

2. Reciting any little mantra of Goddess Saraswati

3. Reading the holy book Guru Charitra – life of Saint Narasimha saraswati who lived in 13th century

4.Lighting lamps at home and in temple remembering Goddess Saraswathi

5. Help someone of our friends/relatives or any one who needs help in education. Do little you can afford. Even showing someone the right course/education/career with out expecting any returns will make saraswathi happy.

6. Gift your friends kids, relatives kids and poor children with books, pens, help them learn something.

7. Curtail all bad habits and promise yourself to do good deeds especially pure thoughts is the first step towards getting a place in the heart of Goddess Saraswathi . If Saraswathi Keeps us in her heart, what else do we need!


Little servant of Shirdi Sai baba

October 2nd 2011.

9 thoughts on “Saraswathi Pooja – Goddess Saraswati blessings for Good education and Career”

  1. Omsairam

    So beautiful is saraswati maa bhiaya ! She is all amzing !
    I see SAI smiling in the lamp lighting .
    MAA please shower your blessings on all of us.

    MAY SAI SARASWATI bless all kids with good education,career and life.

    SAI MAA bless all.

  2. Hi Venkat,

    I am in search of music teacher and i tried several ways to approach the teacher from 5 years and learn music from the same Guru, but every effort of mine is going in vain. I am totally depressed about this. Please advice me as to how to proceed further as i want to do sadhana in music from the teacher whom i want to learn in particular from, also let me know any manthra of goddess Maa Saraswathi/Sai which will help me in learn music from the Guru.

  3. I had a dream today in this dream I saw Sai Baba, Lord Ganesha, Mata Saraswati, Pavan Putra Hannuman and all chanting hymns. Me I saw my self on a wheel chair and in front of my idols which I have in my simple temple at home. Suddenly I saw Shirdi Sai come to me and give me a hug and asked me to play the musical instrument and also start chanting the hymns. I started singing and while I was singing I was also crying a lot. Soon Sai Baba again gives me a pat on my shoulder and smiles and says that “Your heart’s problems are in his own heart. I would like to share this with you and would like to know what does this dream mean. Please write back to me. Thank you Om Sai Baba,and jai mata saraswati jai ganesha jai hanuman jee !!

  4. i m a staffnurse in Malaysia..i m doing my post basic ICU course which will complete on 15/7 exam is on tis 23/5/2012 formative 2 and my final on 27/6… i wan blessing from Shirdi sai and Sarawathy amma for me not only success in ma exam but to remember wat eva i learn and applied to my patient so tat i can giv a good care of them..i need tis knowledge and skill coz i m in ICU care..i should perform a good care so tat ma patient who suffer in any disease ,accident or any problem would cure as soon as possible and transfer to ward and ho back home well… i need tis knowledge and skill for help other to cure fast and well ..witout tis knowlegde i cant perform or giv a good care to them all…i alwiz use to put ma hand on their head and ulter sai name and pray for them to fastly cure..i know my sai in me wil reduce their suffering and help them out with bless them… please bless me Anna and pray for me ..not for success alone but to provide a good care in the ppl who needed

  5. Dear Mr Venkatraman,

    I usually don’t write on such sites, but what is most surprising is that, I too am a SAI devotee and Ma Saraswati Devotee, I have this feeling that Sai made me reach this site and wanted me to read your articles and see these pictures, which are so beautiful and look so pure.

    I have already started lighting the coconut lamps every Monday.
    I usually recite the Mantra OM HIRM AIM HIRM OM SARASWATAY NAMAH .

    My job entails me to meet a lot of corporate clients, when I am about to meet someone very important person I keep reciting this mantra, so on one such occasion I had to meet a very senior person, so after entering his room I was so surprised /happy to see a beautiful, hand painted picture of Goddess Sarswati, that my happiness knew no bounds as it felt that by this appearance she was acknowledging my prayers, so I had this secret desire of possessing this beautiful picture. After few months this corporate gave me a task which was next to impossible, which due to her grace was performed as per the corporate’s satisfaction. Now they started calling me over the phone that our CMD is very pleased and wants to meet you and reward you with Gift etc…to which I very politely informed that it is my job, luckily it was done as per your Standards and that I do not accept any gifts………

    Now at home front that time my elder son was in class 9th and had not faired very well and I got so annoyed that I beat him up……..(I was very upset inside)because this boy is very pure and nice.

    Next day again I got a call from this corporate that Boss has called you, this time he just wants to thank you over a cup of tea as you have refused gift etc.

    Therefore I went had a cup of tea and assured them that it is Devine grace through which there work was done, so they need not be so obliged etc……As I was taking leave there boss gave me a gift, wrapped in gift paper,
    Which I vehemently refused, he said with a smile “First see and then if u don’t want to take it, we will not force you.”I opened the gift wrap there and then and saw a beautiful Saraswati painting staring at me, this was a replica of the one in his room ……….I had tears rolling down, it felt as if she was saying don’t beat your sons and take me home….this picture is big, so it is mounted on the wall just above the temple in my house.

    Now my younger son who is very sharp has lost concentration and not doing well in class 12th,he has taken science (Non Medical)and is not sure of what he would like to pursue after 12th……….i am worried,its not as a mother,but geniuinely may be because of adolence age he is anwering back and has become a bit aggressive etc…

    i need guidance and blessings………

    God bless you,may Sai and Sarawasti be with you always,

  6. Dear Sai Ganesh Saraswathi,
    I sincerely bow at your feet to bless me with a good job in my field soon. This will definitely reduce my stress which I have going through so long because of an extremely tough life.

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