Saibaba’s Dhuni was so deep like well in a sacred dream

Sairam friends,

Yesturday being thurday as usual i went to Nagasai mandhir and was standing near lamps tray and Dhuni. Theres Another good devotee who takes care of dwarakamai in saibaba temple in our place. The devotees will drop coconuts in a drum which has to be kept in a huge wooden box. Then when devotees lights lamps, once the lamps ghee is over , it has to be kept in a sack so that theres space in the tray for other devotees.

The other devotee unni malayan takes care of it untill 6 and after 6 in evening, i remain there.Since there are only 2 trays to light candles and the candles fall down because of heat, i also clean the candles even when its burning. Some times devotees used to ask me why you are taking it off. They wont understand, it has to be wiped clean . Only then other devotees can light candles but i make sure only when a devotee who just kept candles moves out of the place , i will wipe it off after 5 minutes. I make sure theres safty and also no one is hurt by this work.

Yesturday suddenly a thought crossed my mind that i am suffering with out any proper career and again i am wiping candles when its still glowing and saibaba has given me this work. May be its wrong. As soon as the thought crossed this mind, i saw a guy infront of me and it was written on his T shirt

“Any thing is worth doing rather than doing Nothing”

I looked at the big portrait of sai baba and said for these kind of questions in mind you give answeres immediately , i have been asking you to show me a way for my living and you keep smiling.

Then i came home, looked at sai baba portrait in my room and told saibaba, please show me a way. I told him, if he things i don’t deserve to get guidance in dream. For such a long time i prayed saibaba to guide me in dream and did follow based on what i could understand from the dream but nothing worked out.

I was blessed with a beautiful dream friends

It was as if the shirdi saibaba temple is very very big . Beautiful tiles and very huge. I stand near dhuni and digging it happily singing

“Om sai namo namaha , sri sai namo namaha , jaya jaya sai namo namaha, sadguru sai namo namaha”

Then suddenly i  feel the walls around sacred fire place ( Dhuni ) is going to collapse any time. Saibaba is thinking if venkat will run away leaving his work. I in turn stay there and continue to dig the dhuni keeping my legs on the walls. Suddenly i realize the dhuni has become like a deep well.

Friends, usually to wipe the sacred ashes and filter them at times i used to go down to the dhuni tank ..its like under ground  and when devotees ask me ,

i say “Saibaba is here, i can see him “

So in the dream since i see the dhuni very deep like well, i say to my self “Venkat, see saibaba is showing something you wanted to see for long ”

I continue to dig the dhuni with a big iron rod and look down.

After that the dream continues like this..

I feel saibaba has protected me even when walls are collapsing and when exactly the worst was about to happen i come out and i see my sai friend Ramanujam.

I re enter the dhuni place and surprised to see , few Girls are working and its a bank. I see the sacred Dhuni the bank itself and they all are wondering where i am getting down into the tank. I again start to dig dhuni.

It was as if saibaba is telling me, though i feel i dont have a work, saibaba treats the work i do taking care of Dhuni as a Job like others do.

Sai baba’s guidance :

Though some of the dreams from saibaba wont be very clear or even if interpret it we will end up only in trouble , saibaba does work with his devotees with dreams. Not to all of them. to each devotee saibaba chooses a different way.

I only got a small message where sai said Dot US , so i decided to work on few websites based on what saibaba’s guidance. I have this confidence that saibaba will surely do good to me.

Sai Ki jai


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  1. saivenkat, your dream is very auspicious. i want to share my dream with you.usually i use to read about srichakra.about navavarnas.what the main 9 triangles of srichakra the period when i was reading that baba came in my dream. the dream was it was an old house where baba was sitting wearing orange dress asking me whether i like amman very much. i was replying baba the whole thing i read and understand about srichakra. at that time my daughter came and disturbed me and i scolded her for that.immedeately i saw baba is not in that place. from this dream i realised that baba loves children very much. om sairam.

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