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Saibaba conveys what’s going to happen in future

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Hope you like the featured photo courtesy of Sunandha!

On several occasions, I have experienced dreams or little hints through which Shirdi Saibaba has conveyed what’s going to happen in future. Ofcourse, Life is all about surprised but when you completely surrender to Sai with heart and soul, Saibaba makes you wait and take the right decision.

Some devotees think that I am lucky to get such dreams. Trust me. Life gets more tough only when Saibaba assures something that has no connection with reality. I have suffered a lot as I react sharply based on Sai’s dreams. So its good even if you don’t get guidance in dreams. Saibaba still will take you in the right path. All it takes is remembering Saibaba deeply in your heart.

Irrespective of Saibaba being so kind to me, I have occasionally disobeyed him. I regret for my behavior later on. Many people wonder why I always speak high of Sai? They just don’t know him and what he is capable of. You might be a Sai devotee for few month or years. What matters is understanding is very soul.

If you know Sai, you can’t let go of him.

Saibaba may not be able to clarify everything in life but for the most important decisions, Sai will certainly show you the right way.

All that’s required is immense faith and patience.

This Faith is easy.

Patience is hard.

Trust me. If you can de-code what patience is in life, you are blessed!


Om Sai Ram



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  • Thank you for uploading my favorite picture of Baba.
    May Babaji protect and bless all while we devotees continue to love him and keep our faith in Him and always have Saburi towards Him.
    Jai Sai Ram

  • Patience and sacrifice go hand in hand.Letting go of things is sacrifice and it never goes unrewarded.God bless.

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