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Sai will only accept money earned with hardwork and truthfully as dakshina

Shirdi Saibaba
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

I often come across News stories about Shirdi that a wealthy devotee has offered expensive gifts to Sai. Some give Diamonds, Some decorate Sai’s temple with Gold. You can even convert the whole roads in Shirdi as Gold coated. There’s so much money earned by few Wealthy people in our country.

I wish to convey this story for people who assume Sai has accepted their offerings.

In 1904, a Royal family from Baroda came to Shirdi. The Sahib came with several of his people and entered Dwarakamai with gifts. He had lots of Money, worthy jewels and even delicious food. Sahib placed it before Sai. You know what? Saibaba did not even look at it. He never bothered to touch these expensive offerings.

The Sahib who assumed that he can get Sai’s blessings by offering all these gifts was shocked. Later, he decided to give these gifts to Shama who was standing in Dwarakamai. Shama never accepts any gifts from any one without getting permission from Sai Baba.

Baba turned to Shama and said

“We don’t need all these gifts Shama. Our Poverty is good for us”

Look at how Sai spoke high of poverty rather than accepting ill-earned money?

So never think that you can only do little for Sai.

Even if you offer a leaf with pure heart, Sai accepts it happily.

A 2 Rupee Dakshina offered to Sai from a devotee who earned it truthfully by working hard will make him happy.

Externally, it looks as if all who comes to Sai are blessed. Only Sai knows when Money come’s from where and how it was earned. So leave it to Sai.

You focus on your life and earn your living truthfully and honestly.

Sai will be happy to get your small gifts!

Om Sai Ram

I woke up and wrote this article this morning in hurry as I don’t want devotees to read previous article. I wrote it just to get out of my frustration. Hope Sai shows me a way.



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