Sai Meditation to build better yourself and Nation – Support Project India

Shirdi Sai Baba Meditation to build better yourself and Nation.

Project “India’ – A effort.

Dear Friends,

Kindly don’t read this article and write me for any solutions. All that i can do is humble prayers to shirdi saibaba. I was inspired by few incidents in my life and few dreams from shirdi saibaba to create a Project that will help millions of Indians in various villages,cities and towns in India and all over the globe to give up their bad habits and start doing Good Karma – Any Good deed or Thought that leads to a Good action.

During Saibaba’s Life time, Sai himself has asked Mrs Tarkad to offer her 6 bad nature – Guna as Dakshina *offering. Today we all offer Money and various other stuff to Saibaba but all sai wants is to offer him our bad habits and lead a simple peaceful life.

What’s Good Habit? – Good Karma

Anything that does good to yourself, your family and others can be a good habit – A good Karma. The more good karma you do the better your life will be. Even if you don’t harm others that too is good karma.

What’s Bad Habit? -Bad Karma

So whats Bag habit. It could be drinking regularly or being a chain smoker or habits worser than that. It could also be your nature  – Being short tempered and showing anger to parents, your family members,children/wife/husband etc is also a bad habit. It could also be addiction to women/men (lust). Even feeling jealous of others and trying to cheat others for materialistic benefits can become habitual. So no matter how much you earn, you won’t stop earning the wrong way.

Many people think that calling themselves “Sai Devotees” itself makes them good. No. Not really. Sai devotees also have to mould themselves to really make shirdi saibaba happy. You can go to shirdi,do many pooja, even walk all the to shirdi by foot from mumbai to shirdi, offer your hair or chant Saibaba’s name day and night while in shirdi. But all this won’t satisfy sai if you can’t try to do little you can to change your nature/bad habit and follow the path of purity.

Lets come out of darkness and change ourself to be a Better human for our family and better citizen for our Nation:

As Indian Population is getting higher, sometimes it makes me worry how this Nation is going to tolerate a 30 percent increase in population in the next 20 years. I see many youngsters having atleast one bad habit – If they don’t drink, they smoke, if they don’t smoke, they have gutka, if they are good in all these matters, then they get too much angry or simply don’t respect women and their own parents.

On the other hand Shirdi Saibaba devotees count is increasing double fold every few years. I never imagined such a crowd in Saibaba mandhir in coimbatore 5 years back. Today millions of Sai Devotees think that they are lucky to get a great Guru but honestly, none of us are taking any efforts to do a internal analysis of ourself. We are simply going to sai for his powers to bless us with all materialistic benefits. If only we try to realize all saibaba needs from us is take one step to give up our bad habits, we are going to make him happy.

The goal of this project to inspire and Motivate Indians to lead a simple,healthy life, living in harmony with each other.

Call me as a friend who wanted to motivate you to Give up bad habits because India needs clear,pure, Healthy, Good citizens.

If you are addicted to something bad, you can’t contribute to your family as a son, daughter,wife,mother,husband,father,business men, employee and as a citizen of this Nation.

This is my humble effort to inspire and motivate every Indian to try their best and realize they can lead a better life if they quit having tobaco products like pan masala, Smoking and Drinking.

As things gets modern and westernized, We are loosing our good qualities and become addited to various bad habits, we are giving more importance to making money in wrong ways, we are ready to spoil life of anyone one because of jealousy, lust and greediness.

Call me as a brother who wanted you to try your best and be a better human being, A Better Indian and contribute to the Nation.

Honestly, I am not here to create a unique form of Meditation and certainly am not a Guru to take Meditation class. All i have is my words because i believe words can change one’s life for good.

Few weeks back in May 2012 when i was trying to create a commercial website that will earn me some extra money, i was blessed with a sacred dream from my sweet saint during my afternoon nap

I saw a Rocket being launched and flying high towards space and heard a voice telling

“Everyone are launching rocket and you are sleeping”

Meaning, every other country is growing and you are simply sleeping with your own worries. This inspired me me to name my project – India.

A week later i was blessed with another dream from my Guru where i saw 2 ordinary men doing labour work getting drunk and falling down from Bus. Later i saw a shiva Lingam in which hands grow out of the Shiva lingam and i see Shiva as Natarajar shows signs with his fingers – first he shows 5,then 3 and then 1. I was surprised and fall in the floor of temple thanking shiva for being so kind to me he wanted to communicate to me moving his hands. I move behind the temple and worship my family deity Lord Murugan.(Karthikeya)

I understood this dream to be

“There’s one owner and everyone else in this world are labourers” – Sabka Maalik Ek.

Every single day when i come back from office or go to Temple where i do seva, i used to come across men who are drunk, having tobaco products etc. I realized my Guru wanted me to create a place where i write few words that will help Indians who ever they are, where ever they live to try their best to take oath –

“I quit my bad habit as of today”

About Sai Meditation:

Yes.It can certainly help in this fast world but i am not here to teach you any specific way to meditate. I am as ordinary as you. You can follow any method of meditating and here’s my way

You can do meditation when ever you feel like Morning-Afternoon – evening or Night

In this fast world, any time for meditation is fine

Keep a Glass of pure water infront of you…Sit in a surface over a towel or any place you are comfortable with in any position.

1. Close your eyes and think about your God you love or family deity.

2. Think of your mother and father or any good elders who you adore. Imagine their feet and thank them whole heartedly for the love they show on you.

3.Chant any mantra or name of God/Goddess or a Ancient sacred True Guru whom you believe. Do the chanting atleast 10 minutes with love and devotion

4.Say anything positive – Command yourself deep in your heart

I am Good hearted. God has created me for a good purpose.

I will think Good. Eat Good and only Do good to myself, my family, friends and the Nation.

Add any prayers you love to include and any commands to give up bad habits or any thing that you feel is not good for you.

The power of commanding your mind subconciously can change yourself positively.

5.Take a deep breath – in and out

Do this few times and chant holy name of your favourite Mantra/God/Goddess or Ancient true Guru.

Slowly open your eyes and drink water kept infront of you. If your family members like to have distribute it to them as prasad. Remember – Water carries your positive thoughts.

5.If your religion believes in Lighting lamp you can take bath and light a Holy lamp in a safe pooja place at your home.

Hope you like it. There are no specific rules in this meditation – Dhyana and the effort to do dhyana must come whole heartedly, willingly and positively.

Other ways to Make yourself Pure and involve in Good Karma:

Meditation/Dhyana may not be possible for people who live in hostels and due to various situation some sai devotees may not be able to do dhyana. Its not necessary you force yourself to do Meditation etc, There are other ways to make your mind pure.You can do the following

Chanting Ancient Saints name is a Blessing:

1. Chant Sairam, Sairam, Sairam in mind or any chantings of any Sai,any ancient Guru or Gods/Goddess you love

Naam Smaran – Chanting of Gods name can bring all goodness in yourself.

2. You can listen to Aaarti of shirdi saibaba , Vishnu Sahasranamam, or Mantra of any Gods/Goddess/Guru you love.

3.You can also maintain a seperate note book – write holy names of Gods/Goddess/Guru you love

example – Aum sri sainathaya namaha, Sri Rama Jayam etc.

This way you can divert your mind towards good thoughts which leads to good action and gradually as Good Habits.

You can change yourself and become a better human being. Contribute better for your family and The Nation.


India Needs you.


Little servant of shirdi saibaba

July 9th 2012

My goal is to Inspire and Motivate visitors of this website to become a better person. I am not here to change the world and thats not my duty but when i see my country men spoiling their life and that of their spouse, children and society just because they are addicted to some habits, i feel something can be done about it.

I may not do much but i can make people think that some one cares for them.

I can’t personally touch everyones life as i am busy with my own old parents, their health issues and my career but once in a while i shall try to feed this website with good picking best resources for India so that more Indians will come here, More indians will read this and More Indians will atleast think – They can be better human being.

Once this article is going to create a positive thought in someones Mind. Thats it. My duty ends there. Rest is in the hands and efforts of Individual person.

“I can only show you a way – Your life is in your hands.You can bring positive changes in yourself if you take one step towards purity”


I wish to get few mails that some Indian, living in some city, town or village has found this useful and has given up a bad habit or given up lust,jealousy, anger and greediness. Only if my words are going to change your life, its worth the project India.

Note – IndiaRocket does not directly support any Meditation Techniques you might follow through the ads (if any) surrounding this site.I wrote it fast as am in hurry to go to temple. So sorry for grammer/spelling mistakes. You will notice this in various articles of this site. He he.

shirdi saibaba
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6 thoughts on “Sai Meditation to build better yourself and Nation – Support Project India”

  1. I think each of us need a reminder like this no matter how good one considers himself/herself to be. Simple chanting/meditation on Baba will purify our minds and turn our attention towards him. Thank you for inspiring me today, a fellow Indian living abroad but often visits your site for inspiration. Your words are simple/humble and easy to follow. Jai Sairam!

  2. Om Sai Ram,
    Thankx for inspiring me. Actually i was meditating in front of baba’s photo. But needed guidance to meditate .

  3. Dear Venkat,

    Thanks for writing/ creating all this inspiring stuff. It is simple but great.

    I am sure by adopting such simple life practices and methods will make myself and our fellow citizens great human beings.

    Thanks again and god bless you for continuance of this work.


  4. i am surely leaving my bad habits like anger,etc from this minute and start living a meaningful life which makes sri sai ram and all my sisters and brothers in this world happy.

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