Sai, please make me accept whatever happens and remain calm

Sairam friends,

There’s something which really bothers me these days about my workplace. I already spoke to couple of them regarding what I wish to do but since I am going to the U.S, I can’t hurry. Instead of getting upset, I must learn to laugh because its funny how people assume they are smart.

I am repeatedly thinking about it and getting worried. I simply walk away too often as I can’t tolerate it. If I am like this,someday, I might get frustrated to core and react harshly. So I pray Saibaba to bless me to accept what ever happening around and remain calm.

There’s a reason why I write this.

When you can’t control what’s happening around, do not get upset about it. Accept it and smile to yourself. You are not going to loose anything by doing this. You must train yourself to remain calm even when you can’t take it any longer. Silence really is the best thing you can give to the world. Most importantly, being silent in your mind. You can’t always hurt your mind thinking about what’s bothering you.

Something I have always believed in is reading a lot, learning a lot and keeping myself confident that I know what’s happening in the industry.

Almost a week back, I was little concerned about someone’s behaviour. I slept off asking Baba if this is going to continue. Later, Baba showed a dream in which I saw him without his head. It was such a funny dream as in Sai is telling me

“He has nothing inside his head. So relax and watch the drama for time being”.

I am not against anyone. I wish to be good to everyone as long as they know what they are doing is right. There will be a time when they will act too smart. You can act smart as long as you have knowledge. Else, you will be in trouble.

Anyway, we are done with packing for U.S.

My Sister asked me to bring my DSLR Camera since we will be going on few trips. My desire is to use my camera to do some good deeds. I wish to do free photography or promo video for any schools or Entrepreneur network, Startups. Earlier, she was concerned if customs will question me when I return. Thankfully, I got the bill from my cousin who bought the same camera as mine.

I might face some issues since its a long leave though it was approved. I also might have to work on remote once in a while though I am on loss of pay for 2 month. Anyway, I don’t have much responsibilities as of now. So hopefully things will be fine.

I will tell you about how Saibaba helped me to get my Hand luggage in next article. Saibaba guides me in dream even for small stuff because he cares so much for me.

Om Sai Ram


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