Wish to live with Sai in the ancient village of Shirdi

Sairam friends,

I woke up this morning and could not remember if I had any dream. I realized that once in a while, I am getting pained because of what’s happening in the Country and my own State. If I write about every issue that bothers me, all of you would get bored.

So I wish to share my desire to live with Sai.

Actually, Many of us are assuming that Sai is not answering us because he’s not alive ( In practical sense) and we only see him in Statue or Painting. This isn’t true. Even when Sai lived with flesh and blood in Shirdi, a devotee would get answer or blessing from Sai, only if Sai wills.

There were devotees who had to wait for weeks, months and years even to approach Sai in Dwarakamai. So its certainly not possible to get answers from Sai even when he lived in Shirdi. 

We must never get fed up when Sai seems to be silent and is not guiding the way we expect him to show us a way.

These days, I desire to live with Sai in my imagination. What Sai would have spoken to me? Will he allow me to sleep in Dwarakamai? I must have befriended all close devotees of Sai like Kashinath Shimpi, Shama, Tatya, Kakasaheb Dixit, Annasaheb, Mahalsapathy and few others.

I wish to write imaginary stories about my time in Shirdi with Sai. This will help me feel as if I have actually lived with Sai in the ancient village of Shirdi.

If I can have such a conversation with Sai, I could have easily asked him “Why did you showed this girl in dream and embarrassed me?”

I could have got a reply instantly. I hope so. Now, I am waiting months to get answer from Sai. Now a days, I told Baba that I am bored of this issue and wish to get past it.

My last effort is reading Sai Satcharita. Hope to do it sincerely.

Apart from that, I wish to associate myself with Sai as a friend. So I feel happy to imagine as if I eat, sleep and live with Sai.

Try imagining that you are going to meet Sai in 1908 and decided to remain there forever. You will feel blissful.

Om Sai Ram


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