Purity of deeds

Sairam friends,

I got a message from Sai on Saturday morning. The first one was Purity of deeds. Most of us are cluttured by our desires and the environment we live in. Our friends and people we are associated with also influence our thought process there by influencing our action.

Sai means to say, when one has clear idea about what he/she is going to do (deeds), and when they act with purity, they will certainly be benefitted.

Sai’s path is karma marga – Path of works and hence Baba wants us to focus on ‘Action” – What ever you do matters for Sai. So be concious about every single deed you do for lifetime.

Doing is important.

Doing good is important

Apart from that making sure everything you do must be done sincerely and with dedication.

Nothing that harms yourself or others must be done.

So be careful about what you choose to do.

Worship Lord Ganesha before you start any work and do it with heart and soul.

Om Sai Ram


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