This Mother’s day, be thankful for being blessed with a beautiful Mom

Sairam friends,

I was too busy working on something, slept in the afternoon for few minutes when my Mom shouted from kitchen. I went and saw lots of Ants were near the sink had bitten her in hands. These Ants were little and had wings too. My father usually writes “Sri Rama Jayam” in a note book every day and he’s been doing it for the past several years.  He never bothers Mom shouting but when I tried to clean the place when my Father came asked me not to touch as he don’t want me to get bitten.

I shouted at him asking what was he doing all this time? He was writing Gods name without reacting when someone is screaming in pain. Anyway, My father himself cleaned the place which made me realize my parents don’t want me to get hurt even from little Ants.

I can be independently living as I wish without bothering them but this love my parents show on me makes me realize their worries about me.

My sister had given some money from her salary as she got job in a new city a year back as she desired. So we are offering Silver kavasam to Lord Murugan in our Colony Ganesha temple tomorrow. Indra wanted to give some money to charity but we told her there are relatives raising little children and educating them in our Mom’s native. So its good to send money to one of my uncle and sent it.

I want my Sister to be safe, secured and live in peace. She never listens to me when I advice her and its been like this right from childhood and she has never changed even after she’s married and I don’t want her to change too. Sometimes, we love our dear one’s for what they are. We usually get irritated with them when they speak too much but we can’t stop loving them.

Indra had all the freedom in our home and when ever I come across girls who tell me, I can’t speak from home to you as Parents will be scolding, I really feel odd and feel sorry for these girls.

Many parents doesn’t know that a girl can fall in love with a guy no matter how much you control her. She can choose her life as she wish.  Just make sure she’s doing the right things and telling what’s happening in her life to you. This is how my parents bought us up and I am thankful for having parents who trusted us.

Today, I had to accompany my Mom to a shop and really got angry with her as its my time to go out walking and to my favorite temples. Since I always sit infront of computer even on week ends, I wish go out for a walk before its too dark.

Anyway, I simply went to Saibaba temple and came back home. I bought some flowers from a old women sitting in corner of temple. She gave flowers for 80 Rs and told me she doesn’t have any profit. I got irritated and shouted at her saying “Why do you sell if you don’t have profit? Sell happily.”

I came home and gave flowers to Mom, had lots of Dosa and started to write this article.

Mother’s day means nothing to me and it means nothing to most ordinary Indian’s like me. Its just another day but I take it as a opportunity to tell my Sai friends a simple message.

“This Mother’s day be thankful for having be blessed with a beautiful Mom”


She has lived all her life just for you.

She has taken care of you as a child

She knows when you are hungry

She has taught wants good for your life

She knows when you need a word of encouragement

when you think that you know the whole world and you are more smarter than her

She only knows you.

She believes in you.


She alone knows want you want without you telling her.

That’s why she has given you so much love which you would never get from anyone else on Earth.

She’s your Beautiful Mom !

OK friends.

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Irrespective of other work I am doing, Sai is blessing me to write in StarSai.

Love you all,


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  • I am a mother of 2 girls. Today they gave me a card & a small gift. Many people say such days are commercial.
    I dnt care. For me, my daughters took time to make a card & pick a gift from their savings….is pure happiness…Its the best part of my year so far….
    So even if anyone doesnt get time to say sorry, thanku & i love u to ur MOTHER … Ps do so atleast today….

  • We see Baba as our mother and are ever grateful. Baba s blessings.Shri Sainathayanamaha.

  • Let’s think and act like ever day is mother’s day, every day is a day to remember/call/help/cherish our mothers. As someone famously said, mothers are the most unselfish persons and she will be the one to write an autobiography probably but not even mention herself in it 🙂

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