Don’t get into mess just because you feel lonely

Sairam friends,

When I was in the U.S, Saibaba showed a dream that my Sister will go through some health issues. I don’t wanna say what exactly Sai said as it shocked me a lot.

That was over a year back. I kept asking my Sister to go for a walk and play with Katya and do something to relax herself. Somehow, my Sister seemed to be too much stressed thinking about her research funding.

Thankfully, Katya after 13 years managed to make her parents get a small puppy. The Dog has now became a very good friend of my Sister. My Sister keeps saying that it has helped her to relieve stress as it keeps seeking her attention and plays with her.

Believe me or not, this Dog has saved my Sister from constantly worrying about her research work. In a way, my Sister’s health will now be taken care by Sai. I keep saying my Sister that its Sai himself in the form of the little Dog.

I usually don’t tell Sai dreams I get to my Sister. Especially, if its negative, I keep it to myself. This time, Sai proved that he has a solution for everything. Trust me. Pets are really caring and it can relax your mind.

Last night, I slept listening to Kali Sahasra Namam. I love Goddess Kali for she’s very kind.

I had 2 dreams. In the first dream, I see myself in a exhibition and I am seeking help of a boy to do some tricks to get electricity from the gadgets he owns and make a light to glow. Initially, his Mom says No and moves away.

Later, the Boy wanted to help me. So he allows me to use his gadgets to generate electricity to make a light glow. It was like Sai telling me listening to any good mantra is like charging your mind to make your life glow.

Every night, please try to listen to any good sloka or mantra you like. I usually like to listen to Kali Sahasnamam especially since I feel its soothing.

You can also listen to Sai Aarti or chanting. In Sai Satcharita, they request you to think about Chavdi procession at night before you go to sleep.

In the second dream, I saw this girl to whom I gave a small Saibaba photo few days back in Sai temple. I saw her having a small Dog and surprisingly, the Dog also came to our home. The Dog was cute.

Here’s what I understood from the dream. May be, this girl is going through some stress. May be, She already has a Dog in her home or Sai means to say that she should have one. Anyway, practically, not all likes Dogs and even if they do its not easy to commit to take care of a Dog.

The message in this article is that, people are too busy with their life. Infact, I have seen families where everyone has a mobile in their palm and they never talk to each other.

Animals are very kind and their love is unconditional. They can relieve you from stress and make you feel loved.

And there’s another message too.

Many of my Sai friends keeps telling me that they feel lonely. Well. That’s OK. It’s irony that in a connected world, some of us feel lonely. Try to do something that keeps your mind busy.

You can remember Sai. If that’s not possible, watch some good movies. If not do an online course. Or simply read a book and learn something.

Just because you feel lonely, do not try to meet someone. I mean, atleast not someone new.

This is because, when your time is not good, you will only end up meeting the wrong guy or girl.

So its OK to feel lonely.

Even with my Sai friends, I like to be detached these days because the best thing you can do to yourself is learning to live strong when you are alone.

Here’s the Kali Sahasranamam I listen once in a while at night. Kaali is a fierce Goddess but she’s very caring. Whenever anyone goes through a relationship problem, I request them to worship Kali. This is because Kali gives you ability to forget past and live in present.

I also believe that Kali will help you to get rid of bad relationship.

OK Guys, I am starting to work now.

Sai blessings


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