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Sai blessed this family in Nashik to buy home peacefully

Sairam friends,

Last evening, I had been to Nagasai Mandir in Coimbatore. I was really upset as one of this shop in the road that leads to temple had modified themselves into a Two wheeler service station. They had parked the bikes outside in the road.

I was annoyed as already its hard for devotees walk freely in the road when Cars are around. There’s also a Government school behind the temple. I have a connection with this temple to the extent that I see it as my second home. So I asked Sai to ensure the road is free for devotees.

I spend more than a hour coming around holy Dhuni in temple. Later, I met my colleague who had come to temple and spoke to him for a while.

I spoke to my parents for few minutes and slept off.

Last night, Saibaba blessed me with 2 dreams. While, I wish to keep it as a secret, I wanted to say that Sai really cares for our family – Especially my parents health and does leela to help us.

Last night, I received a mail from a devotee in Nashik  . Since Nashik is just 2 hours from Shirdi, I love it so much. I especially love the Kalaram Mandir in Nasik.

Here’s Sai experience by Prachee.

Sai blessed this family in Nasik to buy home peacefully


I was very new to Saibaba months ago. Me and my family recently purchased a new home in Nashik . Everything went very well. The amount to be paid was also very big. We had that amount in our pocket and everything went very well until the last share of the amount to be paid.

We were expecting that amount from someone whom my parents had given few months ago and he was expected to return that amount in time. And so, we were relaxed. The amount was also not a small one. It was 10 lacs. But, that person told us 2 days before the due date that he was unable to pay the amount. We were in deep trouble as the seller was waiting for the amount.

We prayed to Saibaba to solve our problem anyway. And to our great relief, we could pay the final amount to him only 2 days later!

We are very thankful to Saibaba. Om Sai Ram.

One more recent experience I would like to share.

It had just rained in Nasik and so, the roads were very wet. We went to a restaurant nearby and before we could understand my mother got slipped and fractured her left hand. We consulted a doctor and he happened to be a Sai bhakta. Normally a plaster is for 6 weeks but by Sai’s grace my mother god rid of it in just 5 weeks and the expenses were also minimum!!

We are extremely thankful to Him for His kindness towards us.

Prachee Kuber

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