Mahalakshmi came home

Sairam friends,

Since net connection is not working at home,am writing from mobile. So there might be few  alignment issues.

Yesturday i went to saibaba temple just before they closed and started  home.We have kept gollu in hall and amma likes the aadhi parashakthi a lot as shes graceful.when i reached home and entered hall,i was really surprised to see our kuthu vilaku – decorated like mahalakshmi.

Many devotees create faces of goddess during navratri and i have also seen it in temple.

Mahalakshmi in sacred lamp

I was really happy to see our sacred lamp made as Mahalakshmi. I asked Amma who made it. She said Malar aunty had come home and she eagerly made it.

Sri lakshmi so beautiful that i fell in love with her

Amma said she prayed that she must be blessed with good Daughter in law and she should continue our tradition. I really admired the beautiful Lakshmi smiling in Kuthu vilaku. Amma asked me to pray and have dinner. I prayed for all and also my friend as she is not well.

Divine mahalakshmi …light lamps for lakshmi

I told mom that i saw Saraswathi in dream and Mahalakshmi has come home. Mom said you must keep learning. Lakshmi would have thought i am not remembering her. So she came our home gracefully and made me write about her.

I hope you felt the presence of Mahalakshmi when you read this friends. I wrote this listening to Sri Lakshmi Sahasranamam. How happy i was to see lamp decorated as sri lakshmi…..shes truly goddess of mercy.

I have spent many days remembering Mahalakshmi. Once i saw in dream,Lakshmi instead of shirdi saibaba in Nagasai mandhir.

I also has seen lakshmi in my heart as i at times keep chanting sai mahalakshmi….sai mahalakshmi…

ok friends…Light lamps to Goddess Mahalakshmi,recite Lakshmi mantra or listen to it,keep mind pure and be blessed.

Aum sri sairam



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