Dream – My Mother and I are lighting lamps to Lord Hanuman, worshipping Garudalwar and going to Murugan temple

Sairam friends,

The best thing that can happen to a devotee is when he realizes that he’s not really pure but God and Saints are so merciful that they show grace on him. I had such a feeling when i woke up this morning. I was truly surprised to be blessed with a divine dream by grace of Shirdi Sai Baba and Lord Murugan.

palani murugan
Palani Murugan, our family God

Wounded with words:

I slept the day before with lots of worries as i kept asking Saibaba how can he let anyone hurt me so much.

I can’t stop myself asking saibaba to show people that i am not that bad. I shed tears in my heart and sometimes i am not able to sleep well.  When life fails me over and over again and only being hurt for truly being devoted to Sai, i only get angry on Baba. This anger in me is out of my faith on Sai baba. I know Sai won’t let me face a failure once again and not in this age when my parents are too old and wish to see me get married.

I also felt very painful as because of my desire, my parents too are being insulted.  These experiences made me realize, people are devoted to Saibaba but they are proud of their status, the influence they have in society and belief that their own views are right. I told Saibaba to teach such people a lesson but honestly i know it won’t happen.People worship Sai and Gods now a days for their personal reasons – Their good health, their growth in career/Business and their own family.

Being religious doesn’t make anyone “Good at heart”:

I would rather respect a man/women who never goes to temple or who never worships God but who’s kind at heart than trusting a man/women who only has a outward show of being religious and hurts others as they wish.

When i was into such a painful situation, I got the following message from Sai

” Be calm and do not hate anyone. Sai will do leela and people will come to you when they realize you are good”

Gradually i calmed down but i was still too sad and depressed. I slept with lots of confusion and worries. Honestly, i am not pure at heart these days.  The reason i write all the above incidents is that many times, Sai devotees face such insults and painful situation and wonder why Sai is not helping them. Trust me. Sai loves us when we bear insults and continue to love and respect people without grudge on them.

Lord Hanuman with Rama and Sita

Blessed with a beautiful dream as if myself and my Mother are going to Murugan temple and Lighting lamp to Hanuman:

Though i slept with such a heavy heart, i was blessed with the following dream…

I saw my Mother, myself and my Mom’s sister – Devi chitti, my father and Sister – All of us are walking towards Palani Murugan temple. I saw a slanting floor over which we all walk and Amma ( my mother) is not able to walk as she has pain in her legs. She is bearing the pain in her legs and managing to walk. I get irritated and tell her if i know you would be in such a pain, i would have taken you in a Auto.

Amma says, its ok and we all continue to walk towards Palani Murugan temple. We ask for the way from a Lady selling some Pooja items. She shows us a mud road.

Surprising as i am actually Going to Palani Murugan temple but the location is like Tirumala of Venkateswara:

The dream has a very strange divine quality in it. We are actually going towards Palani Murugan temple but the location and what ever we see on the way is like we are in Tirumala of Venkateswara. The reason i felt like this is that, I saw myself and Amma crossing a building which resembled the Hall where they distribute Laddu prasad in Tirumala near the main temple. But instead of Laddu, the dream made me feel its a building where they make Panchamrutham which is actually prasad of Palani Murugan.

Entering a Hanuman temple on the way to Murugan Temple:

I saw Amma and myself entering a very small and divine Hanuman temple. It’s very dark like a ancient temple and i see Hanuman statue there. Amma and i light a lamp. The wicks of this lamp is made of many threads joined together. I see my Amma lighting a lamp and i also Light a lamp with so much of love and devotion on Hanuman.

The surprising part is that, My sister Indra got married in 2004 itself but in the dream, i see Amma praying Indra for a good married life. I also light the lamp praying ” Like how Indra is blessed with good husband, Hanuman please bless me and the girl i love to get married”.  I clearly hear myself saying the name of my girl and praying Hanuman.

Then Amma and myself realize, my father and sister have already gone towards the main Palani Murugan temple. So we hurry to the next small temple near Hanuman Temple.

garudalwar maha vishnu
Maha Vishnu blessing elephant from holy bird Garudalwar

Painting of Mahavishnu flying from holy bird Garuda used with courtesy – Thanks to the artist.

Worshipping Padhuka of Garudalwar:

I only see Paadhuka ( Holy feet) of Garudalwar. Somehow my heart makes me feel it’s actually Garuda’s Padhuka and am touching it with devotion. By this time, Amma and myself are about to walk towards Palani Murugan temple and i woke up.

My father called me bringing a cup of coffee inside my room. I woke up and thanked Sai and Hanuman for being so kind to me as they blessed me with such a beautiful dream. I prayed Sai for blessing me with such affectionate and caring parents and believed It’s sign that Sai will surely do leela to unite the girls family and Mine. May be i am imagining myself and may be as my Mom always says i am not practical for this cunning world.

All i believe is Saibaba will show me a way. I am very much thankful to Lord Hanuman for coming in my dream. The entire day, i was chanting – Sai Hanuman – Sai Muruga.

Tonight, i came home and saw that some devotee has bought the Hanuman book i listed in the link below

Hanuman Books – Hanuman’s Tale – The Message of a Divine Monkey by  Philip Lutgendorf

I felt happy because my effort to write about religious Books and listing few of them has actually benefited myself and also its true that Gods and Saints are happy when we take time to chant, do pooja or also read good Books and fill our mind with Good thoughts.

I am happy for this dream of Lord Hanuman friends. The only surprising twist in this dream is that i feel that i am going to Murugan temple but i have darshan of Hanuman and Garudalwar as the area is like Lord Venkateswara’s Abode Tirumala.

Last month, Myself and parents went both to Palani Murugan temple and also had a Very good darshan of Venkateswara in Tirumala. I still have a very divine happy memory of the moment i took bath in Holy Pushkarini and then talking to my girl as i prayed for her mothers well being.

May be the world is not for someone too much into Gods and Saints like me. May be as my parents always worry, i would have learned to live smarter. Too late to change myself. Too late that i won’t change.  I will remain in my own world of Gods and Saints.  A world where i only see Sai and Sai alone.

Aum sri sainathaya namaha


Little Servant of Shirdi Sai Baba



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3 thoughts on “Dream – My Mother and I are lighting lamps to Lord Hanuman, worshipping Garudalwar and going to Murugan temple”

  1. Om Sai Ram venkatji…
    May BABA bless u with a happy and peace married life with ur beloved..Baba bless us all..
    Jai Sainath

  2. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Venkatji. Sai has already united your souls. No one can separate you. Marriage is the union of two souls and not physical body and Sai has already solemnised your ATMIK VIVAHA. Dont give importance to physical marriage. Just close your eyes and realise that the girl is also united with you in subtle form. You will get inner peace.

    Om Sai Ram.

  3. Goodevening all. I would like to share my dream of Hanumanji. A friend of mine was doing Hanuman prayer on Sunday. I had a dream on Saturday. Hanumanji was in a gigantic form, he was blue in colour and he landed right in my friends yard where the prayer was going to be held.

    Everyone was running around frantically, thats when Hanumanji came to me and touched me on my head. It felt so real. The next day i told my friend about the dream. I was very lucky to be blessed by Lord Hanuman. jai Shri SiyaRam, Jai Shri Hanuman.

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