Learning one of the ways of Shirdi Saibaba on Guru Purnima

Sairam friends,

One of the reason I failed to be successful in my life is because of the time I wasted when I must have used it for good. I have seen life of various Sai devotees all these years and how they have worked hard to grow in their life. There’s a problem with people who follow Saibaba as their heart and soul. We try to use these answer books, open and see Sai Satcharitra to get some message, if we see Saibaba photo while we travel or go some places, we take it as a hint that Sai’s blessing are with us and we also believe in what ever Sai shows in dream will come true.

Sai’s assurance will come true:

Sai’s words will come true for sure. No matter what happens Saibaba will make sure his children doesn’t get fed up in their life and get upset. Saibaba has even said “I will give my own life to keep my words”.

So when you get a message from Saibaba through any form, be certain Sai cares for you and saibaba wishes that it comes true.

Learning one of the ways of Shirdi Saibaba on Guru Purnima

One of the things which confuses Sai devotees is the fact that they feel Saibaba assured something but it never came true. Some devotees are matured and they continue to believe in Sai even if their desire’s doesn’t come true. There are devotees who even stop praying Saibaba as they feel Sai has hurt them.

The biggest truth of all is this. Sai really would have assured something but eventually, Sai would have thought its not good for you. Lets say Saibaba has assured that you will get a good job in an organization you desire and you keep waiting for it and finally got disappointed, its not that Sai din’t help you. May be when Saibaba assured you things were favorable and as time passes on, Sai would have thought your future won’t be good in this place.

Most mails I receive are from devotees who say that they liked someone only since the guy was a Sai devotee and they felt Sai has blessed him as their soul mate. You might have got such positive signs and believed that Sai will help you get married and finally when it doesn’t happen, you wonder why Saibaba din’t keep his words.

Let me clarify. Human mind changes one crore times every minute. Mind is not stable at all. When Saibaba gave you positive signs the person involved might have been right for you. Eventually, things would have changed them and Sai would have thought this guy is not right for you etc.

So do not take Saibaba’s assurances to heart and keep complaining it din’t came true. If you see Sai as your Guru, you must be ready to accept what ever happens in life. Even I get upset with Saibaba because many years Saibaba assured something and I will be trusting it like a fool. Gradually, Sai will only show me, he changed it as he felt its not good for me.

I have argued with Sai several days for doing this to me friends. I just know My guru will only do good to me. So I try to adjust and proceed with my life. You have to live strong and believe Saibaba will do good to you all your life no matter what changes happen.

Sai assurances will always come true but when you feel it din’t came true, think that its for your own welfare. May be Sai has a better plan for you.

You can believe in dreams, answers and all other ways you get hints from Sai but make sure your devotion on Saibaba continues even if things din’t came true. I would like to keep this as a message for this Guru Purnima 2014 – July 12th.

Hope you have time to celebrate it peacefully.

Today July 11th is my Sister’s daughter Katya’s birthday. My parents had gone shopping yesterday and got her beautiful Gagra choli and other ethnic dress. My father had chosen dress which were too colorful ( Green, Orange, Mittai color..he he…) and I was making fun of it. I took pictures of the same and sent to my Sister. She said Katya will like these colors as she’s like my Father.

You know, there are some peacocks near my work place and now a days me and my friends have habit of watching them. I wish to get a new DSLR and do photography. Couple of days back I saw a peacock inside the compound in the evening and slowly walked to take photo with my Mobile camera. I almost went near but when I photographed it flew away. I love the colors in the peacock.

“This Guru Purnima, may Shirdi Saibaba bless all of you with colorful moments which you will cherish for life time”

I will be traveling to Madurai tomorrow to meet Sister’s inlaws. So all of you celebrate Guru Purnima happily.

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Sai blessings


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  • When we are under Baba’s submission there is everything to gain.Baba’s Blessings.Shri Sainathayanamaha.

  • Hoping sai gives everyone what best is needed for them. Sairam. Happy sai day.

  • dear sairam

    Iron can be bent and reshaped into various forms if it is heated at red hot temperature.

    Likewise, our minds to become pure, it will be TESTED immensely by SAI through various punishments.

    we have to take these punishments as flowers heaped on us to become pure in mind.


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